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8th March 2017 - Art Club Week 3
15th March 2017 - Art Club Week 4
17th March 2017 - Sculptures by the Sea Excursion – Visual Arts
20th-25th March 2017 - 'Hairspray' Production Week.
22nd March 2017 - Perspective Performance


Tickets are selling fast so please ensure that you secure yours before they all sell out. 

Hairspray programmes will be on sale on all 3 nights and there will be light refreshments for sale at intermission.  Please note – cash sale’s only!

Due to licensing restrictions, a USB/CD of the performance will not be for sale for this production. 

Tickets Sales:


Newman College, Marist Auditorium - Churchlands

Thursday 23 March 2017 - 7.00PM
Friday 24 March 2017 - 7.00PM
Saturday 25 March 2017 - 7.00PM




Last Thursday our talented Year 12 students performed their one original version of Antigone in front of an invited audience of parents and students. These brave performances where the result of our ATAR students' Directing task.

Students were asked to produce and direct their own scenes using Applied Theatre Technique. All pieces where creating using the techniques by the company ZED ZED ZO and their production of a Tempest. So, by applying the drama techniques of one production students then had apply these to another performance, hence the term Applied Theatre.

I would like to thank parents and friends for attending and supporting our strong and developing talent.


MUSIC CAMP 2017 - New Norcia

Section 1: Instrumental Music -  July 11th - 13th
Section 2: Choirs - July 13rd - 16th

Music Camp: Key Points


  • Intensive rehearsal
  • Workshops (expert external professional providers)
  • Performance
  • Cultural immersion
  • Recreation and enjoyment.


1.    To develop skills and confidence in musical performance.
2.   To prepare repertoire for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival and CD recording.
3.   To experience living in a working Benedictine Monastery, and sing at Mass there.

The proposal is to run the Music Camp for five nights, in two sections:

  • 1st section:  Instrumental Ensembles - Tuesday 11th July – Thursday 13th July

First section to conclude with an afternoon concert attended by the monks, local community, parents and second section attendees.

  • 2nd section:  Choirs– Thursday 13th July - Sunday 16th July

Second section to conclude with a sung Mass with the Monks and the local community at the Monastery.

Please note: Students may attend either section or both sections depending on eligibility (see below)

Reason for running the Camp in two sections:

Recent pleasing development of the Concert Band and associated woodwind ensembles has meant that they now need the kind of musical immersion that a camp such as this offers.  Standards and membership numbers have risen and members of instrumental ensembles deserve the chance to have their own music camp focus.  In terms of logistics, it is not possible to run both sections concurrently due to the number of rehearsal rooms required, and the clash for the students who are in both kinds of musical ensembles.

Please note: The instrumental section and Choral section will share one day together (Thursday 13th July)

Schedule and itinerary:

Full itinerary will be supplied by the end of Term 1.  Final schedule of musical activities and rehearsals will depend on the numbers of students going on camp, and whether College ensembles have enough of their musical parts covered to make their inclusion possible.  There will be a major element of cultural and historical immersion.  Through tours, talks, exploration and inhabiting, students will experience directly the wonder and mystery of the beautiful monastery at New Norcia.  There will also be games, movies, fashion shows, quizzes, treasure hunts, sporty moments and lots of special moments both planned and unplanned.

Cost for students:

IRO $140 per student for section 1, and $160 per student for section 2.  Final amount will be dependent on final numbers of students going.

Proposed Group composition:

  • Section 1: 40 - 60 students and 5 - 7 staff (men and women)
  • Section 2: 50 – 70 students and 6 – 8 staff (men and women)

Criteria for eligibility for the Music Camp

  • Students are warmly invited to join College ensembles and choirs in Semester 1 this year.  They will be eligible to apply to attend music camp.

Section 1 Instrumental (July 11th – 13th) – Membership ofCorpus Christi senior concert band, saxophone ensemble, senior clarinet ensemble, senior flute ensemble, senior woodwind quartet, Viva Guitarre ensembles 1 and 2, Corpus Christi string ensemble, Corpus Christi Jazz band, Celtic Band.

Section 2 Choral (July 13th – 16th) - Membership of Corpus Christi College Choir, ‘Major League’ Choir, ‘Minor Details’ Choir, Boys Choir, Chamber Choir.

  • Students belonging to both instrumental and choral ensembles are warmly invited to attend both camps.
  • In the event of over-subscription for music camp, the criteria for selection will be past ensemble membership, past attendance, seniority/age of student, musical skill and ability.

Please contact Mrs. Michelle Hunt for an expression of interest form.

mhunt@corpus.wa.edu.au or collect from the Art Office

Reunion Island Visitors

5 March heralds the commencement of hosting 15 lovely students and 2 teachers from Collège La Salle Maison Blanche, Reunion Island, by our wonderful Host families at Corpus Christi College.

This will be the third visit from our sister school in Reunion Island and as always, we look forward to their arrival and sharing some great experiences and exchanges of language and culture.

The Corpus Community would like to thank greatly those families that have offered to host our visitors.  This is a great undertaking that is truly appreciated and offers both the family hosting and the student being hosted a unique experience.  Below is a list of the visiting students and their host siblings.

