‘Corpus Perspectives’

On Friday the 17th of September, the Year 12 ATAR Dance and Drama students performed at ‘Corpus Perspectives’. Timed to coincide with the Visual Arts, Technology & Enterprise Exhibition ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, this event showcased the wonderful talents of our students across a range of Arts subjects.

The students performed original solos that they had created themselves based around an idea or concept. The ideas explored through the dance pieces and dramatic monologues ranged from the entertaining and fun, to exploring how our world functions, and serious social issues. Performing a solo in front of a large audience is daunting at the best of times, however performing something of your own creation is especially nerve racking due to the ownership you feel over it and fear of the audience’s judgement. All of the performers took on this challenge and did a wonderful job – the Arts staff could not be prouder of them. We’d also like to thank the audience for the support and encouragement they showed to the students.

 This was a major assessment task for all students involved and they were marked on their performance during the evening. The students will perform these solos again as part of their Practical WACE exams which start in the first week of the September holidays. We wish them luck!

 Year 12 students involved in the performance:

 -       James Dalgleish

-       Riley de Rosario

-       Caitlin Dougall

-       Ayesha D’Souza

-       Breanna Furfaro

-       Isabel Gelfi (Year 10)

-       Sophie Hale

-       Sarah Ho

-       Stephanie Hollins

-       Amelia Kenny

-       Taylia Kenny

-       Will Kloosterman

-       Joshua Lees

-       Evie Meldrum

-       Shannon O’Leary

-       Beth Tavini

-       Isabella Thexeria

-       Amy Waller

Thank yous:

 -       James Dove for helping organise the evening and taking videos and photographs of the performance

-       Michelle Hunt for behind the scenes support

-       Clare Pickersgill and Marcus Passauer for designing the promotional material

-       Evan Georgopoulos for setting up the performance space and running the sound for the Drama students during the performance

-       Kelsi Davis for marking the Drama monologues

-       Jacqui Claus for marking the Dance performances


Caroline Fuhr

Teacher in Charge of Dance

Middle School News - Week 10 Term 3

NAPLAN Results 2018 – Year 7 and 9

Individual NAPLAN 2018 student reports were distributed to all families. Students will receive a personalised envelope in Homeroom by Friday 21 September. If you have not received your copy, please contact the College.

For your convenience, the College will also add NAPLAN records in SEQTA early Term Four.

NAPLAN tests the sorts of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy. It is important to remember that NAPLAN tests are not pass/fail tests. At the classroom level it is one of a number of important tools used by teachers to measure student progress.

How is NAPLAN performance measured?

NAPLAN is not a pass or fail type test, and is designed to illustrate the range of student performance across the country.

Individual student performance is shown on a national achievement scale for each test. The performance of individual students can be compared to the average performance of all students in Australia. Information on individual student reports is available in the Student report- information for parents brochure. More detailed information on the reporting of NAPLAN results is available in the Results and reports section.

The following VIDEO presentation provides further information about how to interpret NAP results: · View a video (5 min 39 s) that explains how NAPLAN results are reported, including the individual student report.

 College Awards

Term 3 Awards (Middle School)

At the first Year assembly for Term Four (Wednesday 10 October, 8.45am), we will acknowledge student performance for Term Three. Certificates of Endeavour will be awarded to students who have demonstrated:

·       outstanding effort over the term

·       consistent application in class

·       positive cooperation and

·       thorough completion of homework and assignment tasks.

 All parents/carers are welcome to attend.


Year 7

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Year 7’s on their approach this term.  Behaviour and attitude to learning has been superb throughout, it is hard to believe that we are moving into the last term as year 7’s. I call on all year 7’s to make the transition of our incoming Year 6’s a smooth and welcoming experience – they have already set a great example to our new students.

I would also like to thank our Grandparents for attending grandparents mass. The event was a huge success and our students represented the college perfectly. 

“You are the link to our heritage and family history and the great advice and generosity you give create a special bond.

You are precious and unique and you help us to create fond memories that will comfort us through our lives.”

Our pastoral program will continue into next term as we continue to work on “Mental Health”. The recent sessions have focused on “Growth Mindset” encouraging our students to have a positive and resilient approach to their learning.

I wish our Year 7 community a restful break.


Year 8 Pastoral Session - eSmart

Tuesday 11 Sept – Period 3

 In Week 9 of this term, Australian Schools took part in the National eSmart Week, celebrating building cyber safe communities. The aim is create an Australia that is free from cyber bullying, with digital citizens who know how to embrace the best that technology can offer, whilst being smart, safe and responsible online.

 As part of the Year 8 Pastoral Program, our Year 8 students took part in range of activities which enabled them to reflect on their own digital footprint and debated the statement “Technology brings us together more than it divides us”. It was interesting to hear the students thoughts and opinions as they rigorously argued in the affirmative or negative.



Year 9 Guest Speaker - Jade Lewis – Just Say No!

