Congratulations to all 2017 SCSA award winners from Corpus Christi

A number of students from the class of 2017 have had their hard work recognised by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, acknowledging their outstanding results in Year 11 and 12. Below is an alphabetical list of the students who have achieved Certificates of Distinction and Merit.

Yohanes Yacob also achieved a Subject Certificate of Excellence for ATAR Accounting and Finance - an amazing feat!

Corpus Christi College wishes all its 2017 graduates every success in their future endeavours.


Thank you!


As the St Vincent de Paul Society highlights, “For many people, Christmas is a joyful time of year. However, the sad reality is that 13.3% of Australians are living in poverty. Of these, 731,000 are children who may not get their Christmas wish. But your support can make a difference.”

Even in our current economy, many families are just one step away from crisis and poverty. A little help at the right time can change everything for those in our community. Supporting the Christmas Appeal is a wonderful way to prompt students to appreciate all that they have by thinking of others in need. The appeal is but one of many Christian Service Learning opportunities encouraged throughout the year at the College.

A huge thanks to all the generous Corpus families who donated to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal this year. Your generous support will make a difference to many families this Christmas.

e-News 18


From the Principal

Student Award Winners

I am grateful to the large number of parents who were able to attend the Year 7 to 11 Awards Ceremony last Friday. I offer my congratulations to all the award winners who applied themselves to their studies admirably during 2017...

Senior School News

2017 Youth Census - Skillsroad

  • If we want Australian Youth to thrive, we must help them see the bigger picture and encourage them to invest in career pathways that give them passion and purpose.

Middle School News

 Huge congratulations to the Year 6 cohort who attended Orientation Day. Their behaviour was impeccable and their enthusiasm was infectious. Students had an amazing day trying out a range of different subjects. The beginnings of friendships have already been made and we very much look forward to meeting them again next year....

Other News and Events

Student Leaders

Congratulations to the Student Leaders from Year 8 to 12 appointed for next year whose names noted in this e-News, who will join our Head Girl Jessica De Freitas Basilio and Head Boy Liam Rego in leading the student community in 2018. After applying for these positions, applicants were required to undertake a rigorous selection process that focussed on their ability to adopt a servant leadership style. We wish them all the best as they undertake their duties next year.

Year 12 House Captains

Chisholm House:    Rohan Bay & Molly Fox
De Vialar House:    Nicholas Carbone & Ian Lau
MacKillop House:    Sarah Ho & Levi Burns
Merici House:    Olivia Ialacci & Jonathan Lim
Pallotti House:    Nicolina Ierino & Dwight Rowland
Romero House:    Marcus Wong & Natasha Uniewicz
Salvado House:    Samantha Taylor & Rebecca LeGuier
Xavier House:    Kayla Weekes & Benjamin Dunleavy
Arts Captains:    Corran O'Brien & Isabella Thexeira
Communications Captains:    Bridget Correia & Tyler Watson
Sports Captains:    Carla Drennan & Jackson Edgar
Student Ministry:     Alea Kaye Go & Charli Lill

Year 11 House Representatives

Chisholm House:    Brehanna Browne & Shanice Pereira
De Vialar House:    Mia Chan & Brett Nigli
MacKillop House:    Mya Grieve & Sean Kelly
Merici House:    Jessika Brooker & Anna Rabino
Pallotti House:    Jessica Pascoe & Samuel Knight
Romero House:    Colby Petterson & Ellyn McGlone
Salvado House:    George Kenny & James Ingram
Xavier House:    Tiana Inman& Joseph Damiano
Arts Captains:   Abbey Janssen, Melissa Holloway, Annabel Biscotto & Noah Gilmore
Communications Captains:     Blake Derham, Georgina Millard & Abbey Rock        
Sports Captains:     Taylor MacDonald, Harrison Cormack & Luke Dobson        
Student Captains:   Rachael Dellaca, Sisi-Cynthia Ingenere & Julyan Tan        

Year 10 House Representatives

Chisholm House:    Isabella Cuocci & Max Fox
De Vialar House:    Sher-Nei Lam & Byron Devene
MacKillop House:    Ben Fairclough & Grace Kingston
Merici House:    Jennifer Radice & Quylam Hua
Pallotti House:    Stephanie Ierino & Joshua D'Cruz
Romero House:    Casey Scott & Samuel Radanovic
Salvado House:    Shannon Omar & Thomas Roberts
Xavier House:    Ellie Cokcetin & Connor West
Arts Captains:   Kalea Gowland & Samuel Watters
Communications Captains:    Alisha Van Zon &  Konrad Rucki
Sports Captains:     Kade Gizzarone & Andrea Fernandez
Student Ministry:    Jacinta Robless & Madison Wilde

Year 9 House Representatives    

Chisholm House:    Madison Whitney & Max Larson
De Vialar House:    Jenae Mothiram & Nayan Brown
MacKillop House:    Victoria Chong & Riley Edgar
Merici House:    Amelie Norris & James De Boni
Pallotti House:    Sophia Connolly & Max Coten
Romero House:    Chelsea Fuderer & Joseph Diaz
Salvado House:    Ashley Morgan & Sanjeev Singh
Xavier House:    Elizabeth Lee & Blake Conley
Arts Captains:   Megan Schutte & Gianni Petta        
Communications Captains:   Ella Waddy & Christopher Cakir        
Sports Captains:   Kayla Van der Linden & Cullen Devene        
Student Ministry:    Olivia Dellaca & Luke Phillips        

Year 8 House Representatives

Chisholm House:    Lexie Frayne & William (Jack) Lilley
De Vialar House:   Diaz Gizzarone & Oliver George
MacKillop House:    Isabella Rossi & Christian Thompson
Merici House:   Sabina Vicoli & Anton Jakovcevic
Pallotti House:  Hudson Craig-Power & Julia Mary Bose
Romero House:   Erin Peters & Mao Wen Foo
Salvado House:    Annette Dass & Avinesh Singh
Xavier House:    Zoee Cokcetin & Toby Marshall
Arts Captains:   Chloe Allen-Galvin & Joshua Duckworth        
Communications Captains:  Hugh Livingstone & May Hopwood        
Sports Captains:   Isaac Alvarez & Emma Garland        
Student Ministry:    Zack Cohen & Erika Machado        


Senior School eNews 18


2017 Youth Census - SkillsRoad

  • If we want Australian Youth to thrive, we must help them see the bigger picture and encourage them to invest in career pathways that give them passion and purpose.
  • Choosing a career is stressful for young Australians. They worry they will make the wrong choice or not like what they choose.
  • Australian youth are most likely to turn to their parents for career advice, amplifying the need for parents to boost their career knowledge.

