Year 12 Prefect Committee

It is with great pleasure that the Corpus Christi community welcomes the Prefect Committee for 2018. At the commencement mass this week, the Head Boy and Head Girl delivered a stirring vision for 2018, which you can see below. We look forward to the year ahead with this amazing group of student leaders.

Head Boy: Liam Rego

Head Girl: Jessica De Freitas Basilio

Merici: Jonathon Lim,  Olivia Ialacci    

MacKillop:  Sarah Ho,  Levi Burns 

De Vialar: Nicholas Carbone, Ian Lau    

Chisholm: Rohan Bay, Molly Fox

Romero: Natasha Uniewicz, Marcus Wong

Pallotti: Nicolina Ierino, Dwight Rowland

Salvado: Sammy Taylor, Rebecca Le Guier

Xavier:  Kayla Weekes, Ben Dunleavy

Sport:  Carla Drennan, Jackson Edgar

Ministry: Alea Go, Charli Lill

Communications:  Bridget Correia, Tyler Watson

Arts:  Corran O’Brien, Isabella Thexeira


Commencement Mass – Introduction of 2018 Prefect Vision

Good morning,

Last week, the 2018 Corpus Prefect Team gathered for the Prefect Camp over two days. After learning much about our own strengths and weakness as well as those of our team, we spent a long evening coming up with four core values that we all hold with high importance and a motto to encompass these. The Christlike values that we chose to be our core focus this year are:





From these values, the Prefect Team decided for our 2018 motto to be,

"Together we serve with pride, united we walk side by side."

These words and the values they encompass, will be what our Prefect Team will aim to act by throughout the year, and in turn encourage our students, teachers, parents and whole school community of Corpus to strive to live by, with Christ as our perfect model.

“Together we serve with pride”

The prefect team will aim to embody the vision of Christ Like Service. To us this means, being generous with our time, and being able to serve the community, through our houses, committees, Year Group and School with great Pride. For all of us as the graduating class of 2018, this motto sets the bar high for serving our college through sport, arts and ministry opportunities, and participating to our best abilities. The statement also means being proud of our school, being proud of our learning, being proud the achievements of ourselves and others. This therefore translates in the way we present ourselves, as an example to younger students, and the way we proudly represent our college in the wider community.

"United we walk side by side,"

Growing a sense of friendship and unity for the Prefect Team. It encompasses bringing each persons individuality together, to form a strong team, united and strengthened by the relationships within it. This is what we want to focus on and bring about in the Corpus community, by strengthening the relationships between all students, teachers and parents. This means walking beside and supporting each person at the college. It means investing in the needs of you, the students, and the wider community to its enrich unity and togetherness. We must strive to stand united and continue our final school journey side by side, so that together we can stand strong as a supportive school community and as the leaders of the school, to truly become role models for the rest of the college community.

The aim of setting a vision statement is to work towards it by the end of the year. We invite you, and the entire Corpus community to share in the vision: “together we serve with pride, United we walk side by side”. As we make use of the last but many opportunities this school has to offer us all, let us serve in whatever ways we can, raise our hand up and do our best. Let us also as a year group move forward through the rest of the year, United, inclusive and appreciate the successes and individuality of each other. Together, we can certainly look back on our time here at Corpus, and believe that the vision we set at the beginning of our final year, which you can all see up on the screen, was actually a vision that we all shared. And this will lead us through the year, our final year, as we pass on our values, by our own example, to the rest of the college community.

Liam & Jess.