Just Say No is a 40-60 minute drug prevention presentation designed specifically for school students. Jade delivered a responsible and powerful drug and alcohol awareness and prevention presentation to the Year 9 students on Tuesday 11 September. The presentation educates youth about the real dangers and consequences of drug use and then equips them with alternative ways to live a drug free, fulfilled, motivated life in a world full of temptations.

 This is a fresh message of hope to young people who are seeing an increasing rate of drug experimentation, addiction, crime, violence and in some cases death. 

2018 STEM Learning Conference – Monday 17th September

Year 7 students – Luka Gvozdin, Elaine James, Jacinta Thamrin


Our STEM group represented the Year 7s from Corpus Christi College at the STEM expo today. We had a stall showcasing our work, as well as Year 8 and 9. Some people came up to us and asked questions about what we did and what we enjoyed about it. While others just walked past and had a glance at our posters. It was really fun and an exciting experience.


Today our STEM group was lucky enough to present at the STEM Conference and show others what we did as our STEM project and how we did it. People came around asking questions about how well we worked and what we liked about our project. There were lots of different stalls presenting different things. My favourite stall was the scitech duck stall which represented how everyone’s minds worked in a different way. They asked us to create a duck out of a certain amount of LEGO bricks, and no two ducks were the same.

I really enjoyed attending the STEM conference because it was very interesting to see other people’s work and it was fun to teach others about what we did as our project.



Year 8 students – Chloe Duxbury Allen-Galvin, Audrey Ho, Alyssa Salim

Throughout this experience at the STEM exposition at Burswood Crown. Alyssa, Chloe and Audrey have collaborated together to have an amazing time and inform people who are interested with their STEM project. The STEM expedition has given them the opportunity to share and learn from other school’s ideas. Throughout the day, they have been able inform others about our project and through this we were able to develop their public speaking skills to explain our Will It Fly? Kite STEM project. They have really enjoyed their experience at the Expo, from the food, to the people to the innovative STEM projects, they have expanded their knowledge and mindset, to achieve greater accomplishments in the future.

Year 9 students – Olivia Dellaca, Alessandra Flexman, Lottie Zollner

On the 17th of September, 3 students from Year seven, eight and nine where selected to attend the STEM Learning Conference accompanied by Miss Coma, Mrs Hall and Mrs Armenti. It was a day full of interesting stalls, interactive activities and friendly teachers and adults. We had many conversations with teachers from other schools that had come to show how their community have made STEM apart of their curriculum and lessons. From seeing different exhibits this influenced us onto making Corpus’ STEM program expand and grow. 

Our stall on the day, showed our hard work and effort in the Stem project. Each STEM group displayed their own portfolio to show the public. We taught people about how we constructed our STEM project and how it helped us to grow and develop in our learning, while improving our skills of organisation, cooperation, communication and team work. We displayed photos and portfolios of our STEM progress, through posters and computers. We enjoyed showing others our hard work and learning about how STEM is used in different schools. 

Some schools attending the exhibition where Sacred Heart College, Bold Park Community School, Ashdale Secondary College, singleton primary school and Brookman primary school. The schools displayed how they had incorporated STEM into their curriculum which included the use of drones, 3D printers, laser printers, sphero programming, handmade books, creating handmade art works and stop motions. 

It was a great learning experience and opened our eyes to how STEM has grown and will grow in the future. We encourage students to be a part of this science, technology, engineering and mathematics program. 

Thank you to Mrs Hall, Mrs Armenti and Miss Coma for this great experience.


Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards

Ella Waddy and Sophie Mumbi represented the College at the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards on Saturday the 25th of August, at Lake Joondalup Baptist College. The girls entered their garments in the Daywear section and were both selected to go to the Apex State Finals on Saturday 15th of September at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. Congratulations go out to the girls, as the standard of work at this competition is very high.


VR at Corpus


This year at Corpus Christi College, we invested in virtual reality equipment with the intention of looking into what learning possibilities may arise from the integration of this technology into the curriculum. 

Whilst there are various simulations available for students to take virtual field trips and simulate science experiments, the most exciting possibilities lay in students using this technology for creation.

Recently one of our Year 8 students, Madison King, chose to create a three-dimensional sculpture entirely in virtual reality using Google Tilt Brush software. Madison’s outstanding project was showcased at the College’s, ‘Celebrating Excellence Evening’ for students who took part in this year’s Academic Excellence Extension Program. Since the event, Madison’s cutting-edge artwork has been recognised for its attention to detail, imagination and innovation.

When asked about the purpose of her work, Madison said, “I love art and VR is new and interesting to me. Drawing in 3D will be a challenge and I would love to experience a new reality. I also wanted to produce an artistic example of someone at peace and at ease. I wanted my artwork to feel like a relaxing place free of the outside world.

Madison’s work has given new insights to what is possible with virtual reality and how staff and students will utilise this exciting technology in the future.

 Jamie Clark

 Acting Head of Academic Excellence

LifeLink at Corpus

The LifeLink fundraiser on Tuesday was a great example of coming together as a community to have fun, share a laugh and raise money for a great cause.

