ACC Recognition Award for Corpus Staff

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At the recent ACC awards event, Corpus Christi principal, Caroline Payne read this citation regarding James Howard’s service to sport at Corpus Christi College and the ACC community. James was presented with the ACC Recognition Award.

James Howard has been an integral member of the ACC over a number of years both in his role at Corpus Christi College as the Sport Coordinator and his involvement with ACC at both an Executive level and within the Southern Associated Junior Schools. James is an adaptable and versatile leader of school sport at Corpus Christi College. He joined Corpus Christi in late 2004, and has served as the Sport Coordinator since 2005. He has been instrumental in the development of ACC sports within the Corpus Christi College community by engaging a large range of teachers, students and parents, and has maintained the highest of standards in competition. James introduced an Annual celebration of sport through the . He has been integral in the set up and development of the Southern Associated Schools junior competition and arranges for Corpus Christi College to be the host venue for all SASJ meetings.James has served as the  SMC representative on the ACC Executive Committee for a period of 4 years.

He has worked collaboratively with Kyle March and Suzie Ehlers to consistently improve the delivery of ACC services to all schools and has acted as a mentor to ACC sports coordinators and new members.

James has worked to develop further opportunities for sport involvement in ACC competitions across all areas, in particular female AFL. He continues to liaise between School Sport WA and the ACC to develop Junior and Senior Soccer competitions and has contributed to the development of an MOU between the ACC and WAFC.Overall, James has continuously set a fine example for staff and students across the ACC through his professionalism, respect and passion for sport in general. He strives for excellence in all that he does and is admired by his colleagues throughout the ACC community.

James is a worthy recipient of this prestigious award.