Year 8 Pastoral Session

Murdoch University visited the College in Week six to speak to all of the Year 8 students about the concept of Career Development. Year 8 students were introduced to basic career planning information at the beginning of Term 3 and the visit from Murdoch University consolidated this and gave students a real world connection to where their future decisions may lead them. 

Students were given an introduction to the process of gaining self-awareness and identifying areas of interest, strengths and values. Three young Student Ambassadors currently studying at the University, spoke to students about their own career journey and how they chose their area of study. 

Through these speakers, students gained an insight into studying the areas of Law, Biological and Forensic Science, and Creative Arts (Music and Gaming) and the decision making process involved in students reach their decision to choose to pursue these careers. 

Career Development education at Corpus Christi College aims to provide each student with age appropriate and relevant information to incrementally build upon and prepare for decision making, following secondary education.