The LifeLink organisation, links together several great charitable agencies that assist people in several different ways. The agencies involved care for those who are disabled, have mental illnesses, need family and employment support, homeless and refugees.

 Some of these agencies are not well-known and do not attract adequate funds from the public. Being part of LifeLink enables them to access from a base of much needed funds.

 A massive thank you to the Ministry Team:

 Melanie Bird- who came up with a novel approach that was engaging- ‘link the teacher for lifelink’

Joel Massad- who worked alongside Melanie to make the fundraiser happen

Jacqui Johnson- who cooked the sausages to perfection

Tony Andreis- for his assistance with the sausage sizzle

Cafeteria Staff- who did all things and more to get the food ready

Maintenance Staff- who provided expert advice on what kind of tape would stick best and who assisted with set up

Matthew Jackson- who pulled in the crowd with his charm and enthusiasm

All other Staff- who assisted with advertising and support

The ministry students- for doing a stellar job on the day

And most importantly- James Howard and Michael Royall- who we tried really hard to stick to the wall.

 The College raised - $780.00 on the day.

eNews - Week 9, Term 3.

Admin Building.jpg

From The Principal

Dear parents

Recently, I met with each Year 11 student who applied for Head Girl or Head Boy for the 2019 academic year. It was a pleasure to discuss how they have served the College in the time they have been with us, what their vision for the College is, and to discuss some of their life’s goals, too…

Senior School News

Careers and Courses Update 

Information Sessions

Australian National University – Admissions, Scholarships & Accommodation Roadshow 
October 16  
Are you a Year 11 student? ANU is changing the way we do admissions and students commencing university in 2020 will be applying under this new admissions model.Find out more…

Middle School News


No SEQTA Reports are issued at the end of Term 3.


Term 3 Awards (Middle School and Senior School)

 The College acknowledges student performance in Terms One and Three with the Certificate of Endeavour. The Certificate of Endeavour will be awarded to a student in every class who has demonstrated…

Senior School News


Careers and Courses Update 

Information Sessions

Australian National University – Admissions, Scholarships & Accommodation Roadshow 
October 16  
Are you a Year 11 student? ANU is changing the way we do admissions and students commencing university in 2020 will be applying under this new admissions model.Find out more - | Perth

WAAPA- Arts Management and Live Production Information Evening

Thursday 13th September- Mt Lawley Campus

Register here: WAAPA Arts Management and Live Production Info Evening 

Workshops & Courses
Introduction to Actuarial Science
The Australian National University (ANU) is running a special version of its popular Introduction to Actuarial Science course for Year 11/12 students in Australia over a flexible time period within Term 4 2018 to Term 1 2019.  The course is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and is FREE for all students.
Furthermore, the ANU offers five scholarships worth $10,000 each to Australian students who complete Introduction to Actuarial Science and enrol in a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at ANU.
Click here for more information and to register interest

UWA School of Design Workshops

September School Holidays

Explore your love of design, architecture, landscape, fine arts and history of art with UWA School of Design Pop-Up workshops. The Pop-Up will finish with an exhibition of work produced by participants. Workshops are suitable for ages 13+. Check out all the different workshops and book here: http://www.trybooking.com/XWOM

UWA Sport Teen Holiday Program
Spring Program: Tuesday 25 September - Friday 5 October 2018
Our Teen Holiday Program is an opportunity for teenagers aged 13 - 17 to get outside, have fun and connect with peers while experiencing a diverse range of sport and recreation activities The University of Western Australia (UWA) has to offer. The program is available throughout the year during each school holiday period.
Enrol here - http://www.sport.uwa.edu.au/social-sport/teen-sport-holiday-program
WA Youth Orchestra
Applications close 15 October 2018.
Whether you want to build a career in music or simply enjoy the thrill of ensemble playing, the WA Youth Orchestras offers memorable experiences to all members of its many ensembles – on and off stage. Apply online now to audition and become part of our amazing 44-year history. For our 2019 Prospectus and to apply to audition click HERE or go to www.wayo.net.au/about/auditions
CSIRO Lab Workshops
Scitech | Perth | School holidays & Term 4 2018
Scitech CSIRO Lab Workshops cater for children aged 4 to 16 years old, with a variety of workshop topics on offer to ensure there's something for everyone. 
Learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) in an engaging environment. Practice skills, explore ideas and build self-esteem and confidence as you make new friends with likeminded peers.
Curtin STEM Outreach – Year 11 & 12 Focus on Mining Camp
November 26 – 30 Curtin University, Bentley
Do you want to feel the rumble of dump trucks and a distant explosion, inspect an operational mine site, rub shoulders with industry professionals and learn about the role of science and mathematics in the mining industry?
Find out more - https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/year-11-12-focus-on-mining-camp-2018-registration-49324926182
JSchool – study single journalism subjects online in Yr 11 or 12
Would you like a taste of journalism?  Studying journalism can develop your writing and research skills, as well as introducing you to the exciting world of media.
Senior high school students may now apply to enrol in one or two subjects from the Diploma of Journalism. Eligible students will need good grades in English plus strong interest in news and current affairs. Access to a computer and internet are essential. 
Find out more - https://jschool.com.au/single-subjects/
CoderDojo WA is a network of coding clubs (Dojos) throughout Western Australia. Dojos provide fun, free and social open learning environments where young people can meet others with similar interests, develop 21st century skills and build creative projects of their own choice using digital technology.
In 2018 there are over 130 Dojos in WA that are supported by over 140 Champions, 300 Mentors and attended by over 2000 Ninjas.
Find out more - https://coderdojowa.org.au/