The VET and Transition Services Department looks forward to working with parents and students in overcoming the main issues affecting young people in the College community.

Careers & Courses Information

Open Days & Info Sessions

Defence Info Sessions

Perth: Army Careers Information Session

14 December 6.30pm

Find out more and book -

VET, Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Australian Training Awards Winners and Finalists

If you want to see which RTOs and businesses are the best at what they do in Australia, check out the winners of the Australian Training Awards, awarded last week.

See them here – 

University Info

US & UK University Admissions

Are you curious about studying in the US? Don't make the mistake of thinking all you need to get in is your ATAR! Read this blog from US and UK admissions experts, to start planning ahead.

Murdoch University Summer School for students moving from Year 11 into Year 12

All students undertaking ATAR studies in 2018 are welcome to attend. The program aims to maximize your Year 12 experience, experience university life while still at high school, receive credit points towards a Murdoch degree, and study in a supportive learning environment in state-of-the-art facilities. Dates: 5th January- 24th January

Find out more: Email: Phone: 9360 6078

 Workshops & Courses

FREE Coding Workshop

Saturday, 9 December, 10AM - 1PM, Perth

Our workshops are designed to show entry level coding while having fun. It gives you a taste of what coding is all about. It’s an easy, risk-free introduction to programming. 
So why not come and join us for a FREE one day workshop and see if you've got what it takes. 
Book now -


Get Coding. Dojos are fun, free and social coding clubs for young people aged 7-17. Dojos are not classes or workshops. There is no curriculum. Instead, a Dojo offers an unstructured open free learning environment where young people can meet others with similar interests and advance their 21st century skills by working on creative digital projects of their own choice.

Find out more -

 Fashion Illustration Workshop Whitehouse Institute of Design

9 & 10 December

The two-day workshop is a recommended starting point for those wishing to develop their illustration skills in the fundamental areas of fashion illustration.

No drawing experience is necessary to undertake this program.

Book online -

 SAE Summer Series

23- 25th January, 2018, 10am to 4am daily

Are you creatively inclined and thinking about studying creative media? We are offering a 3-Day workshop event in the January holidays – get behind the scenes and pursue your passion! 

SAE Perth campus is opening its doors this January for the SAE Summer Series, a three-day program for anyone who wants to work on inspiring creative projects in Animation, Audio, Film or Games. 

Early Bird Bookings Close 10th December

Book now -

 Art for Teens at Fremantle Arts Centre

School holiday options for resume building (and something to do)

Find out more -

NIDA School Holiday Classes

Screen Actors Society, Grades 11-12

Mon 08 Jan - Fri 12 Jan 2018 @ Subiaco Arts Centre, Perth

Acting Boot Camp, Grades 11-12

Sat 13 Jan - Sun 14 Jan 2018 @ Subiaco Arts Centre, Perth

Stage and Screen School, Grades 7-10

Mon 08 Jan - Fri 12 Jan 2018 @ Subiaco Arts Centre, Perth

Musical Theatre Boot Camp, Grades 7-10

Sat 13 Jan - Sun 14 Jan 2018 @ Subiaco Arts Centre, Perth

Find out more -

Competitions and Scholarships

The Hope Prize Short Story Competition

This is a short story prize for writers to explore people’s resilience in the face of poverty and disadvantage. There is a prize specifically for writers aged under 18. Entries close 31 January 2018.

 Volunteering is an Asset to Build your Resume

A recent survey found:

  • that 82% of employers said they are more likely to choose a candidate with volunteering experience, AND
  • that only 30% of resumes list volunteering experience

Which means that by simply including volunteering in your resume, you’ll be ahead of 70% of other candidates, who don’t have volunteering experience.

Rio Tinto Earth Assist - January school holiday program for school students over 15 years; participate in hands on conservation based activities such as tree planting, land maintenance, wildlife surveys and bush walks. 

Find out more -  

You can find many more volunteering opportunities suitable for young people at Seek Volunteer – or Go Volunteer –

Resources, Guides & Other News

Fair Work Ombudsman Workplace Myth Busters YouTube

Workplace Myths Busted, Ep 1 -

Finding out about company culture

The concept of company culture can be confusing. This article from this. demystifies it a little.

Read it –


From The Principal - eNews 18


Dear parents

 Student Award Winners

I am grateful to the large number of parents who were able to attend the Year 7 to 11 Awards Ceremony last Friday. I offer my congratulations to all the award winners who applied themselves to their studies admirably during 2017.

In my speech, I noted that during the ceremony we recognise those students who have excelled in their academic life and a small number of students who have epitomised the College values in the past year. However, I acknowledged there were many more students I could have acknowledged: those who have exceeded expectations by working diligently, the students who have worked tirelessly at their studies yet may not have received the improvement or results they would have hoped for, our quiet achievers, those who are wonderful friends, who help others, the students who were nominated for the St Mary Mackillop Awards, those who have served others and have been selfless in their approach to school life. These students are the quiet achievers, and I would like to congratulate them, too.

Recently, I read an article about what makes up the ingredients of a school where students perform well. The Head of schools in England believes values, including tolerance, openness to new ideas and mutual respect, should form a central part of school education. 

When an entire school culture is seen by its students as promoting equality, mutual respect and inclusiveness, students often perform very well in exams and the schools’ punch above their weight in academic results. I believe this epitomises Corpus Christi College which provides a comprehensive educational program across all years whilst being uncompromising with the importance of our stated values.

Student Leaders

Congratulations to the Student Leaders from Year 8 to 12 appointed for next year whose names noted in this e-News, who will join our Head Girl Jessica De Freitas Basilio and Head Boy Liam Rego in leading the student community in 2018. After applying for these positions, applicants were required to undertake a rigorous selection process that focussed on their ability to adopt a servant leadership style. We wish them all the best as they undertake their duties next year.

