Senior School News - e-News 7 - 2017

Year 10 ATAR Strategy Presentation

On 11 May Jane Genovese from gave a presentation on exam strategies and study planning and preparation to the Year 10 cohort who are undertaking ATAR studies. Jane was an engaging presenter, using many visual stimuli and cues. Jane delivered phrases and sentiments for everyone to reuse and remember. Of particular note was the link to elite athletes, in that they plan their training, stick to their regime and always rest well after every event. Another strategy was very simple; just pick up the book and read one sentence. If you can’t read one sentences then read one word. One strategy that I continually refer to is to study for 15 minutes take a 5 minute break study for another 15 minutes take a 10 minute break then study for a final 15 minutes then finish. Jane left the presentation with many students wishing to ask questions and seeking advice. Jane has provided me with links for students to use and help with strategies for exam techniques and study planning.

Jane has developed a free resource for students called 'The Mind Mappers Toolkit'.

The link to download it is below -

Jane has also recently published an article on her website about how to handle two exams on the same day. Some students may find thus useful -

The General English students listened to presentations from three ambassadors of TAFE. Each story was personable and encourage our students to think more deeply about courses, traineeships and trades that suit their preferred learning styles. There is no doubt that this alternative pathway is a successful alternative for some students struggling to cope with the demands of theory based work over particle and applied experiences.  The Mind Mappers Toolkit can be useful for all learners. I encourage General Studies students to visit and take note of these learning strategies.

Mock Trials

Alex Di Rosso, Stuart Confait, Olivia Fuderer, Brittany Wassell, Lila Rodari, Sarah Montague, Phoebe Holmes, Ashley Taylor, Emma Grant, Thomas Hill, Eden D’Sylva, Adriana Gough, Adsina Kevin, Amelia Swan, Erin Martin, Ike Adesanya, Ayesha D’Souza, Alea Go and Aidan Louis make up a fabulous group of two teams of Year 10, 11 and 12 students who participate in the Law Society of Western Australia’s Mock Trials. Each week they meet to study a legal case and work together to produce either a defence or prosecution for the case. Each month they attend the Supreme Court of Western Australia to present the Mock Trial to a Perth lawyer who then judges the case.

So far our two Corpus Teams, Corpus Trust and Habeas Corpus, have battled it out against Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies College. We have had one successful win in court so far and three very close trials. In June we are competing against Churchlands Senior High School and Mandurah Catholic College.

All of the competitors should be exceptionally proud of their commitment to their teams, effort, courtroom etiquette and competitive spirit so far!

MSP Photography Online Ordering 


Thank you for your recent support in the Individual Photo Day.  Hopefully by now all parents have access to their children's SHOOT KEY for online ordering of photos.  A catch up photo day has been scheduled for Monday 29th May, for students/staff who were absent on the day of the photographs.  This will be held in the Communications Office on this day.

This will be the FINAL opportunity for students to have their official photo taken for ONLINE ordering.  Orders will close at the end of the same business day, as we have 'extended' the timeline for ordering to coincide with this catch up day.

Students and staff will have the opportunity to have their photo taken between 8.00am and 12.00pm but a specific schedule will be sent out to those students who are listed as being absent on that day.

Corpus Communications

Australian Apprenticeship Ambassadors

Australian Apprenticeship Ambassadors addressed the Year 10s during their Term 2 pastoral session.  Emma McDonald outlined her career journey from doing VET in Secondary School through to working in retail, to undertaking an apprenticeship as an Electrician with Electrical Group Training. Her career in this field presents many opportunities to work in data communications and industrial electrical.

Nicola Howe demonstrated her journey from a traineeship in Finance with Central Institute of Technology, through to owning her own local PoolWerx business.  Students learnt of the important of gathering evidence in a career portfolio so that they would be prepared for job applications and training opportunities as they became available.