Corpus Running Club

At 7.30am on Wednesday and Friday mornings, over 100 Corpus running club members embark on a journey at Piney Lakes. With the upcoming cross country carnival, this is a great opportunity for students to work on technique and endurance as well as improve on health and fitness. As an added reward, runners are treated to a delicious breakfast. Special thanks to the run club coaches and the cafeteria staff for all they contribute. 

Corpus students keeping an eye on science

This week some Year 9 Science classes dissected a cow’s eye. Students have been learning about light and therefore enjoyed the opportunity to dissect a real eye. In particular, they were fascinated with the lens of the eye which they could see through. A fun hands-on lesson!

National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence: 16 March

Corpus Christi College is at the forefront of adopting measures to ensure our students are safe whilst at school through a range of measures to educate students about digital citizenship, and our efforts to stamp out cyberbullying. There have been recent media reports of schools introducing online reporting systems which we have had in place for 5 years. We continually invite our community to take action against bullying in all its forms.

Ahead of the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on March 16, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has written to school principals across the country in a bid to tackle bullying and violence.

Staff at Corpus Christi believe all students have the right to be safe, and that bullying and violence has no place at the College. We have taken a clear stand on this issue.

I need the help of staff and our parent community to ensure we stamp out bullying. We can only do this if students are empowered to stand up to bullies, to know that bystanders have an important part to play to stamp out bullying at the College. Homeroom teachers have facilitated a process to discuss various issues surrounding bullying and what to do in the event they witness any behaviour from a fellow student which is of concern.

The Prime Minister said more than 2300 schools had registered as official National Day of Action schools, with more than one million students committed to take a stand. Corpus Christi is one of the registered schools.

For me, it isn’t about taking one day of action, but that we continually address this issue which can do harm to our students. Corpus Christi is known for our pastoral care program – we work hard to ensure we continue this positive reputation in our community.

Corpus has been a registered e-Smart school since 2012. This means ‘we have a comprehensive approach for managing cybersafety and dealing with bullying and cyberbullying in our school’ according to the national foundation which registers schools.


Corpus Christi College has also had an online reporting system called Corpus ‘Concerns’ available on the Student Portal since 2011.

Corpus Concern.png

Every week, Heads of Year investigate reports made to them regarding cyberbullying. At the most serious end, if students ‘press the red button’ they are provided with the following information with a request for a first name (surname is not required), an email contact, and a brief description of the concern:


Urgent, you need Help Now! It's time sensitive and you need help figuring out what to do next.


A friend in your Year 9 class has been sexting with an adult, you haven't seen the pictures but they've told you they're planning on meeting up with them tonight.


It concerns something illegal or a serial and immediate threat of danger. During school hours we will directly contact you and possibly the person(s) to try and help. Outside of school hours, please speak to a trusted adult or call Police 131 444 or Lifeline (Crisis Support) 131 114.

At the lowest level, students are asked the question, ‘Are you seeing something that you’re not sure is ok? You’ve seen it and you want it to stop. You don’t feel comfortable confronting the persons involved’. Our response: ‘We will verify that the incident has occurred, check the level of damage and then decide what action needs to be followed’.

We will always address matters that come to our attention in a sensitive and considered approach consistent with our Pastoral Care, Managing Student Behaviour and ICT related policies.

Corpus Christi Open Day.

On Wednesday 14 March, many families braved the weather to attend the first open day of the year. Greeted by a flute ensemble, families engaged in an informative presentation from the College Principal, Caroline Payne, and Deputy Principal Frank Italiano, followed by a Q & A session with students. Next families were taken on a tour of the College by Corpus students, explaining the history and use of the facilities, and finally, everyone was treated to a delicious morning tea while various solo pieces and ensembles delighted the crowd with their musical talents.

Corpus Christi will be hosting another open day on Monday 26 March. If you, or anyone you know is interested in coming along, please register at


From The Principal


Dear Parents

At the whole school assembly held recently, on behalf of the College, I was very pleased to receive a Silver Maths Active School award for 2018 from Rachael Whitney-Smith, Executive Officer of the Mathematics Association of WA, in recognition of the work our Mathematics Department under the leadership of Ms Daisy Como are currently undertaking to actively extend students and teachers beyond the normal maths classroom. We continue to strive towards our vision by encouraging students and teachers to engage as critical thinkers, promoting an enjoyment of maths, and by offering many opportunities for students to flourish.

