P&F Meeting

Hello Parents & families, 

Our next P&F meeting will be discussing some important issues raised from our previous meeting. 

These include 

1) requests for minor changes to school uniform as well as 

2) a vision for learning presentation from Karen Prendergast, our Vice-Principal, who would like to discuss how we can further develop a contemporary, engaging, learning culture that will equip all students for success at and beyond Corpus?

That was the question the Leadership Team discussed towards the end of 2016. The response was to build on the work already done with the Learner profile and so began a two-year journey to develop a Vision for Learning. We are now approaching the end of this two-year period and Karen would like to share the Vision for Learning with you and gain your feedback.

We would really welcome as many parents as possible for their input on both these areas at our next meeting where discussion and decisions will be made.  Our next meeting will be on Tuesday October 23rd at 7pm in the school library. 

Looking forward to seeing many of you there. 


Sandie Fedele

P&F President