CPAF Student review - Woodwind, Clarinet and Flute Ensembles

On Monday the 24th of July, 10 music students of the Corpus Christi Woodwind Ensemble and Clarinet Ensemble represented the College in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival (CPAF) at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre. Joshua Allen, Lauren Cannell, Dimitrie Damos, Elish Lau and Rebecca Le Guier performed in the Woodwind Ensemble performing two movements from Swan Lake (the Dance of the Little Swans, and the Swan Lake theme) by Tchaikovsky, and Pas de Quatre by Colin Cowles. The ensemble played really well, and received an excellent report by the adjudicator. We thoroughly enjoyed playing together, and give a huge thank you to our ensemble director, Mrs Robertson.

Mrs. Altorfer conducted the Clarinet Ensemble comprising of Brendan Boudville, Claire Cantwell, Dimitrie Damos, Rachael Dellaca, Rebecca Le Guier, Nicholas Ng, and Kathryn Tan. We performed Winter from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, and Hogan’s Heroes March by Jerry Fielding. The ensemble played really nicely together, and received a commendable report.

The members of these ensembles have rehearsed together for many years, and as a result, close friendships have been made across all year groups. The experience of playing together, and learning about how to put different instruments and rhythms together to produce a beautiful sound of music has been tremendous for all involved. It is very rewarding as a group and as individuals to play in the CPAF, as not only do we receive feedback on what we succeed at, and what we can improve on, but it also gives us the opportunity to hear other ensembles from other schools.

Congratulations to all the students involved in making wonderful music! (Dimitrie Damos).

The Catholic Performing Arts Festival has been an exciting and enriching opportunity for many of the students at Corpus with a passion for the arts. The Flute and Woodwind Ensembles have gained much from participating in this year's event, achieving a great report with fantastic comments and some helpful suggestions for areas of improvement. Overall we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to perform and enjoy ourselves whilst sharing our love for the arts amongst our peers. (Elish Lau)