Our first mathematics competition of the year commences this week – the Have Sum Fun competition. This involves teams of Years 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 students who compete in a quiz night format to solve challenging mathematics problems.

The College will celebrate Pi Day in Maths lessons next Wednesday 14 March. Our students have been challenged to beat last year’s champions who managed to recite Pi correct to 116 decimal places, quite a feat!

Year 8s will also commence their Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) project next week across their Mathematics, Science and Technology lessons. The question for next week is ‘Will it fly?’, with students encouraged to explore different kite shapes, angles and areas during their classes.

We are also excited to launch a Mathematics Problem Solving Club – commencing next Monday 11 March at lunch time in S03. Everyone is invited to come along with their lunch and have some fun solving problems!

With Rice Bowl Day to raise funds for Project Compassion and the fun ‘chilli eating competition’, preparations for the Inter-School A Division Swimming Competition, our Year 7 to 10 students involved in the Southern Associated Schools (SAS) Sporting Association summer sport competition amongst other sporting opportunities, and a range of arts workshops held before and after-school, the holistic education program we provide all our students is alive and well.

Best wishes and God bless

Mrs Caroline Payne


Corpus Students awarded scholarships

Corpus Christi College students are excelling in Trades courses and have been recognised by industry and awarded scholarships. Students competed with others in the region for select positions that provide complimentary tuition and equipment.  The scholarships in Building and Construction, Electrotechnology and Plumbing are funded by the Construction Training Fund. Nationally accredited training is provided by SkillHire, College of Electrical Training and Master Plumbers’ Association. Students benefit from gaining qualifications that count towards the WA Certificate of Education. Congratulations to our scholarship winners!

Elliot Staddon – Skill Hire – Building and Construction

Connor Chiarelli and Ronan McGrath – College of Electrical Training – Electrotechnology

Riley Coleman and Charlie Laurendi – Master Plumbers’ Association – Plumbing

Maths Active School Accreditation

This week Rachael Whitney-Smith, Executive Officer of the Mathematics Association of WA, presented Corpus Christi College with a Silver Maths Active School Accreditation for 2018. The Maths Active School programme allows schools to demonstrate that the school is actively extending their students and teachers beyond the normal mathematics classroom.

Led by Ms Daisy Coma, the Mathematics Learning Area encourages students and teachers alike to engage in critical thinking and problem solving with the hope that they will extend themselves and find enjoyment whilst doing so.

Upcoming opportunities for students include:

  • MAWA’s Have Sum Fun Competition, where teams of Years 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 students will compete in a quiz night format to solve challenging maths problems.
  • Pi Day in Maths lessons on Wednesday 14 March. Last year’s champions managed to recite pi correct to 116 decimal places!
  • STEM projects for Year 8s will commence across Maths, Science and Technology lessons, with this year’s question of “Will it fly?” prompting students to explore different kite shapes, angles and areas.
  • Maths Problem Solving Club – a new initiative commencing Monday 12 March. All students are invited to bring their lunch and problem-solve!

With these initiatives, the College will be sure to ‘multiply’ its success and enthusiasm for this core discipline and essential life skillset!

Congratulations Taylor!

Taylor Kroyer has won the Female Youth (15-16) division at the 2017-2018 Australian Youth and Junior Triathlon Series with an impressive final round performance, completing a trifecta of wins in the series and also securing the Australian Youth Championships national title with her points tally.

Held in Perth on the Labour Day weekend, the final round comprised of a 350m swim, 12km bike ride and 2.5km run. Taylor’s dominance in the series, which was staged over the course of three months, culminated in a seven point lead over her nearest competition from Queensland.

