United Nations Day

On Friday November 18th, all Year 8 students participated in the annual United Nations Conference.

Students were asked to provide food (from their selected country) for a randomly chosen partner to enjoy on the day. Students were required to conduct some research on their partner s country, find a connection and include a brief note addressed to their partner that discusses the significance of the lunch, for example – This lunch represents a peace offering or this lunch is to apologise for my countries past treatment of your country.

Students got into the spirit of the day by dressing up as the delegate from a country that they are representing. The Year 8 s should be commended for their attitude, participation and behaviour on the day.

Students debated a series of motions relating to relevant topics such as global warming, poverty, nuclear weapons, refugees and international terrorism. They also argued whether the United Nations was a success or failure and discussed which sustainable development goal the United Nations should primarily focus on. A broad range of significant issues of global importance arose throughout the day.

It was highly pleasing to see so many students enthusiastically stating their countries position on a number of issues and stridently defending their stance.  United Nations Day provides an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge of current affairs, become more environmentally and culturally aware, develop empathy, consider different perspectives, improve their problem solving ability, listen actively, think critically and communicate effectively. These are all traits that relate specifically to the Corpus Christi College learner profile. The ability to think critically, communicate effectively and consider different perspectives is becoming increasingly important in today’s ever-changing world.

  Without the hard work and energy of Humanities staff, memorable days like these don t happen. I would like to thank all Humanities staff who took part in United Nations Day. It is a tiring day for staff but well worth the effort.