Holy Week

As we draw near to Holy Week, it is right that we reflect on Jesus’ love for all, through his ultimate sacrifice, a love that promises forgiveness, peace and eternal life.

As part of this reflective time, the College participated in a beautiful and powerful drama liturgy on Thursday 6 April. During the Liturgy, we remembered the last few days of Jesus’ life.

Jesus’ revolutionary ideas of love and forgiveness, his compassion and his miracles made him popular with the ordinary people of Jerusalem; but dangerous to those in power. The events of Jesus’ last few days brought to light the fear, jealousy, betrayal and cruelty of some of the people involved. These events also brought to light the love, compassion, courage and friendship of some of those involved.

We were reminded that we each have much to reflect on and learn from the actions of these people. The dramatic presentation was full of symbolic yet real meaning that drew all into realising that we are in many ways no different from the apostles who were filled with doubt, who betrayed and denied Jesus, but who also accepted their failings.

We are no different from Veronica or Simon when we help others and like Mary we feel the pain of those we love. We are also like Pilate, the soldiers, Herod and Judas in some of our weaker moments.

The visual imagery and beauty of the drama and the evocative words and images of the scenes gave all the opportunity to connect to the events and people during Jesus last few days. The Year 10 Drama students are to be commended for their outstanding performance and the Choir for their beautiful rendition of ‘Agnus Dei’ and ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’.