 Staff Farewells

On behalf of the College I wish to express my gratitude for the service the staff have given so generously and who are leaving us at the end of the year.

Two staff are retiring. After a long and distinguished career, Physics teacher Mrs Karen Rourke, who commenced at the College in our third year in 1986, is retiring after nearly 31 years of service to countless numbers of our former students. One of our Alumni, our Oxford University Rhodes Scholar recognised Mrs Rourke as being one of his most influential teachers who contributed to his exceptional academic achievement. These are typical comments from many of Karen’s former pupils, many would remember she was instrumental in the introduction of the Cambridge Science program which continued until the new WA Curriculum was mandated by the state and federal government. Karen is an ongoing learner, and loved the physics associated with astronomy, contributing to the purchase of the latest telescope currently housed in the library.

Teaching Assistant Mrs Stephanie Marini commenced at Corpus in 1997, and we acknowledge her for assisting many of our students with disabilities over the course of this time having been part of the Education Support Centre since it opened. Stephanie’s administrative skills were used for many years by teachers and leaders to ensure the smooth running of the centre.

Outdoor Education and HPE teacher Ms Lesley McAuliffe leaves us after 12 years at Corpus, having initially been appointed as the main Outdoor Education teacher guiding the growth of the subject to one which requires two staff to teacher across a range of academic courses. Mathematics teacher and House Coordinator Ms Cara Wright also leaves us after accepting a teaching role at St Mary’s Anglican Girls School from next year after 4 years at the College. A loss to the Leadership Team is the Director of Finance and Administration Mr Alan Luks who will be going to Mandurah Catholic College in an equivalent role. When I appointed Mr Luks he told me he would be staying at Corpus for a long time unless an equivalent role came up at Mandurah, part of a long-term lifestyle plan for Alan. We are grateful to all these staff for the service they have given to the College.

We give thanks to a number of staff covering teachers on leave or have been with us in the past two years, including:

  • English and RE teacher Mr Leith Daniel
  • Science teacher Mrs Fiona Anthony
  • Humanities teacher Mr Andrew Rollin
  • Science and Humanities teacher Mr Taylor Matthews
  • Learning Support teacher Ms Sally Hall
  • Teaching Assistants Mrs Kendall Edgar and Mrs Sunita Matheshwari
  • Music Assistant Ms Lydia Gardiner
  • Sports Assistant, Samantha Lowe.
  • Science teacher Ms Stephanie Griffiths

We also wish staff who will be on leave next year all the best, Mrs Carpenter, Mr Papineau,  and Mr Bickford who are on leave in Term One, and Mrs Rousset who is taking leave for 2018.

On behalf of the College we thank these staff and wish them all the best for the future.

In Pope Francis’ words, ‘their love has been shown by little things, by attention to small daily signs which make us feel at home. Faith grows when it is lived and shaped by love. That is why our families, our homes, our schools, can be true domestic churches. They are the right place for faith to become life, and life to grow in faith’.

Now, for some housekeeping matters:

Students Not Returning

As a reminder, please note parents are required to provide the College with one term’s notice if their child will not be returning to the College. Except for senior students who accept places at TAFE or apprenticeships, or families moving interstate or overseas, any late notifications in January will be considered too late for any special consideration. As we have finalised class lists for 2018, we need the consideration of families in this matter during 2018.

School commences in 2018

Please note Year 7 and Year 11 and 12 students will commence on Wednesday 31 January, whilst all other students will commence on Thursday 1 February. We will be recognising the 2012 graduating classes high achievers on the first day of school for all students, presenting the Year 12 2017 High Achievers Awards at the Whole School Assembly at 9.00am on the Thursday.

Office Hours

The College Office re-opens on Monday 8 January 2018.

Note for the Diary – 2018

Please don’t forget the AGM of the Board and Parent Council will be held in the second week of next term, Wednesday 7 February at 7.00pm in the James Nestor Centre.

Applications For Enrolment Year 7 2020

If your child will be in Year 5 next year, please ensure your Application for Admission Form is submitted in January. The selection and interview process will commence in Term One. Please email

 Christmas Blessings

As this is the final e-News of the year, I would like to wish all our families all God’s blessings as we proceed through advent in preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I encourage all Corpus Christi families to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by attending your local parishes in the coming weeks.

As the school year for 2017 draws to a close, and as we approach the holy days of Christmas, let us put ourselves into the hands of the Lord, praying for God’s protection and blessing. May we, and all our families and friends, find relaxation, refreshment and enjoyment in the coming summer holidays.

Best wishes and God bless

Mrs Caroline Payne


Middle School E-News 18

yr 6 cohort1.png

Year 7 2018 Orientation Day

 Mark Barron

Head of Year 8

 Huge congratulations to the Year 6 cohort who attended Orientation Day. Their behaviour was impeccable and their enthusiasm was infectious. 

Students had an amazing day trying out a range of different subjects. The beginnings of friendships have already been made and we very much look forward to meeting them again next year.



In the lead up to Christmas, Corpus Christi College students gave the gift of their hand made and decorated teddy bears to unwell children at St John of God Murdoch Hospital. In the past, the bears have been a welcome gift for many children who find being in hospital a daunting experience.

Corpus Christi’s Coordinator of Christian Service Katrina Thomas says the school endeavors to undertake Christian Community service with meaningful and helpful projects for the community. 

“The year seven students explored the idea of Christian Service and how through showing the love of charity, we could make a real difference in the life of others,” Ms Thomas said. 

“They were then given the time and tools to create their bear and write a heartfelt prayer for the person who received their bear.”

“As the year comes to an end and the sight of advent arrives, we felt it would be a nice gesture to donate bears to another Catholic care agency within our community – St John of God Murdoch Hospital.”

The Year seven choir from Corpus Christi College will also sing Christmas Carols in a number of different areas around the hospital.


 Mr Italiano

Deputy Principal Middle School

Parents will access their child’s report through SEQTA - Engage.  These will be available after 5:00pm Thursday 14 December.

