Year 8 Languages Excursion

On Tuesday 6th November the year 8 cohort attended the Languages excursion.  The three languages  French, Italian and Indonesian had organized the three excursion to intergrate with their learning experiences at the College. The excursion went from Periods 1 -4.

The Indonesian students were fortunate enough to visit the Indonesian Consulate.  The Consulate General of Indonesia, Ibu Dewi greeted the group.  The students were able to view some traditional dancing and also to take part in a Gamellan Orchestra and to also wear traditional costumes.  They were also treated to some snacks at the College before their journey to the Consulate.  It was an immersion of culture and language for the group.

 The French Students journeyed to the Maritime Museum in Fremantle where there is a presentation of the French explorer Nicola Baudin “The Art of Science Baudin’s voyagers 1800 -1804.”  The students started some activities at the College relating to the French named cities in Australia, realizing that the French had explored our country earlier.  The students then went on to enjoy some traditional crepes at “Pancake talk”. 

The Italian students toured Fremantle with a booklet.  They explored the Italian influences in Fremantle, namely the Welcome walls and the Maritime Museum, the Fisherman’s wharf and of course the Cappuccino strip.  This all related to what they have been learning in their classes.  The morning culminated with a traditional lunch at Sandrino’s.

It was a morning of culture and language for all.  We take this opportunity to thank those staff that helped supervise the day, and also all the support given in providing this rich and relevant excursion for our students.