Success in NCSS Programming Challenge


Over the past five weeks Corpus Christi College's top coders have been competing in a informatics problem solving competition during the dark of night after their normal homework is done.

The NCSS Challenge is an online competition hosted by the University of Sydney and sponsored by technology giants like Google and Atlassian.  

Each week students are given five questions of varying difficulty which they must complete before Sunday 11:00pm (EST).  Participants are tasked with designing algorithms to solve real-life problems according to provided inputs and outputs.

This year we have had some very pleasing results from the Middle School.  Edison Foo (Year 9) and Thomas Erkes (Year 8) both received a perfect score in the competition.  Thomas Nicholls (Year 9), Jacob D’Aurizio (Year 8) and Jacinta Symons (Year 8) all received a High Distinction for their respective age brackets.


Competitive programming is still relatively new at Corpus Christi College, however, are seeing an increased interest from both male and female students as the community continues to weigh the growing importance of digital literacy.  Students’ demand for technology-rich, sustainable careers is on the rise and the College is committed to helping its students achieve their vision.

The next event on the Computer Science calendar is the Year 7 Informatics Coding Camp which will take place over the weekend at Ern Halliday Recreation Camp.