To access Reports, please follow the following instructions:

·       Logon to SEQTA - Engage as you have previously done or access the link from the College Intranet -

·       Click on Academic reports – as highlighted below.



·       When you access this section you will see all of your children. Select a child and then the Report titled 2017S2.

·       Under the Download section click on the pdf document that is there and access this as you normally would for a document of this type.  (If you do not have a pdf reader installed on your computer this can be downloaded by accessing

·       Once the Report is downloaded you can now save and print this document if you wish.

Year 8 Perth Zoo Sleepover 28 and 29 November

Mr Brian Hurn

Science Teacher

The Zoo Camp was very successful again this year.

With five staff, Brian Hurn, Scott Connery, Jacqui Johnston, Taylor Matthews and Melissa Baines, twenty-three very well-behaved and motivated Year 8s who love animals attended with great excitement. This is a unique experience. Zoo staff constantly expressed admiration for how well and how quickly our students performed the various challenging activities.

Students were exposed to various educational experiences including

o   conservation activities involving the endangered status of zoo species.

o   different enrichment processes that are used to engage captive animals.

o   construction of an enrichment activity for the Lemurs and Capuchins.

o   hands-on reptile experience.

o   guided spotlight night-time tour of African savannah

o   exposure to the sounds and sights of night at the zoo.

Year 8 Rocket Science

Mr Brian Hurn

Science Teacher

Year 8 Science classes have recently been studying Energy including the concepts of potential energy and kinetic energy. Students launched water bottle rockets to investigate the variables effecting distance travelled such as angle and water volume.


Year 7 Reptile Incursion

Mr Brian Hurn

Science Teacher

Students have been treated to a reptile information and handling session. A variety of reptiles were available for close encounters of the scaly kind. Stimson’s pythons, Carpet pythons and Black-headed pythons were among the collection.

Hi-Tech Sci-Tech

By Kalea Gowland, Nikita La Rosa and Siobhan Stevens

On the  4th and 5th of December 2017, ten year 9 students partook in a biotechnology and ethics workshop. On day one there was an incursion at Corpus Christi College in the Library. Corpus students met with the students from Emmanuel College and Prendiville College and played a short icebreaker game to encourage students from all schools to work collaboratively. We then separated into small groups to work with for the day. After this, we spent time with Dr Pedersen discussing the importance of ethics in science, the history of philosophy and some of the kinds of ethical reasoning- Utilitarian and Catholic. In the middle of the day, we reinforced our knowledge of ethics as it contributed in the discussion of the case of Henrietta Lacks and how it was morally wrong or right to refrain from compensating or at least notifying Lacks’ family about the use of Henrietta’s cells for research. We continued learning about the many discoveries found due to Henrietta’s HeLa cells. During the afternoon the we learnt about DNA, RNA and CRISPR. CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. It is a revolutionary technology that allows modification and editing of DNA. The afternoon concluded on an engaging discussion of the ethics involved with the applications of CRISPR. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially learning about DNA and the ethical approaches involved in the development of biotechnology. We were truly inspired by the Henrietta Lacks story and how her cervical cancer cells have shaped and contributed significantly to so numerous medical and scientific advances that we know of today.

On the second day, all three schools partook in an excursion to the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. The day began with some basic laboratory skills such as the correct use of pipettes, followed by observing the HeLa cells by dying them using the various chemicals and then observing the basic uses of the centrifuge. We observed the cells via a microscope and our guide showed us how the HeLa cells were different to normal non cancerous cells. This was a great experience as we developed our practical skills in the lab. Following this, the year nine students were invited to participate in an ethics discussion. This discussion involved students considering what makes humans alive and the future of robotics, engineering and genetic modification. To conclude the ethical discussion a guest speaker was invited to tell us a bit about clinical trials and how sometimes rules can restrict important scientific research. This raised the importance of ethicists in today's society and their importance in the role of contributing to the development of scientific research today.

This opportunity was really interesting as it engaged us to be open minded about how the world and environment develops around us and how the world is constantly changing whether we like it or not. These discussions were really beneficial as they allowed us to challenge our everyday thinking and to have a taste of what the science workplace can be life. The controversial questions that we had to face also related directly to the problems that we will have to face in the future when our generation becomes the leaders and decision makers of our world. We were also provided with the consequences that if we do not regard the differing sides of every story and make decisions based on information that may be biased or inaccurate. We also discovered the importance of thoroughly discussing issues and weighing out both the positives and the negatives of every decision before acting them out. By exposing the us to new ideas, we were able to communicate our opinions based upon facts which can hugely benefit our critical thinking skills.


The College seeks a full-time Music Assistant for 2018.

Working under the Head of Music and with the department, the Music Assistant will help provide support for the:

  • preparation and delivery of curriculum music
  • provision of co-curricular musical opportunities
  • rehearsal, preparation and execution of musical performance (both in and out of school)
  • provision of liturgical music
  • program of 'community service' music
  • preparation and delivery of music tours, excursions and incursions
  • developmental musical programs such as the 'instrumental program' and 'feeder school' liaison

Music skills and experience are desirable, especially in the context of ensemble music. This role is ideal for a recent school/university graduate or a student on a gap year in their university studies. 

The successful applicant will need to obtain a Working with Children Check and National Police History Check prior to commencement.

Please apply online via the online application form

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Thursday 7 December 2017 at 4.00pm

For confidential queries, please contact the College HR Officer, Belinda Hermawan, on (08) 6332 2500.

ACC Recognition Award for Corpus Staff

shake 2.jpg

At the recent ACC awards event, Corpus Christi principal, Caroline Payne read this citation regarding James Howard’s service to sport at Corpus Christi College and the ACC community. James was presented with the ACC Recognition Award.

James Howard has been an integral member of the ACC over a number of years both in his role at Corpus Christi College as the Sport Coordinator and his involvement with ACC at both an Executive level and within the Southern Associated Junior Schools. James is an adaptable and versatile leader of school sport at Corpus Christi College. He joined Corpus Christi in late 2004, and has served as the Sport Coordinator since 2005. He has been instrumental in the development of ACC sports within the Corpus Christi College community by engaging a large range of teachers, students and parents, and has maintained the highest of standards in competition. James introduced an Annual celebration of sport through the . He has been integral in the set up and development of the Southern Associated Schools junior competition and arranges for Corpus Christi College to be the host venue for all SASJ meetings.James has served as the  SMC representative on the ACC Executive Committee for a period of 4 years.

