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Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards:

On the 26th of August, the College was ably represented by three students at the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards. This year’s event was held in the auditorium at Joondalup Lakeside Baptist College, in Joondalup.

Olivia Notaro from Year 9 entered the evening dress that she had completed for her Year 9 Personal Project in the Evening Wear category. Olivia’s gown had a halter top and slim fitting skirt and was constructed from heavy quality black stretch velvet. To add drama, Olivia had embellished the dress with sparkling silver gems that stood out beautifully against the dark colour of the gown.

 Ella Waddy entered an edgy outfit in the Day Wear section, this was three pieces and consisted of dark tailored jeans topstitched in cobalt, a slim fitting crop top with an abstract black and cobalt design and was topped off with a black, stretch leather fully lined jacket that was accentuate with a chunky, asymmetrical silver zip.

Georgia Waddy represented the College in the Wearable Art section of the competition with a dress made from individual origami pieces. Her garment was very eye catching with a bright pink top and a purple skirt. She coordinated this with a crown style headpiece in pink and purple and a matching ribbon waistband. The pieces had to be folded and glued individually, a process that took Georgia almost a year to do. When finished the garment contained 2500 folded origami pieces and weighed four and a half kilograms. Georgia was selected to participate in the State Finals at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on the sixteenth of September.

On Behalf of the College, we wish to thank the girls for their commitment and participation in the Apex Teenage Fashion Awards in 2017.


Year 11 Children Family and Community

The Year 11 Children Family and Community class chose to donate to the Women & Infants Research Foundation and King Edward memorial Hospital. They produced beautiful tote bags which they then filled with homemade bath bombs, hand creams, newborn nappies, toiletries and baby items. They also donated fleece baby rugs and some small quilts to the Foundation. The goods were very much appreciated by the Foundation and the girls received a beautiful letter of thanks for their efforts.

Year 12 Children Family & Community

As part of their course, the Year 12 Children Family and Community class chose to support and donate goods to the students from Mulan this year.  Each girl in the class produced a large pencil case for a student at Mulan and then filled the pencil case with goods that they had purchased. The contents were friendship bracelets, school supplies and toiletries and the girls also produced a beanie to go with each bag. Their efforts we very much appreciated by the Mulan community and girls received some very positive feedback for their efforts.


In Third term the Year 12 Children, Family and Community class were required to complete a task on advocacy in action. This required them to identify a need in the community and to plan and implement a fundraising strategy to help support the need. After an inspiring talk by Ms Rachel Burke, our careers advisor, the girls decided to raise money for victims of domestic violence. They planned their strategy for fundraising, which included running several food stalls, made reusable fabric bags and then used the money to shop for personal care items to go in the bags, which were then donated to the shelter.