STEM Project - Year 8 Investigation


On Monday 15th May, the year 8 students started, designed and constructed a STEM project.

STEM's acronym stands for :
S - Science
T - Technology
E - Engineering
M - Mathematics

This is a project that will conclude on Friday 26th May.

The STEM project was introduced to the college one year ago and is for year 8 students only. Every student is involved to help capture creative and quick thinking, improve group and individual work, and interact and connect with many peers.

Every group of three's task is to construct a mouse trap cart using certain materials which include:
- Mouse trap
- Skewers

For this project, each group picks to set up the fastest, longest distance or heaviest mouse trap car. The STEM sessions happen throughout mathematics, technology and science classes, where data is recorded and information is gathered to start to build the car. There are many different challenges involved such as "getting the car to start without a push." This improves the aspects of thinking and knowledge.  On the final day of STEM, every group of three will have a mouse trap car to present, that works and moves. This will then show who will win.

Olivia Dellaca, Year 8