A Year 10 student at Corpus Christi, Taylor manages to balance school with her training regime and competition schedule. Asked about her success, Taylor said ‘as much of triathlon is an individual sport, there are many people who have helped me get to where I am. My coach Steven Gleeson has helped me so much in my training and preparation for all of my races. My triathlon club Breakyourlimits, has opened me up to so many amazing opportunities. My teammates push me at every training session and together we create amazing memories. My swim coach Brian Kempson has given up his time to push me in early morning sessions. My parents are extremely supportive and push me to strive for my goals. Without the help of all these people, I wouldn’t be able to have achieved this level of success.’

James Howard, Sports Coordinator, at Corpus added that ‘Taylor is such a hard-working and focussed young lady. She puts up her hand to represent the College whenever her hectic schedule allows. She goes about everything in a polite and unassuming way. Taylor is super athlete with a wonderful attitude and we are proud to call her one of our own’

 Next season, Taylor will compete in the Female Junior (17-19) division of the competition.

Rice Bowl Day

Rice Bowl Day is a great opportunity for both Staff and Students to become aware of the inequalities in our world. It is a day where the canteen sells only rice in an effort to allow us a very small glimpse into the life of many of our brothers and sisters who eat just that- one bowl of rice- every day. This year the Ministry Team with the assistance of many Staff and Students organised two events aimed at raising more funds that went towards Caritas. At recess, we held a chilli and rice eating competition where six teachers volunteered to take up the challenge to eat chillies. Students gathered in large numbers to cheer for their favourite teacher. The atmosphere was wonderful to witness. Thanks to Mr Connery, Mr Italiano, Mr Royall, Ms Johnson, Ms Lavelle, Miss Johnson and Mrs Laboudeuse for participating wholeheartedly. At Lunch, we had a ‘eat rice with chopsticks’ competition which was also a great success with students from all year levels competing to be the quickest to eat their rice. It was a great community event and the Ministry team is very grateful to all who participated and assisted.

Space Camp Information Night

On Thursday evening students from Corpus Christi College and John XXlll College who are attending Space Camp USA in April had a unique learning experience in the Library. The Reverend Hollis Wilson, now Chaplain at MLC College, was an engineer for ten years working on the Space Shuttle Program in USA. He gave a fascinating presentation about the Shuttle Program, explaining the construction of the Shuttle and some of the subtler intricacies of the program. Staff, students and parents were spellbound and had many, many questions. Reverend Wilson’s talk was followed by an introduction to our new VR program designed by Anthony Hermawan. Assisted by Aaron Thomas, Anthony was able to give students, their parents and teachers a glimpse of the extraordinary potential of VR. He has designed a unique space experience for students to travel from the Corpus Christi College Space Ship to the Moon. With accurate detail about space, this gives students a rich, interactive learning experience.

eNews 1 - 2018


From the Principal

Dear Parents

The first week at the College commenced with the College Ball for our Year 12 students held before school commenced at the Rendezvous Ball Room in Scarborough. The students looked resplendent and danced for most of the night to what was a good start to their year....

Middle School News

Welcome to 2018

To all of our new and existing families, welcome and thank you for being a part of the Corpus Christi College community. Thank you and well done on a terrific start to the year.

As the new school begins it is really important that students take every....

Senior School News

2017 WACE High flyers

At the College Assembly last Thursday we acknowledged our high achieving graduating students from 2017. It was wonderful to acknowledge these students in-front of the College community. Congratulations to all the students on their wonderful achievements.

Extra Curricular Drama Classes

Reflecting the strong interest in all things Drama and Performing Arts at Corpus Christi College, students now have the opportunity to undertake extra-curricular Drama classes for eight weeks at an affordable cost. Both the Stage Make-up and Stage Combat classes started in Week 2, giving students the chance to receive expert tuition from external professionals.

In Stage Combat, students will learn theatrical techniques for rolling, falling, slapping, punching, grappling, and swordplay, amongst other grips and stances. These performance and illusion techniques are handy skills to have for many productions, helping create convincing, dynamic scenes on the stage. Students will also learn the safety protocols involved in staging these combat scenes.

In Stage Make-up, students will learn theatrical make-up in Term 1, with sessions based on recreating character make-up from famous productions such as Wicked, Sweeney Todd, Grease and the Lion King. In learning how to use industry-specific cosmetics and the application techniques best suited for these materials, students will be equipped to transform actors and actresses into stage-ready characters. Styled hair and embellishments will complete the looks. Term 2 will see students extend their skills into special effects, with the creation of wounds, bruises, burns and blood!

