Senior School News - e-News 3 2017

Excelsis Club

After an application process and informal interviews, 30 students have been selected to join the 2017 Excelsis Club. These students will work under the guidance of Mr William O’Callaghan, striving for excellence in their academic pursuits. The Club meets every Thursday afternoon in Room R02 from 3:30-5:00pm. Below are the successful candidates for 2017:

  • Stephen Thornett
  • Cameron Cantwell
  • Dimitrie Damos
  • Lila Rodari
  • Annika Clarke
  • Alexander Di Rosso
  • Mitchell Garland
  • Phoebe Holmes
  • Jack Maguire
  • Christian Joseph
  • Claire Coten
  • Bethany Fimmel
  • Reen Minotti
  • Adrianna Gough
  • Stephanie Hollins
  • Samantha Taylor