Year 12 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Year 12 Award Winners, who are as follows:                                                                            

Geography ATAR Units 3/4:    Brendan Alvaro

Workplace Learning:       Zachary Barham

Outdoor Education ATAR Units 3/4:    Marc Bishop

Mathematics Essential General Units 3/4:    Luke Caifano

Certificate III Sport and Recreation:    Kirsten D'Cruz

Psychology ATAR Units 3/4:    Sarika D'Souza

Food Science and Technology General Units 3/4:    Cheyenne Davies

Materials Design and Technology: Textiles General Units 3/4:    Georgia Fay

Materials Design and Technology: Wood General Units 3/4:    Chritopher Fitzsimmons

Education Support Year 12:   Ewan Fowles

French Second Language ATAR Units 3/4:   Courtney Galluccio

Biology ATAR Units 3/4:   Dane Jameson-Jenzen

Economics ATAR Units 3/4:    Elish Lau

Design: Design Graphics General Units 3/4:    Breanna Letizia

English ATAR Units 3/4:   Tayla Morellini

Dance ATAR Units 3/4:   Vivianne  Moreno-Sanchez

Materials Design and Technology: Metal General Units 3/4:  Georgia  Munro

Visual Art General Units 3/4:    Niamh O'Meara

English General Units 3/4:    Angelo     Ravina

Italian Second Language ATAR Units 3/4:    Lila    Rodari

Certificate II Information, Digital Media and Technology: Emma Spadaro

Applied Information Technology ATAR Units 3/4:   Matthew Teo

Accounting and Finance ATAR Units 3/4:     Johanes Yacob

Outdoor Education General Units 3/4:    Tahlya Brown

Physical Education Studies General Units 3/4:    Tahlya  Brown

Indonesian Second Language ATAR Units 3/4:    Mitchell Garland

Music ATAR Units 3/4:    Mitchell Garland

Drama ATAR Units 3/4:    Peter Ho

Modern History ATAR Units 3/4:  Peter Ho

Mathematics Methods ATAR Units 3/4:    Christan Joseph

Mathematics Specialist ATAR Units 3/4:    Christan Joseph

Visual Art ATAR Units 3/4:    Rachel Raphael

Certificate II Business:    Rachel Raphael

Children, Family and Community General Units 3/4;    Nia Jones

Food Science and Technology General Units 3/4:    Nia Jones

Religion and Life General Units 3/4:    Nia Jones

Human Biology ATAR Units 3/4:    Brooke  McCoy

Mathematics Applications ATAR Units 3/4:    Brooke McCoy

Physical Education Studies ATAR Units 3/4:    Brooke McCoy

Chemistry ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes

Literature ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes

Physics ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes

Religion and Life ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes         

Arts Leadership:    Peter Ho

Sports Leadership:    Emma Zanoli

Christian Service:    Olivia Fuderer

Australian Super Excellence in VET:  Zachary Barham

Caltex All Rounder:  Kenith Png

College Dux Award General Course:    Tahlya     Brown

Proxime Accessit:    Christian    Joseph

College Dux:    Phoebe    Holmes         

Corpus Christi Medals:    Nina Brown,  Jack Dellaca, Olivia Fuderer, Mitchell Garland, Peter Ho, Phoebe Holmes, Elish Lau, Kenith Png, Ben Robless, Lila Rodari, Ashley Taylor, Brittany Wassell, Emma Zanoli.

Sequere Dominum: Mitchell  Garland & Ashley Taylor