With each set of classes already at their maximum, there is now a waiting list to participate. Students are encouraged to express their interest with the Arts Learning Area if they would like to join the waiting list.

The future of Drama at the College is in excellent hands – we can expect cast and crew to be superbly costumed for many years to come.


Indonesian Exchange Student Hosting 2018


After a very successful first exchange visit from our sister school in East Java, Kolese Santo Yusup, we are delighted that they will be visiting us again this term in Weeks 7 to 9 (15 to 29 March).  This year will see an exciting two-way exchange as our Tour to Indonesia will depart on 14 April, and we will visit them in return. The most meaningful exchange partnerships involve students experiencing life in local families, which has extraordinary benefits for everyone.  An added benefit is that it has the effect of significantly reducing the cost of Tours for participants. 

Previous host families have attested that hosting an exchange student is a lot of fun.  We are fortunate to have a wonderful city to show students around, and nothing is more rewarding than rediscovering the joys of Perth in the company of a visitor and sharing everyday life with them.  As a host family, you will be instrumental in providing the experience of a lifetime to a young person who will never forget your hospitality and the experience that he/she has had in Perth.

We are looking for hosts for 9 girls and 3 boys aged 16/17, and 4 students (genders as yet unknown) aged 13/14.  The age of hosts is not important and does not necessarily need to match that of the visitor.  While ideally the host student will be studying Indonesian at school, this is also not a requirement.

Host families need to provide a shared or single room, meals, transport to school and some experiences in and around Perth.  The College will also organise a schedule of visits and excursions to ensure our visitors have the best possible time here.

To express interest in this opportunity, please complete the questionnaire at

Terima kasih!

Sue Cooper

Indonesian Teacher

Art Club - Term 2

Art Club - Basket Weaving - Final[1].jpg


Visual Art Extra-curricular program – Expression of Interest 2018

The Visual Arts team is excited to announce that part of Art Club this year we will be offering the unique and special opportunity for 15 students to participate in a Women’s Business Weaving Workshop, run by the very experienced and talented Lea Taylor.

During the workshops Lea will have conversations around Aboriginal culture and she will bring along various artefacts, including Yandi Kirli, tapping sticks, message sticks and demonstrate/trach string making with natural fibres (raffia)


o All materials will be included in the total cost.

o Payment before lessons commence is required.

o Minimum of 15 students will be required, before lessons can go ahead.

o Light afternoon tea will be provided.

o Classes will take place at the Art Rooms.

o Wednesday afternoon from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Commencing Week 2 Term 2.

o Parent are responsible for the transportation to and from the college.

o Cost per term will be $60.00 per term, per student.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete the attached form and return to Mrs Hunt in the Arts Administration Office by Friday 23rd February 2018. Once expressions of interest are returned we will contact you with further details, including permission slips and payment details if you then decide to be part of this program.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact Michelle Hunt – or myself –

Kind Regards,

Julie Pannell

Visual Arts Teacher

P & F News

Welcome to 2018!

On Wednesday 7th February at the P&F AGM, the P&F committee for 2018 was voted into the following positions -
President- Sandra Fedele
Treasurer- Shelley Hill
Secretary- Silvana Cohen
P&F Board Rep- Kate Trainor

Our first P&F meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th March at 7pm.  We only meet once a term. We look forward to seeing many parents there to help decide where our funds will be spent as well as be part of the Corpus parent community.

A few notices to bring to your attention include the following
- the Year 7 parent sundowner is to be rescheduled for a later date so please keep an eye out for the new date and time announcement.
-We welcome parent volunteers for school events. You only need nominate to help at 1 event only (of course if you wish to help at more events, we would welcome that too). The link to electronic fill in the form is (here)
If you have been handed out a paper version at welcome nights, please fill in this attached version as well.

