Blessing of Corpus Crosses

In the lead-up to Corpus Christi Day (Friday 9 June 2017 - the official Feast Day of our College), Art teachers Gaby Fabris and Julie Pannell, together with Visual Art Technician, Trevor Bly, have combined their creative talents to produce 5 glass crosses, each individually designed.   

Glass Art has grown in popularity at the College, particularly with the acquisition of a glass kiln in 2014/15, a P&F funded item which, has since opened up a decorative style of art-making within the Visual Arts Learning Area.

The crosses will be blessed for the newly refurbished James Nestor Performing Arts Centre and in the Catholic School tradition, each cross will be hung in each room of the new facility.  

This Feast Day is particularly special as we will also be recognising staff who have given 20 years or more service to Corpus Christi College.  Former staff and students are invited to attend this special event by booking their interest at the link below:

Corpus Communications