From the Principal - e-News 7 - 2017

Monday 15 May 2017

Dear parents


Please note the Media Statement below released by CEWA Executive Director, Dr Tim McDonald regarding questions often asked when NAPLAN testing has been conducted. It outlines some of the identified concerns that are raised in public discussions each year.  This statement outlines that NAPLAN testing aligns with CEWA’s support for data-informed decision making more broadly. As many parents are aware, Corpus Christi College is a leading school in utilising data to improve student learning, specifically engagement and achievement.

NAPLAN testing aligns with CEWA focus on data

As students across the State prepare to participate in the annual NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy) testing this week, Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) has highlighted the benefits of using data to inform the best possible learning opportunities and outcomes for students.

Dr Tim McDonald, CEWA Executive Director, said NAPLAN testing was one of many tools Catholic schools used to chart the development of students.

“NAPLAN aligns with an increasing focus by CEWA on data analysis to deliver improvements in teaching and learning practices. NAPLAN testing is not intended to fully measure all aspects of students’ learning, but it does provide students across the country with an opportunity to demonstrate their learning in numeracy and literacy on the same day, in the same test,” he said.

“CEWA assists schools with analysis of NAPLAN results to ensure each school is able to make the most of this data, including trends in results they may want to focus on,”

“While NAPLAN provides data on literacy and numeracy, CEWA is implementing data analysis to deliver benefits in a variety of ways in our system. This includes a new digital learning platform, that enables educators and students to benefit from analytics on learning content in their classrooms, as well as work by our Teaching and Learning Team to analyse a variety of data on schools across the system provided by school staff,” Dr McDonald said.

Catholic schools have shown sustained improvement in student outcomes in recent years, which Dr McDonald attributed both to this use of data in decision-making, as well as schools promoting cultures where each staff member is responsible for the success of each individual student.

“We have terrific staff working in schools throughout WA who are committed to delivering a Catholic education that supports students in their spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional, physical and creative development,” he said.

“CEWA schools aim to prepare students to thrive in our rapidly changing world. Preparing students to be confidently literate and numerate is an important part of this development, and NAPLAN testing is one way in which Catholic schools meet this need,”

* NOTE – Comments are provided by Dr Tim McDonald in his capacity as CEWA Executive Director. Dr McDonald is also a board member of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Complaints from Residents regarding Driving Behaviour

I write to bring to your attention a concern recently brought to light by local residents regarding driver behaviour in the mornings on Dean Road.  Most commonly this involves parents using the Dean Road entrance as a drop off / turning point.  Manager of Finance and Operations Mr Alan Luks conducted an investigation, finding strong foundation for residents’ concerns and some serious problems observed include, but are not limited to:

  1. Traffic congestion preventing the flow of cars travelling along Dean Road often causing vehicles to stop.
  2. Unsafe driving behaviour by parents by allowing students to disembark from the vehicle and retrieve their school bag from the rear of the vehicle while stationary on Dean Road.
  3. Parking in the entry way, blocking access to staff.
  4. Blocking access to paths for pedestrians and students riding bikes.
  5. Parking on footpaths, an unsafe practice for students who are pedestrians.
  6. Performing U turns against the flow of traffic.

I write to remind parents that the entrance to the gymnasium off Dean Road is not a designated student drop off area, rather the main entrance off Murdoch Drive shall be utilised.  Whilst I appreciate this may not be as convenient for some parents, we need to be mindful that we also have a primary school adjacent, with small children who are often not as aware of their surroundings using the same paths, carparks and roads as the older students. 

Federal Budget

As yet, the College has received very little real information regarding the specific figures surrounding the implementation of needs based school funding from 2018 as announced recently as part of the Federal Budget.  I will keep parents informed, initially through the College Board, once CEWA has been provided with information regarding the implementation and quantum of funding to be received from 2018. The current CEWA funding distribution model was transitioning schools to ensure that no school was required to raise its fees significantly in the short term.

Corpus Christi Day – Friday 9 June

Acknowledging long serving staff and the blessing of the James Nestor Performing Arts Centre

All parents and friends, including former students and staff, are welcome to join us for the Corpus Christi Day Mass. After Mass, we will make a small presentation to current and former staff acknowledging their service to the College. We will also be conducting a blessing of the newly refurbished Performing Arts Centre as part of the proceedings.

Students will then continue with food and activity stalls, finishing with a concert. This is an important celebration which builds spirit and fosters a positive contribution to the community.

To recognise the contribution of long serving staff at the College, those who have worked at the College for more than 20 years, we also prepared a new Honour Board last year. Some of these continue their service, whilst others many parents may have known from the past:

1983       Robyn Quinn
1983       Peter Thomson  
1985       Steve Young
1986       Diane Fisher
1986       Moira Flanagan
1986       Trevor Galbraith
1986       Karen Rourke
1987       Erika Lubcke
1987       Diane Magrath
1987       Andre Papineau
1988       Deborah Santaromita
1989       Judy Votta
1990      Russell Scanlon
1991       Sonya Hope
1991       Michael Penhaligon
1992       Gabriella Fabris
1993       Sally Farrington
1993       Simon Keane
1994       Derek Bickford
1995       Veronica Parry
1996       Marie Drygan
1996       Joan Fodor

We will be inviting these staff to a special ceremony and morning tea following the Mass.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Caroline Payne