All P&F information is available on the P&F portal where you can see the minutes of previous meetings as well as upcoming event dates as well.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

P&F Committee 2018

From The Principal - eNews 1


Dear Parents

The first week at the College commenced with the College Ball for our Year 12 students held before school commenced at the Rendezvous Ball Room in Scarborough. The students looked resplendent and danced for most of the night to what was a good start to their year. I take this opportunity to congratulate the 2018 graduating class on a fine start to the year, which continued into the first week where the majority of students commenced their academic studies well into their Year 12 courses, having already completing five weeks of their courses in 2017.

College Head Girl Jessica DeFreitas Basilio and Head Boy Liam Rego addressed the College at the Whole School Assembly on Thursday, where we also recognised our high achievers from the Class of 2017 along with their parents, who were also our guests at morning tea.

Jess and Liam delivered an uplifting speech, showing they will be excellent role models for our student community. The speech was an excellent ‘launch pad’ for the 2018 academic year, and was as follows:

‘At the end of last year, the Year 12 Prefects gathered for a Camp over two days. We spent a long evening coming up with four core values that we all hold with high importance and a motto to encompass these. The values that we chose to be our core focus this year are: Service, Unity, Pride and Individuality. From these values, the Prefect Team decided our 2018 motto was to be “Together we serve with pride, united we walk side by side

These words and the values they encompass, will be what our Prefect Team will aim to represent throughout the year, and in turn, encourage our students, teachers, parents and whole school community of Corpus to strive to live by, with Christ as our perfect model.

Together we serve with pride”. The Prefect team will aim to embody the vision of Christ-like service. To us this means being generous with our time and talents, and being able to serve the community through our Houses, committees, Year Group and College with great pride.

This motto sets the bar high for serving our college through sports, arts and ministry

opportunities, and participating as much as possible to our best abilities. Serving our Homerooms through carnivals and exciting activities, and serving our fellow students and staff with respect and a willingness to help.

The statement also means being proud of our school, being proud of our learning, and being proud of our achievements and those of other students. Therefore, this translates in the way we present ourselves, and the way we proudly represent our College in the wider community.

"United we walk side by side," means a sense of friendship and unity for the college.

It encompasses bringing each person’s individuality together, to form a strong team, united and strengthened by the relationships within it. This is what we want to focus on and bring about in the Corpus community, by strengthening the relationships between all students, teachers and parents. This means walking beside and supporting each person at the college. It means investing in the needs of you, the students, and the wider community to enrich unity and togetherness as important values. By working well with others in our small year group and also participating together with the whole school as part of the Corpus Christi community, we may bring our individual talents towards a united school body.

The aim of setting a vision statement is to work towards it by the end of the year.

We invite you, and the entire Corpus community to share our vision.

As we make use of the many opportunities this school has to offer us all, let us serve in whatever ways we can, by saying ‘Yes!’ to opportunities, and then striving to do our best. Let us also as a College, move forward through the rest of the year, appreciate the successes and achievements of each other. We hope that you can share in the vision “Together we serve with pride, United we walk side by side”, and look forward to a fabulous 2018.’

I couldn’t have said it any better!

At the Community Meeting held last Wednesday, the AGM of the Board and P&F, the Board Chair Mr Greg LeGuier, and Cazz Gould, Chair of the P&F, delivered their Annual Reports, whilst member of the Finance Committee Darren Cutri, presented the 2018 budget on behalf of last year’s Chair, Russell Hardwick.

During the night members of both groups were elected. The newly elected P&F committee is as follows:

Chair:              Sandra Fedele

Treasurer:       Shelley Hill

Secretary:       Silvana Cohen

P&F Rep on the Board: Kate Trainor

Please watch out for communications from your P&F inviting your participation in one of the sub-committees during the year. Their next meeting will be held on 20 March in the College Staffroom above the Administration building.

Congratulations also to our newly elected Board members for 2018:

·            Patrick Bovet

·            Jayson Livingstone

·            Brad Pyrmont

·            Adrienne Wehr

They will join Greg LeGuier, Antonia Girardi, Domenic Santini, Karl Videmanis, Jens Radanovic and P&F representative, Kate Trainor.

I look forward to seeing many parents at the Community Mass held on Tuesday 20 February 6.00pm in front of the Sadler Centre, a compulsory gathering for all students. Its purpose is to welcome new students, families and staff to the College, and reminds us of our mission as a Catholic school in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, to evangelise our community. All are welcome!