He has worked collaboratively with Kyle March and Suzie Ehlers to consistently improve the delivery of ACC services to all schools and has acted as a mentor to ACC sports coordinators and new members.

James has worked to develop further opportunities for sport involvement in ACC competitions across all areas, in particular female AFL. He continues to liaise between School Sport WA and the ACC to develop Junior and Senior Soccer competitions and has contributed to the development of an MOU between the ACC and WAFC.Overall, James has continuously set a fine example for staff and students across the ACC through his professionalism, respect and passion for sport in general. He strives for excellence in all that he does and is admired by his colleagues throughout the ACC community.

James is a worthy recipient of this prestigious award.


e-News 17 - 2017

From The Principal


Dear Parents

 Our Year 12 2017 graduates have now completed their final WACE examinations. We hold them in our prayers to keep safe, as a large group of them celebrate the conclusion of secondary schooling in the south-west next week....


Senior School News


Upcoming events at The University of Notre Dame Australia


 ATAR Advice Day

 Our Course and Admissions Advisors will be available to discuss applications, alternative pathways, and courses with your Year 12 students and their families once they receive their ATAR results. No RSVP necessary....


Middle School News


To support to students who require ongoing support with their future plans, I am providing a series of one-on-one sessions focusing on their options, direction and future pathways. These will start in the Careers Office in Term Four this year and follow through to next year....

Other News and Events


SSWA Interschool Triathlon

Just over a week ago the School Sports WA Inter School Triathlon was held at Champion Lakes. The event consisted of a 300m open water swim, a 16km cycle and 3km run which could be completed as a team of three or individually. 

Corpus fielded a team of around 40 athletes who all performed extremely well with some teams just missing out on medals.

There were two stand out performances.  Benny Mangoba, Benedict Potsma and Cade Ravlich came 3rd in the year 8 boys teams event and year 8 Calum Milne who came 3rd in the individual novice event. This was a fabulous effort by Calum as he was competing against boys aged up to year 11.

Congratulations to all students who competed.


School Holiday Sailing Lessons

school holiday facebook.jpg


Congratulations Max!

Last week, Yr 8 Corpus student Max Coten achieved his national time for 5km at the Coogee Open Water Event. This means Max will head to Adelaide on 25th January 2018 to compete in the Under 15 5km event , Australian Open Water Nationals. Well done Max, and good luck in Adelaide!



Thank you!  A Good News Story!

Dear friends

We have this week received the photo below, of Sister Mary with a newly purchased humidcrib for the St Luke Health Centre in Bujuni, Uganda.  Sister Mary asks that we convey her heartfelt thanks to all those who have made the purchase of the humidcrib possible. 

The humidcrib will enable St Luke’s to provide much improved life-saving care for premature babies, regulating their temperature until such time that they are strong enough to regulate and maintain it for themselves.  The enclosed environment of the humidcrib also allows the treatment of these babies in a soundproof, sterile environment, away from people who may carry infections.  It can also be provided with a controlled amount of oxygen to aid the baby’s breathing.

This is beautiful news and I do hope you are able to share it with your school community, with our grateful thanks for your fundraising support during the year.  

Sr. Mary and the Humidicrib.jpg

WAAPA Summer School 2017/2018

This summer WAAPA is again offering exciting school holiday courses for students in years 4 to 12. The Summer School includes classes in dance, acting, drama, screen performance, music theatre and of course, how to perform Shakespeare. For information about the fantastic courses on offer please visit WAAPA Summer School  or contact Gabrielle Metcalf at or 9370 6775.


Principal Review Process

Dear Parents

You would be aware that our Principal, Mrs Caroline Payne was reviewed under the Principal Review Process this year. The process involved the School Board, P&F Executive, the Parish Priest, Staff Members, Catholic Education personnel and the Principal. Their input was both in written form and verbally through interviews with the Review Panel. The review culminated in a meeting between the Principal and the Executive Director of the Catholic Education Western Australia, Dr Tim McDonald.

The process has now been completed and Archbishop Timothy Costelloe has endorsed the appointment of Mrs Caroline Payne as Principal of Corpus Christi College, Bateman for third contract period of four years.

As a result of the review, Caroline has developed a professional growth plan which will ensure her continued development and benefit the future of the school.

On behalf of the School Board and the Corpus Christi College community, I congratulate Caroline on the achievements over the last contract period and look forward to the future.

Yours sincerely


Mr Greg LeGuier

School Board Chair

Middle School e-News 17

Careers, Course and Pathways Sessions


17 career.png

Rachel Burke

Careers Advisor

To support to students who require ongoing support with their future plans, I am providing a series of one-on-one sessions focusing on their options, direction and future pathways. These will start in the Careers Office in Term Four this year and follow through to next year.  

Rather than just a one-off meeting, students will attend fortnightly sessions for however long they need (approximately 10 weeks) to thoroughly explore career options, look through their options and commit to a plan/ pathway until such time they want to review it and change to a different defined pathway.  

Resilience - A link to the Corpus Christi College Learner Profile

Resilience is the ability to meet and overcome challenges in ways that maintain or promote well-being. It incorporates attributes like grit, persistence, initiative, and determination.

We build resilience when we push students gently to the edges of their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical comfort zones. Our support and encouragement as they take risks, overcome challenges, and grow from failure helps them learn to bounce back from life's ups and downs.

Some useful resources may be found at:


iPad Purchasing for 2018


Daniel Budd


Dear Parents and Guardians

As you are aware Corpus Christi College is committed to innovation in our teaching practices and the foundation of this innovation is our 1-to-1 iPad Program. As the devices mature so too do the systems which allow us to manage the device in the classroom. In order to take advantage of these systems we have organised two methods for you to purchase an iPad for your children.

METHOD 1: College preferred supplier

We have worked to develop a relationship with a local Apple Channel Partner to set a bulk order price. If you purchase through Winthrop Australia the device will be delivered to the school and will be configured prior to pick-up. You will NOT need to attend the setup days described below.

