Metamorphosis - Year 10 Drama

On the 2nd of June, the Year 10 Drama class performed their own adaptation of Steven Berkoff's 'Metamorphosis'. Prior to the performance, each student researched a drama practitioner and were then placed into groups with people who had researched different practitioners. This enabled them to draw on all five practitioners in creating their scenes and as a result, the group performances were inspired by the likes of Steven Berkoff, Jacques Lecoq, Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowski and Bertold Brecht. 

Drama as a subject is a great way to widen one's creative boundaries. Through the process of preparing and performing the play, the Drama class built on their communication and interpersonal skills in working with others and creating their unique compositions. Drama is a great way to work on effective communication skills as it is used and worked on constantly.

The Drama course that Mr Dove has been working on has been beneficial in teaching students the different aspects of drama. They have worked on developing and exploring skills such as proxemics, tension and status, improvisation, developing characters, writing a script, performing a scene, researching styles of theatre, and performing and adapting text from a play.

The overall feedback from the night was very positive and the parents and students who came really enjoyed the show. It was the inaugural performance in the brand new James Nestor Performing Arts Centre, and even though the performers were all still getting used to the space, the performance ran smoothly and everything went well.

There is no doubt that there will be many more amazing performances in the James Nestor Performing Arts Centre!

Annabel Biscotto (Year 10)