Best wishes and God bless

Mrs Caroline Payne



Senior School eNews

pexels-photo-433452 (2).jpeg


At the College Assembly last Thursday we acknowledged our high achieving graduating students from 2017. It was wonderful to acknowledge these students in-front of the College community. Congratulations to all the students on their wonderful achievements.


Certificates of Excellence are awarded to eligible students who are in the top 0.5 per cent of candidates based on the examination mark or the top two

candidates (whichever is greater) in an ATAR course.

 Johanes Yacob – Accounting and Finance

99 Club

In 2010 the College has introduced the 99 Club to recognise the outstanding achievements of students who attain an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank of 99 or above. This is calculated on the students four best scoring WACE examination courses – to achieve an ATAR of 99 students need to attain an average final scaled score of 90% in each of their courses.

Students attaining an ATAR of 99 or greater have their names added to the 99 club Honour Board.

In 2017, our 99 Club inductees are:

Christian Joseph

Phoebe Holmes

Certificates of Distinction

 The School Curriculum and Standards Authority awards Certificates of Distinction to eligible students who in their last three consecutive years of senior secondary WACE enrolment, achieved 190–200 points.

The points are accrued from 20 Year 11 and Year 12 units of which 10 are at Year 12.

Maddison Abonnel

Claire Coten

Sarika D’Souza

Alex Di Rosso

Annika Clarke 

Maharny Driver

Dimitrie Damos

Phoebe Holmes

Amy Iannantuoni

Christian Joseph 

Jack Maguire 

Brooke McCoy

Tayla Morellini

Vivianne Moreno Sanchez

Michael Oversby

Lila Rodari

Jacqueline Soraine

Ashley Taylor 

Stephen Thornett

Brittany Wassell

Johanes Yacob


Middle School eNews 1

Welcome to 2018

To all of our new and existing families, welcome and thank you for being a part of the Corpus Christi College community. Thank you and well done on a terrific start to the year.

As the new school begins it is really important that students take every opportunity to perform to the best of their ability in every aspect of College life. Be it in the classroom or on the playing field, it is always important to be consistently giving your best. Being well prepared and trying to always perform to capacity is the only way to ensure a really solid foundation to support future activities. Organisation for class, participation in-class and completion of assigned tasks should never be an afterthought, but the main focus of a school day.

Please note the following compulsory events coming up:

·       Community Mass Tuesday 20 February 6.00pm – College Oval

·       Inter-house Swimming Carnival Thursday 22 February – HBF Stadium

·       Inter-house Cross Country Friday 6 April

Important Dates


Term 1 begins:   

Teachers commence:             Staff Days Monday 29 January and Tuesday 30 January

Wednesday 31 February:       Years 7, 11 and 12 Students commence

Thursday 1 February:             Years 8, 9 and 10 Students commence

Term 1 ends:                         Friday 13 April

Term 2:                                   Tuesday 1 May – Friday 29 June



Term 3:                                 Tuesday 17 July – Friday 21 September

Term 4 begins:                     Monday 8 October

Term 4 ends:                         Friday 19 October:              Year 12 Students

                                              Friday 30 November:          Year 11 Students

                                              Monday 3 December:          Year 10 Students

                                              Thursday 6 December:        Year 7, 8 and 9 Students

                                              Friday 14 December:            Staff


College Calendar

Please refer to the College Website and Calendar for the most up to date details. Details in the College Diary may change.


