Middle School News

Year 7 Pastoral program - Achieving Excellence

Year 7s have completed a Mental Well Being unit and are now moving into the Achieving Excellence section of our Pastoral Program. This is a natural progression from the Growth Mindset session that was recently delivered to Year 7’s.

Part if the session included this video:



We have also launched our Student Leadership Campaign for our 2019 Leaders.  The recruitment process has begun and interviews/voting will commence over coming weeks.  If you feel that your child has leadership potential, please encourage them to apply for a role.

I would like to express my gratitude to our current Student Leadership Team who represented the college superbly during our Year 6 Fun Day.  They were actively involved and set a great example to our new intake.

The year 6 students had a fun filled day and have left an excellent first impression.  We look forwards to meeting them again during November’s induction.

The Games Guy

On Thursday 25 October, Andy Kirker, the Games Guy returned to the College to once again to play games with the Academic Excellence Program students. His games are based on the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) general capabilities of ethical understanding, critical & creative thinking, and personal & social capabilities. The games involve collaborative strategic thinking within groups without technology.

Year 7 students played Revival, which is a competitive game set in a post-apocalyptic world, where teams try to improve the wellbeing and liveability of their clans by improving their toxic environment, salvaging technology, and trading with or stealing from other clans.

Year 8 students played Foreign Affairs, which is a rule-the-world type game with trading, influencing via diplomacy and includes international meetings. Each country is different, wars are difficult (as they should be) and students will have to deal with existential threats as well as direct problems with their neighbours.

Year 9 students played a logic puzzles game called Time Lords, whereby students act as time-travelling agents, who visit 3 historical periods to solve puzzles and discover the identity of the evil time lord.

Students were engaged and challenged during all sessions.

In light of the loss of our much loved Year 8 Salvado Homeroom teacher, Ms Elaine Liew, the latest Year 8 Pastoral session was dedicated to reflecting on the impact Ms Liew had left on us.

Students wrote letters, made cards and told stories which we will pass onto Ms Liew’s husband about the legacy she has left at Corpus.

May the spirit of Ms Liew continue to inspire, just as she did in the classroom each and every day.



 On Saturday 27th October, 18 Year 8 and 9 students competed in the WAJO. The event was held at the University of Western Australia who joined up with the Western Australia Mathematical Olympiad Committee to host the annual competition for exceptional Year 8 and 9 students.

Students competed individually and then in teams and were challenged to extend their knowledge in Mathematics.

Congratulations to the following students who took part, and we hope that they enjoyed the competitive atmosphere against other young mathematicians:

Year 8 – Joe Bose, Julia Bose, Brendan Boudville, Michael Bovet, Audrey Ho, Abiram Kalaiarasan, Brian Loo, Juan Selvan, Timothy Sentosa, Avinesh Singh.

Year 9 – Victoria Ann Chong, Thomas Erkes, Alira Malan, Leah Nigli, Marius Rodari, Adriana Romeo, Sanjeev Singh, Kathryn Tan.


Year 8 Zoo Sleep Over

The Zoo Sleep Over is a unique opportunity to discover Perth Zoo after dark and will reward 20 well-behaved and motivated Year 8s who love animals. The 20 students will leave the college at 4.00 pm on Tuesday November 27.

At the zoo, they will enjoy some competitions and experience some close encounters ‘of the animal kind’ behind the scenes.  We will then sleep on foam mattresses in the zoo barn overnight, and then feed or observe some more zoo animals in the morning