Year 9 Personal Project Exhibition 2017

On the evening of Tuesday 5 September, the Year 9’s thirteen-week efforts culminated in the Year 9 Personal Project Exhibition at the James Nestor Performing Arts Centre.

Earlier in the year, our Year 9 students were assigned the task of developing and delivering a Personal Project of their choice, with every student being given the opportunity to be mentored by a Corpus Christi staff member as part of the process. The diversity of projects showed the range of talent and interests amongst our students. Projects included forays into: fashion design, photography, visual arts, woodwork and metalwork, gardening, beauty and skincare, computer gaming, writing and publishing, sports, cooking, travel blogging, textiles, and more.

In the bible, James 1 asks us to account for hardships as joy, because such moments grow our faith, because trials test our faith. Each experience and trial that our Year 9 students encountered has granted them a deeper, stronger level of faith. In persisting through challenges, the students have especially become more resilient and tenacious. Their commitment in achieving all of the Learner Profile qualities is to be highly commended. Each and every Personal Project has value, and the personal growth involved for each student is arguably priceless.

On the night, attendees were given the opportunity to vote for People’s Choice Award, nominating the projects they believed best embodied the aims of the Personal Project initiative. The votes have been counted and the two students who achieved the most votes were presented with the People’s Choice Award after the exhibition. The College congratulates the winners, Luke Waller and Grace Kingston. Luke produced a documentary about his life with cerebral palsy and Grace produced and distributed care packages. Both students are deserving winners of the award.

The Personal Project is an integral part of the Year 9 curriculum and will continue to grow in the coming years with the amazing support of parents, teachers and peers.