The Dreamtime Project – ECU Preparation Course –WA
The Dreamtime Project works in collaboration with Edith Cowan University to encourage participants to consider higher education pathways available to them.
Read more - https://thedreamtimeproject.com.au/edith-cowan-university/

MedView – Medical School Admissions Seminar – Perth
October 6 | Crawley, WA
Are you considering studying Medicine in Australia? We’ll provide you with insights, tips and hints into everything there is to know about applying for and attending Medical School in Australia.

Find out more - https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/medical-school-admissions-seminar-perth-october-6th-tickets-49256438333?aff=ebdssbdestsearch


Climate Action Delegation
Europe – Nov/Dec 2018
Start your holidays off right with Crimson's 2018 Climate Action Delegation Tour, you'll get to participate in an international conference; visit the United Nations HQ; mix with those leading their field; and travel around picturesque visiting all top universities. If you're interested in learning more, click here   

ECU WAAPA Scholarship
The ECU WAAPA Scholarship is open to Western Australian year 12 school leavers displaying outstanding academic excellence and endeavour. You are encouraged to apply if you are nominating ECU as your first preference of university through TISC, or if you apply directly to ECU for the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) undergraduate bachelor degree courses. The scholarship offers a payment of $2,500 per semester (or pro rata for part time study) for a total of $5,000 per year for the duration of your course. To apply and for more information, please visit the ECU Scholarships web pages.
AFTRS Storytelling Scholarship
Applications close 15 November
The AFTRS Storytelling Scholarship will be awarded to support a student’s study by covering their tuition fees for the duration of their course.
One scholarship may be offered in 2019 to a Bachelor of Arts: Production student (worth $41,760).
Find out more and learn how to apply here - https://www.aftrs.edu.au/students/future-students/scholarships-and-financial-support/storytellers-wanted/

ECU Engineering Scholarships

The School of Engineering is offering five scholarships valued at $20,000 to the top five high performing Year 12 students at our school who wish to study Engineering at ECU in 2019. You can register your interest with Mrs Burke at the Careers office if you are achieving highly in any of following subjects: Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Chemistry, Engineering Studies or Physics.


Find out about university in Japan
Tsukuba University is one of the most revered universities in Japan, but I doubt you've ever heard of it, despite it's prestige! If you're interested in learning what A Day In The Life looks like here, you can check out our latest video, here
Schoolies Unearthed - A Schoolies alternative that sticks with you for life. 
An incredible 10-day journey overseas, Schoolies Unearthed is your chance to travel with a group of fellow school leavers to one of four destinations, back-packing your way around and contributing to a sustainable community project while you’re at it. Guided by your very own Unearthed leader, you’ll discover a totally new culture, tuck into some incredible food and live like the locals do - all while making mates that’ll last a lifetime. Who's in?
Find out more - https://www.schooliesunearthed.com.au/

Middle School News


No SEQTA Reports are issued at the end of Term 3.


Term 3 Awards (Middle School and Senior School)

 The College acknowledges student performance in Terms One and Three with the Certificate of Endeavour. The Certificate of Endeavour will be awarded to a student in every class who has demonstrated: 

·      outstanding effort over the term

·      consistent application in class

·      positive cooperation and

·      thorough completion of homework and assignment tasks.


 Student withdrawal

 Due notice of the withdrawal of a student requires one full term’s notice in writing, to the Principal. Verbal notification or notification to another staff member is not considered due notice. This notice may be emailed to the College Registrar registrar@corpus.wa.edu.au 

 If due notice is not provided, one term’s fee of the current annual tuition fee will be charged in lieu.

Student Success – Creativity

Creativity is the ability to generate and communicate original ideas and appreciate the nature of beauty. It fosters imagination and innovation.

We inspire creativity when we encourage young people to express themselves through writing, poetry, acting, photography, art, digital media, unstructured play, etc. When we notice and praise them for thinking outside the box and taking risks, their imaginations blossom.

Can we learn to be smarter and more creative?

 Year 7 Pastoral Program

As part of our Pastoral Program our current focus is mental health.  Over the next sessions, the following topics will be covered:


Self esteem

Confidence and achievement

Mental health

Social anxiety


Growth mindset

 Students will be provided with a range of resources and approaches that can be utilised at home.

