Speciality Group Photos

ACC Swimming.jpg

Late in term 3, a photo day for speciality group images were taken at Corpus. These images can be viewed and purchased at a unique website that is DIFFERENT to where you order the portraits online.

1. To place your Order online simply go to https://mspphotography.shootproof.com/

2. Click Specials, then select the album titled: Corpus Christi College -  Special Groups 2017
3. You will then be required to enter a password to view the Album. The password for this 2017COCH

4. Please ensure that you use your child’s name at the checkout

5. The first photo is a sample of the final product, please ignore the school name, this is just to show colour and layout

The online orders will be open until midnight on Sunday 29th of October 2017

The cost of each photo is $20 and these will be delivered to the school BY CLASS GROUP (not Year).

Please note that the $20 pricing will expire after 3 weeks. The photos will remain online but after this time, images can still be ordered online on a reorder basis at a cost of $35 per image.

If you have any queries please contact MSP Photography on 9240 8000 or via email on ordering.perth@msp.com.au