Dance News

The Year 10 Curriculum Dance students recently sat their Practical Dance Exams, as a culmination of their hard work in Dance this semester. This exam was particularly pleasing, with excellent marks across the cohort, with a third achieving above 80%. These results reflect the dedicated and disciplined practice of all the students. This practical exam follows a group choreographic task where the students devised and performed original choreography in response to a popular faerie tale. 

This assessment also was an opportunity for the Year 9 Media students to come and photograph the Year 10s, as a way of having a cross-curricular focus for the Arts. Every group which presented demonstrated a high level of thinking and development, and these skills are ones they can continue to use in the years to come. 

These recent assessments have not only given the students an opportunity to shine, but has renewed my sense of vigour as I prepare to teach the Year 11 ATAR Dance cohort in 2017, and they work towards becoming fully realised artists and creative thinkers of the future.