e-News 18


From the Principal

Student Award Winners

I am grateful to the large number of parents who were able to attend the Year 7 to 11 Awards Ceremony last Friday. I offer my congratulations to all the award winners who applied themselves to their studies admirably during 2017...

Senior School News

2017 Youth Census - Skillsroad

  • If we want Australian Youth to thrive, we must help them see the bigger picture and encourage them to invest in career pathways that give them passion and purpose.

Middle School News

 Huge congratulations to the Year 6 cohort who attended Orientation Day. Their behaviour was impeccable and their enthusiasm was infectious. Students had an amazing day trying out a range of different subjects. The beginnings of friendships have already been made and we very much look forward to meeting them again next year....

Other News and Events

Student Leaders

Congratulations to the Student Leaders from Year 8 to 12 appointed for next year whose names noted in this e-News, who will join our Head Girl Jessica De Freitas Basilio and Head Boy Liam Rego in leading the student community in 2018. After applying for these positions, applicants were required to undertake a rigorous selection process that focussed on their ability to adopt a servant leadership style. We wish them all the best as they undertake their duties next year.

Year 12 House Captains

Chisholm House:    Rohan Bay & Molly Fox
De Vialar House:    Nicholas Carbone & Ian Lau
MacKillop House:    Sarah Ho & Levi Burns
Merici House:    Olivia Ialacci & Jonathan Lim
Pallotti House:    Nicolina Ierino & Dwight Rowland
Romero House:    Marcus Wong & Natasha Uniewicz
Salvado House:    Samantha Taylor & Rebecca LeGuier
Xavier House:    Kayla Weekes & Benjamin Dunleavy
Arts Captains:    Corran O'Brien & Isabella Thexeira
Communications Captains:    Bridget Correia & Tyler Watson
Sports Captains:    Carla Drennan & Jackson Edgar
Student Ministry:     Alea Kaye Go & Charli Lill

Year 11 House Representatives

Chisholm House:    Brehanna Browne & Shanice Pereira
De Vialar House:    Mia Chan & Brett Nigli
MacKillop House:    Mya Grieve & Sean Kelly
Merici House:    Jessika Brooker & Anna Rabino
Pallotti House:    Jessica Pascoe & Samuel Knight
Romero House:    Colby Petterson & Ellyn McGlone
Salvado House:    George Kenny & James Ingram
Xavier House:    Tiana Inman& Joseph Damiano
Arts Captains:   Abbey Janssen, Melissa Holloway, Annabel Biscotto & Noah Gilmore
Communications Captains:     Blake Derham, Georgina Millard & Abbey Rock        
Sports Captains:     Taylor MacDonald, Harrison Cormack & Luke Dobson        
Student Captains:   Rachael Dellaca, Sisi-Cynthia Ingenere & Julyan Tan        

Year 10 House Representatives

Chisholm House:    Isabella Cuocci & Max Fox
De Vialar House:    Sher-Nei Lam & Byron Devene
MacKillop House:    Ben Fairclough & Grace Kingston
Merici House:    Jennifer Radice & Quylam Hua
Pallotti House:    Stephanie Ierino & Joshua D'Cruz
Romero House:    Casey Scott & Samuel Radanovic
Salvado House:    Shannon Omar & Thomas Roberts
Xavier House:    Ellie Cokcetin & Connor West
Arts Captains:   Kalea Gowland & Samuel Watters
Communications Captains:    Alisha Van Zon &  Konrad Rucki
Sports Captains:     Kade Gizzarone & Andrea Fernandez
Student Ministry:    Jacinta Robless & Madison Wilde

Year 9 House Representatives    

Chisholm House:    Madison Whitney & Max Larson
De Vialar House:    Jenae Mothiram & Nayan Brown
MacKillop House:    Victoria Chong & Riley Edgar
Merici House:    Amelie Norris & James De Boni
Pallotti House:    Sophia Connolly & Max Coten
Romero House:    Chelsea Fuderer & Joseph Diaz
Salvado House:    Ashley Morgan & Sanjeev Singh
Xavier House:    Elizabeth Lee & Blake Conley
Arts Captains:   Megan Schutte & Gianni Petta        
Communications Captains:   Ella Waddy & Christopher Cakir        
Sports Captains:   Kayla Van der Linden & Cullen Devene        
Student Ministry:    Olivia Dellaca & Luke Phillips        

Year 8 House Representatives

Chisholm House:    Lexie Frayne & William (Jack) Lilley
De Vialar House:   Diaz Gizzarone & Oliver George
MacKillop House:    Isabella Rossi & Christian Thompson
Merici House:   Sabina Vicoli & Anton Jakovcevic
Pallotti House:  Hudson Craig-Power & Julia Mary Bose
Romero House:   Erin Peters & Mao Wen Foo
Salvado House:    Annette Dass & Avinesh Singh
Xavier House:    Zoee Cokcetin & Toby Marshall
Arts Captains:   Chloe Allen-Galvin & Joshua Duckworth        
Communications Captains:  Hugh Livingstone & May Hopwood        
Sports Captains:   Isaac Alvarez & Emma Garland        
Student Ministry:    Zack Cohen & Erika Machado