RAC bstreetsmart (Perth Arena)

"22 students and two teachers recently attended the RAC bstreetsmart presentation at Perth Arena. There was estimated to be approximately 9000 students attending. Narelda Jacobs from Channel ten, introduced the proceedings.  The reenactment started with a group of young people making their way home from a party. The provisional driver had been drinking but not over the 0.05 limit for fully qualified drivers. There then unfolded a serious of mini distractions that the young travellers were unaware of then the accident occurred.

The reenacted accident was very graphic in nature. The attending ambulance, then Police then Fire Brigade added to the intense atmosphere and gravity of the situation. Dedicated narrators informed the audience with what was happening and possible outcomes if the wrong decision was made there and then. The audience was quiet and attentive, taking in all the detail of the situation before them.

This enactment came to its end, well explained and detailed by the narrators. We broke for lunch and reminded that we would hear from survivors of road trauma in the second session.

The morning’s session set the scene. We heard from three survivors. All in different states of acquired recovery. Konna, C4 quadraplegic, Josh, above double knee amputee and Michael, who is fully ventilated and can only communicate through blinking or his computer similar to Stephen Hawkings. These testimonies were moving and difficult to hear. Of particular note was Josh retelling a normal rainy Saturday afternoon at 4.16pm going round a roundabout and 4.17pm, his three friends dead, two in the front dead on impact and his best friend beside him “obviously” dead beside him. The horror of him detailing the story how the car split into two upon impact with his two dead friends 20/30 meters away and his FEET, while Josh had been saved by the metal of the car body cocooning him in the back of the car. His friend Chris was not so lucky." - Robert Hebbs

Amberly Gant
"From today's excursion to the Perth Arena for bstreetsmart we saw people who were in a simulated car accident/crash and how they were injured, and how their family members and friends were influenced and challenged. It taught us that we need to be cautious and careful on the roads and that even though you may not cause the accident, you need to be aware of what is going on around you so you can eliminate any risks and make good decisions."

Kayla Damiano
"From today's excursion, I have learnt to always be cautious when driving and who you get in the car with because once you are in an accident your life could change forever and it not only impacts the victim but it also impacts their family."

Sean Kelly
"Today I saw a simulated tragic vehicle accident. In the reenactment the driver of the vehicle was arrested and was set to face hefty consequences, It was frighten to see what the victims of these tragedies end up with. I could not imagine if my brother was incapacitated and was incompetent to speak."

Christian Damos
"During RAC bstreetsmart excursion we were introduced to a presenter, Josh Pike who was a road trauma survivor. I have learned from Josh Pike how he was involved the car crash and lost his legs and how his friends died and how he got hurt."

Rile Coleman
"I have learnt many things today. The most important thing I have learnt is that you should not drink and drive and make sure there are no distractions in the car."

Elliot Staddon
"I have learned today that if I drink and drive or get into a car with a drunk person, there could be a consequence that will change my life for ever."