Mulan Immersion

A team of 4 staff and 10 students have recently embarked on the 2017 Mulan Immersion. With limited connectivity, it can be difficult to communicate however the team managed to get this through to us.

So we started off on Sunday with an early morning, which consisted of us leaving at around 5:30am. We stopped at a few places such as Turkey Creek, Halls Creek, Wolf Creek Crater, Balgo and then Mulan. We had a few hiccups on the way to Mulan including a flat tire, some toilet bush stops and a lot of "turning around we're going the wrong way". We have finally arrived and have organised our beds and are well and truly ready for a good night's sleep. 

Today we started our first day of immersion at the school. After some of us helped India Santaromita, a past Corpus Christi student who is volunteering at the school for  a term to prepare breakfast, then we had a session of huff and puff (physical activity) with the kids who were very excited by our presence. Then we headed to Lake Gregory where we were welcomed by the elders and got mudded up. 

We made our way back to school where we had some one-on-one reading with the kids and finished the day playing basketball with them. It has been a busy but extremely enjoyable day and seeing the joy on the Mulan kids' faces could not make us more happy. We'll get back to you all tomorrow.