Middle School News - e-News 3 2017

Year 7 News

Year 7 - Mark Barron
Head of Year 7 (Acting)

As we approach the end of week five, our students are well and truly settled into the daily routine at Corpus Christi College.  It was excellent to see so many of you at Community Mass and our Students were a credit to Year 7 throughout this event.

We have come to the end of the initial testing period and are in the process of analysing the data that is has emerged from this.  We will be using this data and information from our staff to discuss Smart goals with our students.  I encourage parents to access these goals on SEQTA and discuss them with their children.


The Year 7 ‘Super Sadler Shivoo’ is one of the most anticipated and memorable highlights of the year for Year 7s as they begin their journey at Corpus Christi College. The purpose of this event is to assist students in their transition to Middle School as they interact with their peers in a social atmosphere and establish new friendships.

On 31 March, students are required to attend this exciting event.

  • Location: Sadler Centre – Home of Year 7s
  • Arrival: 6.15pm
  • Pick up: 10.30pm
  • Teachers attending: Year 7 Homeroom Teachers and Year 7 HOY

More details about this event will be published in due course and you will be able to give permission on “Consent2Go” soon.  

Year 8 News

Jennifer Overend
Head of Year 8

The Year 8s enjoyed the excitement and competitiveness of the Swimming Carnival in Week 4. The participation was great and there were some fantastic results, such as:

  • Champion girl - Georgia Ettridge
  • Runner-Up girl - Charli Hall
  • Champion boy - Benny Mangoba
  • Runner-Up boy - Max Coten

The Year 8s have so far demonstrated a high level of organisation with their lockers being kept to a high standard. I encourage and challenge the Year 8 students to continue this high standard throughout the term and consequently the year.

On Wednesday of Week 5, the Year 8 students explored goal setting in their extended homeroom. The students were asked to record on SEQTA one short-term goal (e.g. end of term), one medium term goal (e.g. end of semester), one long term goal (e.g. end of year) and one group Homeroom goal. It would be great if parents touched base with their son/daughter to find out exactly what their goals are. It is suggested that parents may like to set some goals with students at home.

Following the Extended Homeroom, students moved to the Sports Centre where we experienced an Ash Wednesday liturgy. From speaking with several students, it seems lollies are the popular item to give up this Lent.

Year 9 News

Yvette Pearce
Head of Year 9

Personal Project

The Year 9s have been busily working on planning their Personal Projects. There are many ideas being floated around, with just a few being the production of a chess board, producing a family historical cook book and composing a song. The creative ideas of our Year 9s are amazing.

The planning was due on Thursday 2 March and now the students move on to researching their ideas to help them produce and get a better understanding of the elements of their project topic. The planning documents and goals will be compiled, and students will then be allocated a staff supervisor by the end of Term One.

Smart Goals

Extended Homeroom on Wednesday 1 Mar involved the Year 9s working through the ELES Study Skills unit of Goal Setting and beginning to write their own Smart Goals for the Semester/Year. Within the next couple of weeks, students will complete and refine these goals to guide their development through Year 9. Parents and students are able to log into ELES Study Skills to use any of the units to assist them with their academic development.

Website: http://www.studyskillshandbook.com.au/

Login: corpuschristi
Password: 33achieve

Space Camp USA 2018

Mrs Fenwick

Corpus Christi College is offering a trip to Space Camp in the USA in April 2018 for students who will be in Years 9 to 12 in 2018.  A parent information evening will be held on Wednesday 8 March 7.00pm – see details below. Please register you interest in attending to Mrs Fenwick on:  cfenwick@corpus.wa.edu.au

Expression of Interest forms are available on the Year Portals and at Student Services, and are due by Tuesday 7 March. Please submit to Student Services.

Uniform and Grooming

Mr Frank Italiano
Deputy Principal Middle School

Parents are asked to ensure that their son’s/daughter’s uniform and grooming standards meet the College guidelines. Hair styles, make-up, care of shoes and jewellery should be the areas of focus. The school rules on these issues are available in the College Diary. 

Application, Attitude and Action in the Middle Years

Term One is well and truly underway with the College Academic program in full swing. From Year 7 to Year 9, the necessary curriculum structures have been put in place and are now being implemented.  There are a number of very simple, but important messages that need to be highlighted for the start of Term One.