 Year 7 Grandparents Mass

 On the 14th of September, the Year 7’s and their Grandparents will be invited to attend St. Thomas More Parish Catholic Church for a celebration of the exaltation of the cross. During this mass, we will celebrate our grandparent’s wisdom and kindness, and also remember those who have passed before us. After this special mass, our Year 7s will escort their grandparents to a pleasant morning tea and a tour around the Art and Technology Exhibition.

 Year 7 STEM 2018 – Beacon of Strength

 Our Year 7 STEM project took place last week, with students working in teams to build a tower in their timetabled classes for Mathematics, Science and Technology. The challenge was to build the tallest tower that supported the heaviest mass, using just 2 newspapers and a roll of masking tape.

 Link to the Student Launch: Please click here to see what was presented to students

 Students were guided by the STEM Development Process and worked collaboratively to investigate, design, produce, evaluate and re-design their beacon. Students were encouraged to reflect on their original design and learn from their mistakes to improve the success of their second design. In addition to creating a tower, students documented their journey in a digital portfolio. Project Managers in each group were responsible for the copying and sharing of the portfolio with members of their groups and teachers. All students could then record notes, photographic and video evidence of their progress through all stages of the STEM Development process, guided by an assessment rubric outlining steps for success.

 After a busy and productive week, students took part in the final testing on Friday afternoon led by Mark Barron – towers were lined up and tested to see if they could support 2kg, before being measured for height to determine the winning tower. Congratulations to all towers that didn’t buckle under the pressure!

 The winning towers were:

Jenna Harvey, Sam McDonald and Ben Robinson (Xavier) – 1.2m

Stephanie De Luca, Oliver de Meillon and Alyssa Tenefrancia (Palloti) – 1.4m

The STEM Committee would like to congratulate the teachers of Year 7 STEM and thank you all for your contribution towards making the project enjoyable and the highly successful learning experience that it was for our students. 

Year 8 Social

 On Friday night 31 August, Year 8 students, members of the 2018 Prefect Committee and Homeroom Teachers came together to celebrate the Year 8 Social in the College’s James Nestor Performing Arts Centre. Students arrived dressed in their “Denim” outfits ready to party the night away.

 We began the evening with a bite to eat and drink in the foyer of Performing Arts Centre before moving into J07 where our resident DJ and Head Boy, Liam Rego smashed out the tunes and had everyone dancing up a storm.

 A big thank you to the 2018 Prefect Committee who ran and coordinated all the activities on the evening and our amazing homeroom teachers for their work in the lead up and assistance with supervision.


 We have now received the results of BIG SCIENCE COMPETITION that was conducted in May. 37,000 students from 560 schools took part this year. Students from New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong also took part.

 The Competition involves the testing of a student’s science skills in a competitive situation outside the normal school assessment framework. Its emphasis is on problem solving and the process of scientific enquiry. In addition, it focuses on topicality and contemporary issues, which makes this competition unique in its field.

 This year 56 Year 8 and 59 Year 10 students from Corpus Christi College entered and achieved very creditable results.

Students from this school were awarded 10 Certificates of High Distinctions (within the top 5% of the state), 12 Certificates of Distinction (within the top 15% of the state), 39 Certificates of Credit (within the top 40% of the state) and 54 Certificates of Participation.

 In Year 8, congratulations for achieving High Distinctions to LARA DELILKAN, MOLLY DAWKINS, CAMERON HOLLOWAY, HUGH LIVINGSTONE and MAY HOPWOOD.

In Year 8, congratulations for achieving Distinctions to ELKE RUANE, EMMANUEL FOO, SOPHIE OVERSBY, GRIFFEN COLLINS and JENNIFER TASSONE.


 In Year 10, congratulations for achieving High Distinctions to ADAM NERI, SIOBHAN STEVENS, YOHANN GOMES, NICHOLAS NG and THOMAS NICHOLLS.



 Well done to all these students who committed themselves to sitting for this competition and we hope that they enjoyed the experience of testing their skills in a competitive situation outside the normal assessment framework.

 Year 9 Personal Project Exhibition

James I asks us to account for hardships as joy, because such moments grow our faith. Because trials test our faith. Each experience and trial that our Year 9 students have encountered through the completion of their Personal Project has granted them a deeper, stronger level of faith. The concept of endurance—steadfastness or perseverance has been developed through the persistence of our students to complete their remarkable projects.  Our Year 9’s have demonstrated resilience and elements of all of the Learner Profile qualities throughout the completion of their projects.

 Viewing each project with receptive eyes, it was impossible not to consider the effort, tenacity, application and commitment each student has given to their project. Each project has merit and value and each project has enabled the teen who produced, performed or developed it to grow in their own way, therefore being immeasurably precious. 

 The evening of Tuesday 4 September, the Personal Project Exhibition, gave all attendees the opportunity to vote for People’s Choice Award, nominating the project that the individual believed embodied the aims of the project. The votes have been counted and the student who achieved the most votes was presented with the People’s Choice award at the unpacking of the projects. The People’s Choice Award was presented to Jade Pymont. Jade produced a mosaic surfboard.

