Corpus Christi "Boyz Dance Crew" Bounce!

The Corpus Christi College “Boyz Dance Crew” were fortunate enough to attend a training session at Bounce INC. in Cannington in week 7 as a recognition of the training and hard work they put in this year in the build up towards The Catholic Performing Arts Festival. This was the first time in which Boyz Dance was selected to perform and represent the College and since the performance, the boys have received nothing but praise from those who viewed it, a testament to their dedication to this year from every member (and every year group represented).

The Bounce training excursion saw the 18 boys tested with acrobatic, athletic, and flexibility based challenges in the Bounce arena. These were seen as a culmination of a year filled with rigorous challenges and skill building sessions with their teacher Mr Bain, who has worked with the boys on building skills and awareness of dance since the beginning of Term 2. Lots of fun was had on the excursion, and the crew were exhausted at the end, complaining of being starving on the bus ride back to school.

The Corpus Dance department would like to thank each of the boys for trying something new this year, and we look forward to seeing new faces and those who return for more next year in 2018, after Boyz Dance wraps up for the year at the end of Term 3.

Boyz Dance Crew out!

Lauchlan Bain

Dance Teacher