It is really important that students take every opportunity to perform to the best of their ability in every aspect of College life. Be it in the classroom or on the playing field, it is always important to be consistently giving your best. Being well prepared and trying to always perform to capacity is the only way to ensure a really solid foundation to support future activities. Organisation for class, participation in-class and completion of assigned tasks should never be an afterthought, but the main focus of a school day.


Being positive in everything we do and say is an expectation. The way we interact with other students and teachers should always be in a way that we ourselves would like to be treated. As students in a secondary school environment, there is a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of others through personal actions and words.  The focus should be on cooperation with others and not focusing too much on personal gain.


I am amazed at the unbelievable number of opportunities available to our students during the school day and after school.  To mention a few, these opportunities such as the Inter-House Swimming Carnival, Inter-school sport on Wednesdays, the Youth Group on Friday afternoons, the Public Speaking Group and the Homework Club in the Library, give you an idea of what is on offer.  Students need to take some action to attend, join and participate, so that their Corpus Christi College experience will be extremely worthwhile. 

New and existing members of the Academic Excellence Program (AEP)

Each year, academically able students are identified and are invited to take part in the Academic Excellence Program.

As part of the program, students:

  • Meet with the Head of Academic Excellence formally and informally on a number of occasions
  • Review their results throughout the year 
  • Set themselves specific, measurable goals 
  • Are invited to various incursions and excursions during the year 
  • Are offered a student mentor to provide them with support 
  • Are invited to take part in the Academic Excellence Extension Program (AEEP)
  • Receive a membership badge of the AEP.  

The College is happy to acknowledge new and existing members of the Academic Excellence Program. Members are:

Year 7

Brendan Boudville
Michael Bovet
Sophia Covella
Hudson Craig-Power
Mao Wen (Emmanuel Simon) Foo
Oliver George
Tadhg Hanavan
Grace Harben
Hugh Livingstone
Kade MacDonald
Kobe McManus
Kyran (Ky) Okello
Sophie Oversby
Thomas (Tom) Reid
Elke Ruane
Juan Selvan
Jennifer Tassone
Thomas Vajda
Sabina Vicoli
Carmen Wong

Year 8

Victoria Ann Chong
Ashton Chow
Corey Clark
Sophia Connolly
Max Coten
Steven Darbyshire
Dominic Davies
William Ellement-Hughes
Thomas Erkes
Georgia Ettridge
Jack Gaasdalen
Kim Ryan (Kim) Gamueda
Lochlen Harvey
Sonna Jacob
Elly Kember
Chloe Kheng
Antoni La Rosa
Alira Malan
Natalie Martins
Leah Nigli
Jade Patching
Shannon Rees
Adriana Romeo
Jennifer Rose
Emma Runyon
Sanjeev Singh
Tobel (Toby) Soliman
Kathryn Tan
Anna Thomson
Kayla Van der Linden
Ella Waddy
Charley Wehr

Year 9

Mary Alamiyo
Michael Albertini
Lachlan Allen
Marcus Best, Marcus
Dieter Cadzow, Dieter
Claire Cantwell, Claire
Phoenix Casey, Phoenix
Deetya Charles, Deetya
Rahul Correia, Rahul
Maxwell (Max) Covella
Ava Dadmehr
Danielle Dias
Melvin Ding
Grace Dunleavy
Edison Foo
Yohann Gomes
Kalea Gowland
Caleb James
Jordan King
Liam Moylan
Lauren Murphy
Adam Neri
Thomas Nicholls
George Norris
Madeline Osckar
Jordan Passauer
Leeuwin Pavy
Sara Poi
Rahul Rath
Terinder Rikhraj
Jenna Riordan
Konrad Rucki
Tyler Savy
Luke Selvan
Siobhan Stevens

Year 10

Joshua Allen
Annabel Biscotto
Mia Chan
Joseph Damiano
Lola Davies
Elizabeth (Libby) Hart
Thomas Howard
Tiana Inman
Abbey Janssen
Joshua Kang
Jaye Kember
George Kenny
Anya Leen
Lara Moylan
Brett Nigli
Marcus Oudin
Colby Petterson
Harry Regan
Bryce Rimmer
Amy Riordan
Abbey Rock
Matthew Rossi
Julyan Tan
Janice Valentina
Holly Van der Linden
Vineeth (Sam) Vincent
Oscar Wehr
Joshua Wong

Filipa Carvalho
Head of Academic Excellence