ANZAC DAY Commemoration


On Tuesday 21 April, the College commemorated and reflected upon the significant event in our nation’s history, ANZAC Day, this year being the centenary of the beginning of conflict of this historical Great War. ANZAC Day is solemnly and traditionally celebrated on 25th April. As a College community, we paused to honour all Australians who are serving, and have served, in theatres of conflict in many parts of the world. Our ANZAC Day service reminds us to stop and pray for peace – peace in our world, peace among people in our own country, peace in our families, and peace in our own hearts. We know that war brings sadness, grief and death.

In true Corpus Christi College spirit, and continuing in celebration of the Easter season we rejoice as a community in the new life of Jesus Christ and the peace and hope he offers us. We thank God for this treasured land of ours, Australia. In reflection, we remember the ANZAC soldiers who sought to uphold the value of freedom and who fought to protect our country. We are reminded by the amazing place we call home and to be inspired by the efforts of the servicemen who sacrificed their lives for us and to strive for peace in all we do daily.