Year 8 Languages Excursion

25th October saw the Year 8 Corpus Christi Students take part in a Languages excursion.  Each Language had organized an incursion/excursion that allowed the students to use the language and find out about the culture.

Italian students were able to go to Fremantle and walk to the welcome walls, Fisherman’s wharf and the famous cappuccino strip.  They were told of the influence of Italian migrants to the Fremantle lifestyle and culture.  They were able to see that influence and also find out more of the history. 

Students were also able to order a ‘gelato’ in Italian and also attend a lunch provided by the lovely ladies at the Fremantle Italian Club.  The students enjoyed the feast and the company of these ladies and the committee of the Club.  They were wonderful ambassadors for the College and impressed the local very much with their excellent behaviour and interest in the topic at hand.

French students had an incursion where they were able to make ‘crepes’.  The students enjoyed the chance to see how they are made and to enjoy eating them together.  They were also able to express their creativity by making key rings with the Eiffel tower, the famous icon of France.  Also they were able to use their excellent language skills to create French phrases for tiles that they created for the outside of the Language office. 

Indonesian students learned a lot about Indonesian culture on our recent excursion.  First stop was Hoyts Garden City for the Indonesian film “Surau dan Silek” (literally:  prayer house and martial arts), where they followed the adventures of a group of children from West Sumatra who combine their serious study of “pencak silat”, the Indonesian martial art, with the gentle philosophies of Islam in the faithful and observant traditional Minangkabau community. 

Second stop was Wireless Hill Reserve, where students enjoyed another traditional Indonesian pastime – picnicking with “nasi kotak” (rice in a box).  This was a delicious takeaway meal put together by the fantastic owners of The Melting Pot Café in Ardross – Jupiter Salim and his wife Agnes, who also happen to be the parents of a student in Year 7 at Corpus.  It’s wonderful to have contacts such as these in our community.  After lunch students enjoyed relaxing in the interesting surrounds of Wireless Hill before returning to school.