Inter House Athletics Carnival

When: Friday 11th August (Week 4)

Where: Corpus Christi College

Time: 8:40am – 3:15pm

The carnival is an excellent opportunity for students to participate with enthusiasm, show pride for their House and appreciate the excellence of the top athletes at the College. Parents and family are very welcome to attend and experience the Corpus spirit. We always appreciate the support given by parents which ensures a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

If parents would like to assist in an event role please contact Sheldon McIntyre prior to the carnival.

A reminder that attendance at the carnival is compulsory and all students are expected to participate in either the main or minor carnival. Any non-attendance or non-participation requires a letter to the House Coordinator prior to the event. Non-participants are expected to assist with the running of the Carnival on the day. Participation at Inter-house events is part of the graduation expectations of Senior School students and absences are not tolerated.

Pre Carnival events will be taking place at the following times:

TIME                                            EVENT                        YEAR & GENDER                                        

Monday 7th August

7.00am – 8:30am                         1500M                      YEARS 7-9 BOYS

                                                                                      YEARS 7-9 GIRLS

                                                     HIGH JUMP                    10 BOYS

                                                                                            11 BOYS

                                                                                            12 BOYS

                                                     JAVELIN                        10 GIRLS

                                                                                            11 GIRLS

                                                                                            12 GIRLS

Tuesday 8th August                                                                    

7:00am – 8:30am                          1500M                     YEARS 10-12 BOYS

                                                                                      YEARS 10-12 GIRLS

                                                     HIGH JUMP                    7 GIRLS

                                                                                            8 GIRLS

                                                                                            9 GIRLS

                                                     JAVELIN                         7 BOYS 

                                                                                            8 BOYS

                                                                                            9 BOYS                  



  •      Full sports uniform with House shirt
  •      College cap


  •     We ask that you support your house and cheer on your athletes on the day!
  •     Aim for the day is promoting house spirit. NO PHONES/IPADs etc.
  •     The College is not responsible for the loss of any valuable items. Do NOT bring them to the carnival.


  •       Have a sensible breakfast on carnival day.
  •       Bring their own plastic water bottles (NO glass is allowed).
  •       Fizzy drinks are discouraged.


  •       Medical details need to be updated prior to the Carnival, including emergency contact numbers.


Sheldon McIntyre

Head of Health and Physical Education