Boyz Dance Program

Boyz Dance is a program only for the boys of the College, from all year groups to come and try Dance in a safe, supportive, inclusive environment. Boyz Dance allows the boys to experiment with genres of dance and styles they may not come across in other areas of their learning, and explores the skills so they may incorporate them into the curriculum Dance program, should they choose to do Dance as a subject.

 Boys learn differently from girls, it’s true, but they also enjoy different challenges. Boys Dance is a program which understands this and aims to develop the boys physical, interpersonal and communicative skills in a way which is appealing and challenging. The aim is to provide an extra-curricular outlet for the boys of the College, but allow them to access the potential curriculum and personal benefits of Dance.

Boyz Dance is taught by Corpus Dance teacher Lauchlan Bain on Wednesday afternoons, for more information contact:

Dance Teacher - Lauchlan Bain on
Arts Administrator - Michelle Hunt on

A testimonial from one of our boys:

Boyz Dance (with a z because we’re cool like that)

People ask me why I dance. I do Boyz Dance because it lets me improve on my dancing skills and it is a great way to meet new people and have fun. It’s crazy the number of things that I get out of Boyz Dance, it’s unbelievable. You can have fun, make new friends, get more flexible, it might not sound as good but trust me when I say it is, get better at dancing and it’s not something weird.

What made me choose Boyz Dance, was something to do for a Wednesday afternoon activity, made even better by the company and I had a personal interest in it. But it’s not just about me, the things that I see others achieve is their best. It might not be hard, might not be easy, it differs for everyone, the thing that I see people being challenged by is themselves, they aren’t afraid to push them self to go further or do something that they have never done before. The boys in Boyz Dance, they aren’t afraid to try new things.

 The thing that keeps making me come back to Boyz Dance is the company and people that you can meet. I know that that gets said a lot by people for different activities, but I have met so many new people, from other year groups. You get to meet people you I would never have thought that you would get to know.

 I believe that others should give it a try no matter what, you may like it, you may not, but I urge you to give it a try. I know what you`re thinking, dancing is a girlish thing and you don’t want to be embarrassed at the sight of you not knowing anyone there or see that none of your friends are there. But if go for one day and take a leap of faith and go just go try it out. I did, and it was one of the best things that I think that has ever happened at the College.

 To the person who is reading this, you might be new to the school and you might be in your last year, it doesn’t matter, if you come and try it you will love it, I know I did.

By Sam Watters (Year 9 Xavier)