METHOD 2: Your choice of retailer

If you wish to purchase from a local retail store you are more than welcome to. However, the requirement will be that you attend during the iPad Configuration week to ensure the device is configured ready for the start of the academic year. These sessions have been in place for a number of years.

Whilst there is no need to setup an appointment, we do ask that you backup any devices to iCloud and have your Apple ID username, password and any devices linked for two-factor authentication on-hand. This will ensure that we can get you up and running quickly.

Device Recommendations

To ensure that your son or daughter is able to participate in all learning activities and install the necessary applications for their classes we strongly recommend the following minimum requirements for the device which you purchase.

·       iPad Air 2 32GB WiFi ONLY - iPad Mini is not suitable and Cellular device is not required. Upgrade to iPad 5th Gen, iPad Pro 10.5" or iPad Pro 12.5" at parents discretion.

To ensure your device is protected we also recommend that you purchase a hard wearing case, consider a protection plan and purchase the compulsory applications. The College recommends the following.

·       STM Dux Case – or alternative case.

·       AppleCare+ - AppleCare Protection Plan provides hardware coverage directly from Apple and includes up to two incidental damage coverage, each subject to a $65 service fee.

·       $50 iTunes Gift Card – Used to purchase compulsory Apps (e.g. Explain Everything, Popplet and Book Creator)

Other accessories e.g. Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard can be purchased at parents discretion.

As the Apple iPad is a very popular device, particularly in education, the demand for devices are also stressed around the Christimas holiday period. For this reason, we recommend that parents purchase student devices prior to the end of the academic year.

Further information is available on the College website and if you have any questions regarding the iPad Program or the purchasing options please contact me directly -


Year 7 Pastoral Program – Study Skills


Mark Barron

Head of Year 7

In Pastoral Period this week, students built on their previous work on the topic of “Study Skills”

After the completion of the following activities, students identified their learning styles.

  1. Study Skills Checklist
  2. How to Study
  3. I am ready to Study
  4. How you feel about school
  5. What is my learning style
  6. Learning style Quiz
  7. My Learning Style.
  8. Make a Schedule
  9. My Schedule

Students are now working on individual tasks tailored to their needs.  This will aid with their studies leading up to assessments and are recommendations for some of the approaches to be taken when working at home.

Some of the activities include.

·       Note Taking

·       Outlining

·       Sub Topics and Details

·       Idea Grams

·       Working Backwards


Year 8 Pastoral Period


Chanel Fenwick

Head of Year 8

This week the Year 8 cohort have undertaken gender specific activities for the Pastoral Period.

This session has been planned and provided to cater for the needs of the students, as a better understanding of these topics will better equip our students for their years ahead.

The girls looked at the dynamics of ‘Girl World’ and how to deal with the differing dynamics that groups have. This session was all about empowering girls and was facilitated by Chanel Fenwick and Melanie Trant. 

The boys are undertook a session called ‘Boy’s World’ which looked at the use of respectful language towards each other and girls. This session also involved some physical activity and was planned and presented by Simon Messer and Sheldon McIntrye.


Year 9 Pastoral Program - Students will be focusing on Cyberbullying


Yvette Pearce

Head of Year 9

 Students viewed videos and had discussions focusing on “The Bystander”. Questions included, What does it take to act?

So, what are the reasons ‘good people’ sometimes do nothing?

• Fear • Apathy • Laziness • Insecurity • Selfishness • Ignorance • Lack of empathy

And what does it take for a ‘good person’ to finally act?

•   Empathy• Courage• Conviction• Resilience• Compassion

Senior School e-News 17

notre dame logo.png

Upcoming events at The University of Notre Dame Australia

 ATAR Advice Day

 Our Course and Admissions Advisors will be available to discuss applications, alternative pathways, and courses with your Year 12 students and their families once they receive their ATAR results. No RSVP necessary....

 ATAR Advice Day

Thursday, 21 December 2017

9am – 4pm

St Teresa’s Library, ND17 (access via Bateman Courtyard), access from 38 Mouat Street

The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle

To register for any events, visit or contact the Prospective Students Office on (08) 9433 0533

From The Principal e-News 17


Dear Parents

 Our Year 12 2017 graduates have now completed their final WACE examinations. We hold them in our prayers to keep safe, as a large group of them celebrate the conclusion of secondary schooling in the south-west next week.

Christmas Carols Wed 6 December

On Wednesday 6 December, the Parents and Friends have organized a Christmas Carols community event, with the support of Head of Music David Harries, the College choir and band, and College staff.

At this stage, Food trucks have been organized to arrive at 5.30pm in preparation to commence food service at 6pm, with the P&F providing bottles of water. More information will come out soon, but bring your families along to this event which will be held on the upper oval in front of the new Gymnasium. Food will be available until 7.00pm after which Christmas Carols will commence at 7.15pm.

Child Protection Strategies

Of recent times, we have received some child protection alerts from the Fremantle area. I invite parents to discuss ways children can protect themselves if someone makes them feel uncomfortable on the way to or from school. It is important we adopt a range of procedures in order to maintain the safety and well-being of students. At all Catholic schools:

1.    If there is an alert from the local police we inform all school staff of the incident details.

2.    Ask teachers to reinforce the stranger danger message to our students.

3.    Alert parents of children to child protection alerts by email and/or text.

4.    Ensure appropriate risk management strategies are implemented for our school site

5.    Provide appropriate teacher supervision before and after school, and have designated pickup points for students.

6.    Inform staff, parents and students that police are to be contacted on 131 444 to report incidents.

7.    If you have any information regarding an incident the police have requested you contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

I urge all students to take care when going to and from school, and to report anything suspicious to parents, school and the police – call 131 444 or the local station to report an incident to police (and only use 000 in an emergency) or 1800 333 000 to reach Crime Stoppers.

Here are some simple suggestions to help your child stay safe. Please ask your child to:

·      Program 000 and 131444 police phone numbers into your mobile phone.

·      Always travel in the company of others

·      Walk on the right-hand side of the road so you face oncoming traffic

·      Wherever possible, leave space between yourself and the roadway

·      Be aware of your surroundings at all times and who or what is nearby.

