Update on CSL

This year the students in year 10 have been outstanding with their efforts with helping those in the community to complete their CORE Hours. Many students have started their own fundraising activity for an organisation or volunteered their time with a community event. Below are some examples of these students, if you see these students, please congratulate them as I have had wonderful reviews.

Ciara Thornett raised over $1500 for the Cancer Foundation by holding a Biggest Morning Tea. She with the help of her parents, planned, baked, set up and held the event. Ciara has worked very hard to prepare for this event throughout the month of June and then held the event in the beginning of July. Below are some photos from the event.

Jami Brandhoff and Grace Dunleavy volunteered their time at the Medina Community Festival. This event has been celebrating for 9 years and involves the local community of Medina. There are a large number of different cultures in this area including Australian, Indigenous Australian, French, Italian, Spanish, South African and Indian to name a few. The students started with organising the tables, cook the food, serving food and then clean up. There were also activities for the younger members which the girls were involved in too. For both Jami and Grace I have received some warm and genuine thanks for their efforts on the day from the organiser and the major, as this is their second year of volunteering at this event. See below for the images.

Thomas Nicholls and Theo Pascoe volunteered at the local Bateman Primary School where they helped to create a Nature Play area for the students of the school. These students volunteered on a Saturday morning from 8 to 12 noon. The organiser of the event said “outstanding young men Theo and Thomas were. They have exceptional manners and worked extremely hard and are a great credit to themselves and your school.” Such beautiful words that explain why service is important for our students to complete.

Many other students have completed the following activities during Term 3 through the College:

1. 40 Hour famine backpack challenge

2. City 2 Surf

3. Perth Running Festival

4. Vinnies Bed Making Challenge

5. Variety Toy Warehouse

6. St Patrick’s Community Centre

7. Regents Garden Aged Care Facility

A big thank you to all the staff who help to facilitate these activities without your generous support the students would not be able to attend these activities. Through the CSL Program students are able to interact with others in the spirit of the Gospel, to live and serve as Jesus commanded.