 The Personal Project is an integral part of the Year 9 curriculum that will continue to grow in the coming years with the amazing support of parents, teachers and peers.


From The Principal

Dear parents

 Recently, I met with each Year 11 student who applied for Head Girl or Head Boy for the 2019 academic year. It was a pleasure to discuss how they have served the College in the time they have been with us, what their vision for the College is, and to discuss some of their life’s goals, too. I congratulate Brett Nigli and Ellyn McGlone on their appointment as Head Boy and Girl respectively, a role which will commence in Term 4 after our Year 12 students graduate. We will be farewelling our current leaders Liam Rego and Jessica DeFreitas Basilio in the coming weeks, who have both been outstanding student leaders of our community.

Head Boy and Girl.jpg

 Congratulations also to our Year 9 students on presenting their Personal Projects in their Exhibition. The James Nestor Centre was filled with parents, family and friends. My estimation is that we probably had more than 600 visitors to the event, quite an accolade for all involved. How wonderful to celebrate Year 9 personalised learning, a culminative learning project for the middle years of schooling. Well done to Head of Year 9 Yvette Pearce, on a job well-done!

 We were informed by Catholic Arts on Thursday that Tyler Sandon and Amy Riordan were joint winners of the inaugural 2018 Tenants Choice Award, part of the Angelico Exhibition. This award was introduced this year and encouraged tenants of the Forrest Centre to vote for their preferred artwork. Tyler and Amy received the same number of votes. The art folio prizes and the certificates were presented at the College assembly on Monday.

 On Thursday 13 September at 6.30pm, our annual Arts and Technology Exhibition will be opened in the James Nestor Centre. Given the extraordinary art works of our students as displayed at the recent Angelico Exhibition in the city, the Exhibition will be another event showcasing our students’ talents for parents and friends to enjoy. Please check the College website for further details. All welcome.

 At the College Assembly, we also announced the winners of the Long Tan Award. Many of the qualities we look for at the College are intertwined with those acknowledged by the Award. The criteria for the Long Tan Award envisage a student who:

·       demonstrates a very high degree of leadership ability;

·       appreciates the value and contribution of everyone in the team, and whose presence in the team enhances the outcome;

·       demonstrates the application of a high standard of values in all facets of life;

·       has excellent problem-solving abilities and who utilises creative approaches to solve them;

·       takes the lead in achieving tasks in difficult circumstances;

·       has excellent communication abilities, and who is willing to listen to other points of view and incorporate them where necessary; and

·       takes the lead in community activities.

The winners of the Long Tan Award for 2018 were Liam Rego from Year 12 and Isabella Cuocci from Year 10. Congratulations!

 Staffing News

Last week, I notified the College Board and staff that I have accepted Vice Principal Mrs Karen Prendergast’s resignation after it was announced she has been appointed to the position of Principal at Lumen Christi College, Martin. Karen will commence this role in January 2019.

 Karen’s passion for a strong Catholic co-educational learning program, her strong inter-personal skills along with her knowledge of the challenges which educational leaders face in schools have enabled her to collaborate closely with our Leadership and Teaching and Learning Council Teams as we have paved the way for the future.

 Karen has been an influential leader in the College and has assisted me in implementing a range of strategic goals, particularly in the two-year development of our new Vision for Learning after extensive consultation with teachers, and with the initial feedback from students and parents.  The Vision for Learning will be launched in Term Four after our Year 12 students graduate.

 Corpus Christi College has a strong reputation for attracting highly qualified and experienced staff, who then grow professionally whilst at the College. Karen is now the fourth Deputy Principal from Corpus in the past ten years to be appointed as a Principal. If we include the five Middle Leaders who have been appointed as Deputy Principals in the same time period, it highlights our enviable reputation amongst Catholic schools, attracting high quality applicants for roles at the College.

 I will be taking three weeks Long Service Leave in Term Four from Week Three, so Karen will be covering my role in that time. As I am responding positively to treatment, I am taking this opportunity to holiday overseas with my adult daughters.

 With Jim Elliott retiring at the end of the year, the College entered a rigorous recruitment process to search for our Deputy Principal Ministry, an important role at the College.

 It is with pleasure I announce our new Deputy Principal Ministry is Ms Gemma Wooltorton.

 Gemma is currently Assistant Deputy Principal at John XXIII College, a position she has held since 2012, where she was also Acting Head of RE in 2014. These roles have included coordinating the pastoral and educational programs for Year 9, 11, and 12 students. Gemma was formerly the Head of Religious Education at Kolbe Catholic College from 2009 until 2011, where she coordinated special projects for the Principal, having also held an Acting Deputy Principal role in 2011. Between 1997 and 2008, Gemma was the Head of RE and the Coordinator of the Ministry Team at Prendiville College. Prior to this role, she has also held the Assistant Principal’s role at Queen of Apostles and was the National Secretary and Extension Worker with the Australian Young Christian Workers movement.