The visiting students, while at school will be wearing a house shirt or a Tshirt with the exchange Logo, the student will also have a name tag.  Please, understand that some of these students may seem lost,  in true Corpus style please direct them to where they need to be.   Any concerns please direct them to the Languages Department in Mayne Block.

Thank you Corpus for welcoming our visitors and let us enjoy the time they are with us.

Languages Department

Careers News

Australian Defence Force Gap Year

The Defence Force offer a 1 year paid GAP Experience in 2018 with NO obligation to commit beyond the 12 months. Applications open soon. Register here https://m.defencejobs.gov.au/education/gap-year/ to receive updates on application open dates and news. This is a unique opportunity to get paid, training and a feel for a career in the Services without having to commit beyond 12 months. In the Gap Year you’ll:

  • Learn practical and leadership skills
  • Get fit and participate in numerous sports
  • Earn a good salary plus superannuation
  • Enjoy a healthy and varied lifestyle
  • Meet new people
  • Benefit from free medical and dental

Western Australian Police Force Recruitment

People who have an interest in a career as a Police Officer are encouraged to attend a Recruit Information session at the WA Police Academy. These are run once a month at 4:15pm-6:30pm. You must register online at least a month before as they tend to fully book. Register for a session here https://www.stepforward.wa.gov.au/information-sessions/

University of Melbourne Perth Information Session

Thursday 8th June from 6:30pm-8:00pm

Representatives from the University of Melbourne will be visiting Perth to give students and parents a detailed introduction to all the things Melbourne has to offer.


Curtin University Parent Information Evenings

Each year CU hosts two parent information sessions for parents of Year 10 and Year 12 students. These two events are intended to help demystify university preferences and the TISC process. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to speak with Curtin experts from admissions, scholarships, university support services and study areas.

Register for 2017 now: http://futurestudents.curtin.edu.au/years-10-12/parent/sessions/

Murdoch University Creative Industries Careers Evening

Wednesday 5th April from 6:00pm-7:30pm at Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre, Murdoch University South Street Campus.

Meet Academics and learn about Undergraduate course opportunities and careers in the Creative Arts, from roles in Radio and Sound, through to Theatre & Drama, Screen Production & Graphic Design. Future Student Officers and Academic staff will be on hand to answer course enquiries and questions. http://www.experience.murdoch.edu.au/event/creative-industries-careers-evening/

University of Notre Dame: Parent Info Evening

Wednesday 8th March 2017 from 6:00pm at Malloy Courtyard (ND2), Mouat Street, Fremantle Campus. Parents of current Year 10, 11 & 12 students are invited to join the Parent Information Evening. Hear about Notre Dame’s unique application process, alternative pathways, recommended subjects and important dates and deadlines, and listen to the experience of current students about their transition from high school to university. To RSVP visit: http://www.nd.edu.au/events/2017/parent-info-evening

TAFE & Apprenticeships

How to ace an Apprenticeship Interview

This page provides information on what interviewers are looking for in an apprenticeship interview, including knowledge of the industry and English and Maths skills.


Other News

Applying to the Australian Defence Force Academy

It is advised that students wishing to study at ADFA apply in year 11 as it is a competitive selection process which may take up to 12 months to complete.

Gaining entry to ADFA is a dual process which requires students to apply directly to the Australian Defence Force while also applying concurrently to UNSW ADFA through UAC.  

An offer to study at ADFA is conditional to meeting the academic requirements of UNSW as well as the mental and physical requirements of the Australian Defence Force.  
To find out more about the selection process visit: http://www.defencejobs.gov.au/education/adfa/how-to-apply/

From Student Services

Please send all absence advice through to Barbara Morton in Student Services.  Please include your student’s full name, the reason and the date of the absence.

Direct Phone number:  63322514
Absentee Hot Line (recorded message):  63322522
Email:  bmorton@corpus.wa.edu.au

SMS:  0408 152321


Please ensure you have your students’ name on all property, including clothing, books and equipment. This helps us to return it to your student if it is handed into Lost Property.

Psych Bytes

Developing and Maintaining Friendships

As the school year begins, starting a new school, moving schools, changing classes, finding new friends and meeting new teachers will be top of mind for lots of young people in Australia. It’s normal for young people to feel nervous when beginning a new school and there are many things that young people can do to make the transition easier such  as remaining in contact with old friends via emailing, social media or meeting up after school and weekends, finding  ways to express how they are feeling like writing a journal, playing sport or talking to someone. ReachOut.com  provides fact sheets, stories and forums to help make it easier for young people to adjust to new places, new people  and new friends.

 ReachOut.com Fact Sheets

 Starting a new School 
 How to make friends 

ALL ABOUT ANGER – Parent Workshop

We are very lucky to have Rob Tiller from Relationships Australia present to our parents.

This engaging workshop has been designed to assist families when anger is an issue.

Anger is explained in a way that challenges our labelling of ‘an angry person’ and instead aims to help participants to understand that many of us have simply learnt to manage the emotion of anger in unhelpful ways.

The workshop includes some simple skills to help you respond more positively when anger shows up.

When:  Wednesday 29th March 2017
Time:  6:30 – 8:30pm (Refreshments provided)
Where:  The College Hall

Please RSVP by 27th March 2017