College Leadership Team

Caroline  Payne                Principal

Karen Prendergast            Vice Principal

Jim Elliott                          Deputy Principal – Student Ministry

Frank Italiano                    Deputy Principal – Middle School

Damian Scali                      Acting Deputy Principal - Senior School

Sharon Carmichael             Business Manager


Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team is one of the key groups within the College.  Its mission is to focus on the wellbeing and pastoral care of students.  The Pastoral Council is chaired by Mr Jim Elliott.  Other members of the Pastoral Council include:

Mark Barron                                                                         Head of Year 7

Simon Messer                                                                     Head of Year 8

Yvette Pearce                                                                      Head of Year 9


Middle School Parent Information Evenings Invitation

Parent Information Evenings are designed to brief parents regarding matters relevant to a particular Year group, whether related to the academic programme, study and homework, digital learning advice or social activities, to name but a few. Further details will be provided by Heads of Year, but please note these dates in your calendars:

Tuesday 6 February Year 7 Parents Information Evening - 6.00pm Sadler Centre

Thursday 1 March Year 9 Parents Information Evening - 6.00pm Sadler Centre

Monday 19 February Year 8 Parents Information Evening - 6.00pm Sadler Centre


Parent Communication Guidelines

Parents are welcome to make contact with the College to discuss progress or issues at any time. It is important that parents contact the relevant staff member when making contact with the College. The flow chart below outlines the order in which staff at the College should be contacted.

Parents should start at the beginning of the chart and then proceed to the next level, if the matter is not resolved to their satisfaction. Alternatively, the staff member may pass the matter onto the next level should they be unable to respond to questions raised by parents.


 Academic Excellence: Testing and Personalised Learning

 During weeks one to three, all Year seven students will be undertaking a range of tests that include the Progressive Achievement Test in Mathematics (PAT-M), Progressive Achievement Test in Reading (PAT-R) and the Middle Years Ability Test (MYAT).

Most Year 8 and 9 students completed all the testing at the end of 2017. Students who missed any of the above-mentioned tests will sit these in the next couple of weeks.

Data is being collected and will be processed in the coming weeks. The data is used by Heads of Year and classroom teachers to inform teaching and learning programs as well as personalising the learning for individual students.

In addition, this data together with additional information from primary school reports, parent nominations and teacher nominations will lead to the identification of students that will take part in the Academic Excellence Program of the College. Parents will be notified if their son or daughter has met the criteria. If you have any questions or would like to nominate your child for the program, please contact Mrs Carvalho on

Filipa Carvalho
Head of Academic Excellence


Corpus Christi College Learner Profile Years 7-12

 ·         The Corpus Christi College Learner Profile is made up of 8 attributes or common outcomes which are deemed to be essential for success in the 21st century and for an ever-changing world.

·         The Corpus Christi College Learner Profile supports the Catholic ethos of the College and its holistic approach to the individual in and beyond the classroom.

·         The Corpus Christi College Learner Profile is designed so that students can become       successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

·         The Corpus Christi College Learner Profile attributes will specify how students can become effective contributors to the local, national and global society.

Learner Profiles.png


Top 5 questions parents can ask their children


Acceptable Footwear – House Uniform and Physical Education Uniform

Health and Physical Education staff have always taught the importance of adequate
support, stability and cushioning in runners or sports shoes rather than leisure/street
shoes. Ideally, students should wear a sports shoe that is rigid in the heel, bends at
the bottom like toes are naturally designed to and a shoe that is not easily twisted.

To ensure adequate duty of care, the College provides the following clarity of
information with regards what shoes are not acceptable with House uniform (e.g.
Fridays) and Physical Education uniform.

Sports shoes must be lace up with non-marking soles. NO CANVAS, DUNLOP
VOLLEYS OR VANS are permitted.

Therefore, the following are not acceptable with house uniform (e.g. Fridays) nor in
PE classes.

               NO CANVAS SLIP ONS


              NO VANS

high tops.png


As a Catholic school, we also urge students not to be persuaded by expensive
products which do not provide the support necessary. If there is a doubt as to
whether certain footwear is acceptable, students should seek advice from Health and
Physical Education staff

 Year 7

Congratulations to Year 7 for an amazing start to the year.  Every student has wholeheartedly thrown themselves into the Corpus Christi experience with great resilience and enthusiasm.  It is fantastic to see students settling so well with behaviour and attitude being exemplary from the outset.

After a busy start to the year concluding with the Quest Retreat breakfast and guard of honour on Wednesday of Week Two. Students are now well prepared for learning as they begin to engage with our teaching programs.  I have been carrying out learning walks this week and the students attitude to learning is superb.

