Have Sum Fun Mathematics 2017

“Have Sum Fun” Mathematics Competition

The "Have Sum Fun" competition is an exciting Mathematics initiative that uses quiz night format, open to Years 7-12. Teams of six students race against the clock to solve four tough rounds of eight challenging maths questions, in a very intense, but also very lighthearted environment. Students are encouraged to have fun on the night, while still engaging in a very rewarding experience.

On 10 March, two teams of mixed Year 11 and 12 students travelled to Trinity College, and on 17 March, two teams of mixed Year 7 and 8 students travelled to Trinity College and two teams of mixed Year 9 and 10 students travelled to All Saints’ College representing Corpus Christi College at the competition. All the students tried their best and everyone who participated in the event had "sum fun”. One of our participants, Adriana Romeo (Year 8) said, “Have Sum Fun was an enjoyable night as it both tested the wits of our mind and our problem solving skills” .


One of our Year 9/10 teams placed 4th out of about 35 teams from different schools, achieving an excellent result of 23 out of 32 questions correct. Brett Nigli, Joseph Damiano, Sam Vincent (Year 10), Konrad Rucki, Edison Foo and Thomas Nicholls (Year 9) were awarded with certificates and prizes for their accomplishment. The Year 10s acknowledged that their Maths teacher, Mrs Hein, was a large contributor to their success. In the words of Joseph Damiano,

“She helped us, gave us plenty of practise questions to do and she organised lots of sessions where we could improve our skills”.

Of the two Year 7/8 teams, one of the teams placed 6th out of about 29 teams, achieving an outstanding result of 26 out of 32 questions correct. Special thanks to Mrs Hein, Ms Wright, Mrs Andrewartha and Ms Coma who gave up their Friday night to supervise the teams. Thanks is also due to the college and other teachers for their support.

Brett Nigli, Year 10 de Vialar

The students who participated are listed below:

Year 7 & 8

Adrianna Romeo, Kathryn Tan, Leah Nigli, Brendan Boudville, Michael Bouvet, Abiram Kalaiarasan, Steven Darbyshire, Thomas Erkes, Gianni Petra, Alyssa Salim, Audrey Ho, Sinead Rego

Year 9 & 10

Brett Nigli, Joseph Damiano, Sam Vincent, Edison Foo, Thomas Nicholls, Konrad Rucki, Dieter Cadzow, Blake Derham, Vanya Santiago Shanice Pereira, Erin Martin, Anna Rabino

Year 11 and 12

Brittany Wassell, Phoebe Holmes, Cameron Clark, Marc Di Giuseppe, Joseph Dinkgreve, Yan Ni Sng, Annika Clarke, Leia Oliver, Jo-Xen Lam