 Having been awarded a Master of Education in Leadership and Management from Notre Dame University and having completed the Accreditation for Leadership of the Religious Education Learning Area, Gemma is also well qualified for this senior leadership role in the College.

 Clearly, we continue to attract strong candidates to the College. Gemma will take up her position at Corpus Christi College at the commencement of Term One, 2019.

 The Final Word

 Week Nine is one of those ‘big weeks’ at Corpus.

 Year 7s will in participating in the Grandparents Mass and morning tea on Friday, showing their loved ones the wonderful works on display at our Arts and Technology Exhibition, which also opens on Thursday night. Again, I invite all members of the community to come into the James Nestor Centre, as it transforms once again for the Exhibition. I am in awe of the talents of our students which will be on display at this event.

I take this opportunity to thank James Howard, Sheldon McIntyre and the HPE and Athletics staff coaches on their preparation of the students who are competing in the A division ACC Athletics Carnival on Wednesday, and on behalf of the College, we wish the team all the best.

 Best wishes and God bless

 Caroline Payne


ACC Athletics Carnival

The ACC A Division Athletics Carnival was held at the WA Athletics Stadium on Wednesday 12 September 2018. The team focus for the day centred on being accountable to team mates and bringing effort.

After six weeks of frustrating weather hampering our preparations, the Corpus kids pulled together, embraced the challenge of the big stage, and competed with courage and determination.

 After a shaky start in the hurdles, Corpus regained composure and consistently placed front of the pack on the track for the remainder of the carnival. Our middle-distance runners were superb. Our throwers and jumpers were resolute, and Corpus enjoyed our most consistent results in the field for a number of years.  On the Scoreboard, Corpus were in a close tussle with Chisholm, Peter Moyes and John Septimus Roe, all day. The final placings rested with the all-important relays and Corpus did not disappoint. In the closing stages the Corpus relay synergy shone through and our Goal of ‘Top 3’ in the Overall Aggregate was realised.

 Our Corpus girls continued to impress. They were fearless and strong all day. We were awarded 2nd place in the Senior Girls Shield and 2nd in the Overall Girls Shield, which was a fantastic result.

Special mention must go to the following outstanding individual athletes who all had a splendorous day.

Year 7: Darren Fernandez (1st place in 4 x Division 1 events), Florence Chapman, Michela De Boni, Jamie Lee, Bradley Stephenson, Alessia Andritsos

 Year 8: Jack Clutterbuck, Emma Runyon, Zach Pivac, Shannae Ziccardi

 Year 9: Luke Chapman Charley Wehr, Sienna Andritsos, Georgia Ryan, Kim Gamueda, Jade Patching, Carly Pizzuto, Charli Hall, Lara Passaeur, Cade Ravlich, David Smith

Year 10: Sophie Jones, Ava Dadmehr, Amy Watson, Andrea Fernandez, Taylor Kroyer, Sophie Sylvester, Mary Alamiyo

 Open: Jessica De Freitas Basilio, Olivia Neri, Ethan Tupuhi, Eric Delpup

 Huge thanks go out to all the coaching staff. I’d like to acknowledge the dedicated specialist input from coaches Rebecca Del Pup, Paul Sheppard and Lyn Foreman OAM who through their knowledge and passion have inspired many of our younger athletes to be ‘the best they can be’. The successful season would not have been possible without the tremendous support of a long list of dedicated staff members including: Deb Santaromita, Lorraine Carpenter, Melissa Baines, Ellie Patterson, Kristin Nairn, Simon Messer, Naomi Larsen, Matt Jackson, Sheldon McIntyre, Joshua Pauley, Wendy Quint, Stephen Kingwell, Ian Bean, Tessa Johnson, Reno Sinagra, Mark Green, Emma Van Woerden, Rowan Platel, Phoebe McGillivray, Chloe Vince (Prac Student) and Alicia Nelson (Prac Student).

 Results of all events can be accessed via the SPORTAL on Seqta.

Comprehensive results from the ACC Carnival can be found on the ACC Website https://www.accsport.asn.au/system/files/sportstrak/athletics/2018/athsa/page1.htm

 James Howard (Sports Coordinator)

Year 8 and 9 Drama Performances

On Thursday 27th August, students in Year 8 and 9 performed a small production of scenes in the James Nester Centre. This was an opportunity for students to explore their creative skills and perform outside of the usual curriculum space. The Year 8 students performed the short play ‘And so they did.’ Year 9 performed a range of short scenes from their curriculum lessons. It was a very successful opportunity for students to exchange their skills with each other and share their talents in a safe and fun environment.

Congratulations to Mr Richmond and Mrs Davis for their excellent direction and support on the night.

James Dove
Head of Arts


Boyz Dance Crew Excursion to Bounce

On Wednesday the 29th of July, the Boyz Dance Crew went on an excursion to Bounce. After their performance last week at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, this excursion served as a fun way to wrap up the program for the year, while also providing the boys with the opportunity to try out and expand on skills learnt in their regular rehearsals. These skills include acrobatics and parkour – Bounce provides an environment where these skills can be practiced with additional support and safety. The boys were excellent advocates for the College, behaving with maturity and respecting the other patrons of Bounce.