Thank you to parents for the high attendance at our information evening , I have placed a link to the presentations used on our Year 7 Portal that can be accessed through SEQTA.  In addition, I have received a few queries this week relating to extra-curricular sport, the sport calendar can be also accessed through SEQTA using the Sportal.

I am very much looking forward to working with you and your children over the course of this year and would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to make contact with Homeroom Teachers, or myself if you have any concerns our queries.


Below are some key Year 7 Dates to be aware of in our calendar:

Year 7 Parent Information Evening -  6:00pm Tuesday 6 February.

Year 7 Swim Trials – Friday 9 February.

Inter-house Swimming Carnival - Thursday 22 February.


Year 7 Quest Retreat 2018

A central part of our faith is the quest for all of us to serve others. This is very much the theme of the Quest Retreat which provides a wonderful way for our Year 7 students to begin the year and experience a special part of the culture of our Corpus Christi College.

We are very proud of the Senior School Quest Ministers and Cadre Leaders who work so well with the Year 7 students.

A special thank you to Mrs Judy Coelho and Ms Katrina Thomas for their coordination of this Retreat Program in 2017 and 2018. They have been ably supported by staff, parents and a large number of students. The Quest Retreat is a fitting way to commence Secondary School for the Year 7 students. New friendships are made, Corpus Christi College connects to our local community

Mark Baron
Head of Year 7


Year 8

It was great to see the Year 8 students excitedly meet at their lockers at the start of the school year. They met their homeroom teachers who helped with their organisation for the first few days. Students demonstrated Christlike behaviour by sitting quietly through the whole school assembly, followed by a Year Assembly.

The students were reminded of the expectations of being a Corpus Christi College student and were informed of some key dates this term such as:

  • Community Mass Tuesday 20 February 6.00pm on the College oval an

§   A Compulsory Event - attending training sessions or trials is not an adequate reason

       for not attending

  • Pastoral periods week 3, 6 and 9
  • Inter-house Swimming Carnival Thursday 22 February.

 Simon Messer
Head of Year 8


Year 9

 Year 9 has started with the usual hive of busy activity that each new year brings and the Year 9 students have been challenged to ‘Catch their dreams’, take opportunities and engage in as much as they can at Corpus in Year 9!

2018 is the year for the Year 9’s to focus on developing their strengths with the culmination of the Personal Project.

Expectations have been reiterated once again and I ask parents to work with the College and myself in ensuring that the Year 9’s present themselves to the best of their ability and seek guidance and assistance where needed.

Two goals for 2018:

“Every day is another opportunity to start again and be better.” Misty Copeland and “GRIT - passion and perseverance” Angela Lee Duckworth.

We are going to focus on starting anew each day and taking every opportunity to be better and approach each new challenge with GRIT! One way for the students to demonstrate their passion and move to be better is through attendance at the Community Mass on Tuesday 20 February. I look forward to seeing you all there and the beginning of our Year 9 journey together.

Yvette Pearce
Head of Year 9



The Corpus Christi College cafeteria in the Mater Christi Centre is a state of the art facility has been built with several things in mind. Ease of service, a cashless system and one which continues to promote a wide range of healthy and nutritious food and drinks.

There are two options for payment, cashless using your Smartrider card (preferred) or cash.

Students enter the cafe, make a selection of food, beverage or snack whilst inside, then line up in front of two touch screen cash registers, each with a check-out style bar code scanner for easy payment in each zone before exiting from one of two exit points.

In link is found here:

Please note that the cafeteria is unlikely to accept $100 notes.


Transperth Transport system

Information regarding the topping up of your Transport Account can be found on the back of the student Smartrider Card. Year 7 students and new students in Years 8 and 9 will be receiving Smartrider cards shortly. The cashless purchases at the Cafeteria use the same Student ID Card but a different account from which to draw funds.

Should you have any queries about the My Student Account system, kindly contact the College ICT Help Desk 63322574 or email


Uniform Shop

Opening Hours during Term:              Mon: 8.00am – 11.00am

Wed: 8.00am - 1.40pm

Fri:    12.30pm - 4.00pm

Phone: 6332 2581

The Uniform Shop is located on College grounds – on top of the main driveway and outside the Administration block.


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