·      Stay in areas that are well lit

·      Stay in view – avoid going into areas that are hidden from view (such as parkland bush or behind shopping centres) and plan trips to avoid such locations

·      Be alert – earphones and headphones can reduce your awareness considerably

·      If you have a mobile phone, have it turned on and ready to dial an emergency number

·      If a passing car stops nearby never get too close

·      Do not hesitate to run from a situation in which you feel at risk

·      Provide this advice to brothers and sisters, especially if younger

·      Report suspicious behaviour to parents, school and the police.

·      If you can get it safely, try to photograph or remember the number plate of the car and report number plates of cars and the clothing or distinguishing features of individuals to police.

To get the latest community safety information from police, visit WA Police on Facebook or online at

Our Homeroom teachers will discuss some of these measures this week. If you have any concerns, please contact the College.

An invitation to all parents

The College Board of Management is entrusted to assist in the financial management of the College, its strategic purpose and in the planning of future capital works. Parents who have one or a combination of the following are strongly encouraged to apply: 

·      Active in their parishes

·      Building and construction

·      Business and Finance

·      ICT and Technical

·      Legal

·      Marketing and PR

·      Professional

·      Risk Management

·      Senior management experience

·      Tertiary or Secondary Education

I invite all parents to consider their nominations as a Board member for 2018 by Friday 8 December 2017. Interested parents and community members who wish to contribute in this important way are asked to consider nomination. Alternatively, parents may also consider nominating to belong to one of the committees: Finance and Risk, or the Building Committee.

At the end of this year, we have three elected Board Members retiring, Russell Hardwick (Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee), Marcus Passauer and Keith Moylan. Other elected members include Board Chair Greg LeGuier, Deputy Chair of the Finance and Risk Management Committee Dr. Antonia Girardi. Chair of the Building Committee Domenic Santini, and Board members Karl Videmanis and Jens Radanovic. The College Board assists me in meeting various strategic objectives at the College.

The AGM of the Board and Parent Council will be held next year. In preparation for the 2018 academic year, Board Chair Mr Greg LeGuier invites interested parents to nominate for the College Board. Interested parents and community members who wish to contribute in this important way are asked to consider nomination by contacting Business Manager Alan Luks at the College Alan will then provide you with details on how to apply.

I am extremely grateful to our Board Members’ voluntary service and commitment to ensure the learning experience and environment for our students continue to improve, despite changes to the State and Commonwealth grants which have presented us with financial challenges, which have been met with a modest fee increase. This has meant we have been able to keep fees affordable compared to like schools in terms of Socio-Economic Status (SES), which determines the level of funding received.

Best wishes and God Bless.

Mrs Caroline Payne


Year 8 Languages Excursion

25th October saw the Year 8 Corpus Christi Students take part in a Languages excursion.  Each Language had organized an incursion/excursion that allowed the students to use the language and find out about the culture.

Italian students were able to go to Fremantle and walk to the welcome walls, Fisherman’s wharf and the famous cappuccino strip.  They were told of the influence of Italian migrants to the Fremantle lifestyle and culture.  They were able to see that influence and also find out more of the history. 

Students were also able to order a ‘gelato’ in Italian and also attend a lunch provided by the lovely ladies at the Fremantle Italian Club.  The students enjoyed the feast and the company of these ladies and the committee of the Club.  They were wonderful ambassadors for the College and impressed the local very much with their excellent behaviour and interest in the topic at hand.

French students had an incursion where they were able to make ‘crepes’.  The students enjoyed the chance to see how they are made and to enjoy eating them together.  They were also able to express their creativity by making key rings with the Eiffel tower, the famous icon of France.  Also they were able to use their excellent language skills to create French phrases for tiles that they created for the outside of the Language office. 

Indonesian students learned a lot about Indonesian culture on our recent excursion.  First stop was Hoyts Garden City for the Indonesian film “Surau dan Silek” (literally:  prayer house and martial arts), where they followed the adventures of a group of children from West Sumatra who combine their serious study of “pencak silat”, the Indonesian martial art, with the gentle philosophies of Islam in the faithful and observant traditional Minangkabau community. 

Second stop was Wireless Hill Reserve, where students enjoyed another traditional Indonesian pastime – picnicking with “nasi kotak” (rice in a box).  This was a delicious takeaway meal put together by the fantastic owners of The Melting Pot Café in Ardross – Jupiter Salim and his wife Agnes, who also happen to be the parents of a student in Year 7 at Corpus.  It’s wonderful to have contacts such as these in our community.  After lunch students enjoyed relaxing in the interesting surrounds of Wireless Hill before returning to school.

e-News 16 - 2017


From The Principal

Dear Parents

 We always have mixed feelings when farewelling our graduates of 2017. In whatever endeavours they pursue, we wish them all God’s blessings to be able to pursue their dreams with a sense of hope in their hearts knowing they have worked hard to achieve their goals. For those commencing their WACE examinations this week, we keep them in our prayers....

Senior School News

Year 11’s, 

Murdoch University has a new Year 12 Summer School program that aims to maximise your Year 12 experience. It runs during the next school holidays and you can complete a summer school unit of your choosing and receive 3 points of credit towards a Murdoch degree (that’s the equivalent to one Murdoch subject or unit). You get to experience university life while still at high school and study in state of the art facilities. More info below....

Middle School News

Year 6 Fun Day

Many thanks to our Arts Learning Area for delivering an outstanding Year 6 Fun Day.  The current Year 7 Student Leadership Team carried out an amazing job in ensuring that all new students were organised throughout the day....

Year 12 Prefect Committee

It is with great pleasure that the Corpus Christi community welcomes the Prefect Committee for 2018. At the commencement mass this week, the Head Boy and Head Girl delivered a stirring vision for 2018, which you can see below. We look forward to the year ahead with this amazing group of student leaders.

