Year 9 Retreat

On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 April the Year 9s had the opportunity to give to the community with a Recycling plan being designed for the College, Reading activities produced for the Mulan students and Pencil cases being decorated for Mulan and Cambodia, with a commitment to donate an item to fill the pencil cases.

The students have also been involved in the Youth Mission Team Retreat Day of ‘Relationships’. Here they focussed on: 

  • Students who are free from pressure to conform to the expectations of others; 
  • Students who can identify how they have hurt others and how they themselves have been hurt and seek the strength to overcome these tendencies; and 
  • Students who recognise that coming to know God more personally in our lives increases our capacity to love others.

These two days have been a great chance for the Year 9s to settle back into the term, work with their peers, develop relationships and provide service to others. These skills help to empower the students and engage them in their community.

Yvette Pearce
Head of Year 9