Middle School e-News 15


We are very much looking forward to welcoming the Year 6’s as part of their transition into Corpus Christi College in 2018 on Tuesday the 24th October.

Thank you to the Arts Learning Area for planning the delivery of an action-packed day. 


Congratulations to the recipients of the Endeavour Awards that were presented by Mr Italiano in our Year Group Assembly.  It was excellent to see such a large portion of our cohort receiving these accolades.  Thank you to the large turnout of parents who attended to show their support, it is encouraging to see such substantial numbers of proud parents.

At this stage in the term I would like to encourage parents to work with our Students to revisit their Smart Goals in SEQTA, this is one strategy to help ensure continued progression in our students studies.  As we enter the last portion of the school year, it is hugely important that we have a continued push towards the achievement of the targets that students have set. 


In the coming weeks, Year 8 and Year 9 students will engage in Pastoral Sessions (Weeks 3 and 6) focussing on Careers. 

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* The aim of sessions is for students to explore websites and find out more about what occupations interest them.

* Students will work through their own ‘My Brilliant Career Plan’


Creativity is the ability to generate and communicate original ideas and appreciate the nature of beauty. It fosters imagination and innovation.

We inspire creativity when we encourage young people to express themselves through writing, poetry, acting, photography, art, digital media, unstructured play, etc. When we notice and praise them for thinking outside the box and taking risks, their imaginations blossom.

Can we learn to be smarter and more creative?


In coming weeks the Years 7 to 9 have will have the opportunity to step up and take the courageous leap of nominating for Student Leadership for 2018.

The positions of House Representative, Ministry Representative, Sports Representative, Arts Representative and Communications Representative are all open to those who wish to step up and be part of a community of Student Leaders intent on continuing the great things happening at Corpus as well as to work to improve our community. Details of how positions are allocated will soon be available on the Year 7, 8 and 9 Portals.

The preferential voting system will be used to allow the Year 7’s and 8’s to demonstrate their civic duty, which complements the Humanities Civics programme currently being undertaken.

The students nominating for Committee positions in the areas of Ministry, Sports, Arts or Communications will have the opportunity to attend an interview and explain why they believe they are the best person for the representative position. 

All students who consider these leadership opportunities are to be commended for their willingness to support the College and offer service to their peers.