Head Boy: Liam Rego

Head Girl: Jessica De Freitas Basilio

Merici: Jonathon Lim,  Olivia Ialacci    

MacKillop:  Sarah Ho,  Levi Burns 

De Vialar: Nicholas Carbone, Ian Lau    

Chisholm: Rohan Bay, Molly Fox

Romero: Natasha Uniewicz, Marcus Wong

Pallotti: Nicolina Ierino, Dwight Rowland

Salvado: Sammy Taylor, Rebecca Le Guier

Xavier:  Kayla Weekes, Ben Dunleavy

Sport:  Carla Drennan, Jackson Edgar

Ministry: Alea Go, Charli Lill

Communications:  Bridget Correia, Tyler Watson

Arts:  Corran O’Brien, Isabella Thexeira


Commencement Mass – Introduction of 2018 Prefect Vision

Good morning,

Last week, the 2018 Corpus Prefect Team gathered for the Prefect Camp over two days. After learning much about our own strengths and weakness as well as those of our team, we spent a long evening coming up with four core values that we all hold with high importance and a motto to encompass these. The Christlike values that we chose to be our core focus this year are:





From these values, the Prefect Team decided for our 2018 motto to be,

"Together we serve with pride, united we walk side by side."

These words and the values they encompass, will be what our Prefect Team will aim to act by throughout the year, and in turn encourage our students, teachers, parents and whole school community of Corpus to strive to live by, with Christ as our perfect model.

“Together we serve with pride”

The prefect team will aim to embody the vision of Christ Like Service. To us this means, being generous with our time, and being able to serve the community, through our houses, committees, Year Group and School with great Pride. For all of us as the graduating class of 2018, this motto sets the bar high for serving our college through sport, arts and ministry opportunities, and participating to our best abilities. The statement also means being proud of our school, being proud of our learning, being proud the achievements of ourselves and others. This therefore translates in the way we present ourselves, as an example to younger students, and the way we proudly represent our college in the wider community.

"United we walk side by side,"

Growing a sense of friendship and unity for the Prefect Team. It encompasses bringing each persons individuality together, to form a strong team, united and strengthened by the relationships within it. This is what we want to focus on and bring about in the Corpus community, by strengthening the relationships between all students, teachers and parents. This means walking beside and supporting each person at the college. It means investing in the needs of you, the students, and the wider community to its enrich unity and togetherness. We must strive to stand united and continue our final school journey side by side, so that together we can stand strong as a supportive school community and as the leaders of the school, to truly become role models for the rest of the college community.

The aim of setting a vision statement is to work towards it by the end of the year. We invite you, and the entire Corpus community to share in the vision: “together we serve with pride, United we walk side by side”. As we make use of the last but many opportunities this school has to offer us all, let us serve in whatever ways we can, raise our hand up and do our best. Let us also as a year group move forward through the rest of the year, United, inclusive and appreciate the successes and individuality of each other. Together, we can certainly look back on our time here at Corpus, and believe that the vision we set at the beginning of our final year, which you can all see up on the screen, was actually a vision that we all shared. And this will lead us through the year, our final year, as we pass on our values, by our own example, to the rest of the college community.

Liam & Jess.

Year 12 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Year 12 Award Winners, who are as follows:                                                                            

Geography ATAR Units 3/4:    Brendan Alvaro

Workplace Learning:       Zachary Barham

Outdoor Education ATAR Units 3/4:    Marc Bishop

Mathematics Essential General Units 3/4:    Luke Caifano

Certificate III Sport and Recreation:    Kirsten D'Cruz

Psychology ATAR Units 3/4:    Sarika D'Souza

Food Science and Technology General Units 3/4:    Cheyenne Davies

Materials Design and Technology: Textiles General Units 3/4:    Georgia Fay

Materials Design and Technology: Wood General Units 3/4:    Chritopher Fitzsimmons

Education Support Year 12:   Ewan Fowles

French Second Language ATAR Units 3/4:   Courtney Galluccio

Biology ATAR Units 3/4:   Dane Jameson-Jenzen

Economics ATAR Units 3/4:    Elish Lau

Design: Design Graphics General Units 3/4:    Breanna Letizia

English ATAR Units 3/4:   Tayla Morellini

Dance ATAR Units 3/4:   Vivianne  Moreno-Sanchez

Materials Design and Technology: Metal General Units 3/4:  Georgia  Munro

Visual Art General Units 3/4:    Niamh O'Meara

English General Units 3/4:    Angelo     Ravina

Italian Second Language ATAR Units 3/4:    Lila    Rodari

Certificate II Information, Digital Media and Technology: Emma Spadaro

Applied Information Technology ATAR Units 3/4:   Matthew Teo

Accounting and Finance ATAR Units 3/4:     Johanes Yacob

Outdoor Education General Units 3/4:    Tahlya Brown

Physical Education Studies General Units 3/4:    Tahlya  Brown

Indonesian Second Language ATAR Units 3/4:    Mitchell Garland

Music ATAR Units 3/4:    Mitchell Garland

Drama ATAR Units 3/4:    Peter Ho

Modern History ATAR Units 3/4:  Peter Ho

Mathematics Methods ATAR Units 3/4:    Christan Joseph

Mathematics Specialist ATAR Units 3/4:    Christan Joseph

Visual Art ATAR Units 3/4:    Rachel Raphael

Certificate II Business:    Rachel Raphael

Children, Family and Community General Units 3/4;    Nia Jones

Food Science and Technology General Units 3/4:    Nia Jones

Religion and Life General Units 3/4:    Nia Jones

Human Biology ATAR Units 3/4:    Brooke  McCoy

Mathematics Applications ATAR Units 3/4:    Brooke McCoy

Physical Education Studies ATAR Units 3/4:    Brooke McCoy

Chemistry ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes

Literature ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes

Physics ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes

Religion and Life ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes         

Arts Leadership:    Peter Ho

Sports Leadership:    Emma Zanoli

Christian Service:    Olivia Fuderer

Australian Super Excellence in VET:  Zachary Barham

Caltex All Rounder:  Kenith Png

College Dux Award General Course:    Tahlya     Brown

Proxime Accessit:    Christian    Joseph

College Dux:    Phoebe    Holmes         

Corpus Christi Medals:    Nina Brown,  Jack Dellaca, Olivia Fuderer, Mitchell Garland, Peter Ho, Phoebe Holmes, Elish Lau, Kenith Png, Ben Robless, Lila Rodari, Ashley Taylor, Brittany Wassell, Emma Zanoli.

Sequere Dominum: Mitchell  Garland & Ashley Taylor