The Boyz Dance Crew will resume rehearsals next year in Term 1. All male students are invited to come and try it out – no previous experience necessary.

Caroline Fuhr
Teacher in Charge of Dance


eNews - Aug 27 2018


A Message From The Principal

Dear parents

August has been quite an Arts Festival sort of month.  Our dance groups performed admirably last Tuesday night, and again, I was proud of their accomplishments. Dance teachers Caroline Fuhr and Caroline Stevenson coordinated three groups, the largest group, the Corpus Dance Company commenced the night’s proceedings, with the Corpus Dance Collective and the Corpus Boyz Dance Crew also performing at the Convention Centre this week...

Senior School News

A brief update on Curtin University Scholarships available to school leavers:

2019 - Curtin Excellence Scholarship (Closing Date: 16 Nov 2018) Application Form Not Required

2019 - Humanities Top Excellence Scholarship (Closing Date: 16 Nov 2018) Application Form Not Required...

Middle School News

Father’s Day Breakfast

On Friday 31 August, the College will be hosting a Fathers' Day Breakfast for all students and their Dads outside the Mater Christi Centre Cafeteria, from 7.15am to 8.00am....

Celebrating Excellence

The Celebrating Excellence evening took place on Thursday 23rd August, and was once again a tremendous success with students showcasing a diverse range of projects.

Twenty-seven Academic Excellence Extension Program (AEEP) students exhibited the project they have been working on throughout the last twelve weeks. Students worked either individually or collaboratively with their peers on a project of their choice. During this time, students researched their topic, planned and designed their project, carried it out, made required adjustments, reported on their findings and presented their final product in various different ways.

At Corpus Christi College we seek to meet the diverse learning needs of all our students. The College Academic Excellence Program aims to:

  • Empower students to strive for excellence and achieve at their true potential.
  • Maximise the potential of all students, converting their gifts into talents.
  • Provide students with a positive environment as a result of being involved in unique opportunities.
  • Train gifted and talented students to ensure correct attitudes and approaches to learning are nurtured and developed.
  • Identify and support underachieving students as well as maintain academically able students, motivated.
  • Ensure that selected students excel at the attributes identified in the Corpus Christi College Learner Profile.

This year, two Murdoch University Student Ambassadors mentored two projects. Each ambassador met with their student or group of students weekly or fortnightly at the College either before school or after school. Having had a student ambassador as a mentor not only provided students with the guidance and support they needed but they challenged student thinking, helped them to overcome hurdles and gave them access to Murdoch University resources.

The projects were judged in three categories:

The Arts, Science & Mathematics and Technology. The categories were judged based on: Creativity and Innovation, Technical skill and Academic Excellence.

Furthermore, there was a People’s Choice Award and the prestigious Corpus Christi College Learner Profile Award for the student who displayed the most Learner Profile attributes.

All students are to be congratulated for all their commitment to the Academic Excellence Extension Program for producing project of utmost high-quality displaying excellence. Our award winners are listed below:


People’s Choice

Jennifer Tassone

Corpus Christi Learner Profile

Kathryn Tan

The Arts

Excellence: Victoria Ann Chong, Sanjeev Singh and Kathryn Tan for their ‘Recycling Animation’

Merit: Keerthana Binu for her cultural artwork piece

Science & Mathematics

Excellence: Jennifer Tassone for her lemon-juice battery project

Merit: Anna Thomson, Madison Whitney and Sophia Connolly for their pin-hole camera and photographs


Excellence: Ella Waddy for her braille typewriter project

Merit: Emmanuel Foo and Brendan Boudville for their virtual reality library


Year 8/9 AFL Champions!

Corpus Christi College Year 8 and 9 AFL boys took out the Eagle Division champions following their 19-point victory over Prendiville Catholic College in the Eagle Schoolboys Cup Grand Final.

Prendiville made a fast start, kicking two early goals in the clash but Corpus Christi took control of the match with five consecutive goals, running out winners 5.7 (37) to 3.0 (18).

This is Corpus Christi’s third Eagles Schoolboys Cup and our first since 1996.

Senior School News


A brief update on Curtin University Scholarships available to school leavers:

2019 - Curtin Excellence Scholarship (Closing Date: 16 Nov 2018) Application Form Not Required

2019 - Humanities Top Excellence Scholarship (Closing Date: 16 Nov 2018) Application Form Not Required

2019 - Business and Law Top Excellence Scholarship (Closing Date: 16 Nov 2018) Application Form Required

2019 - John de Laeter Top Excellence Scholarship (Closing Date: 16 Nov 2018) Application Form Not Required

2019 - Charles Watson Top Excellence Scholarship (Closing Date: 16 Nov 2018) Application Form Not Required

2019 - Women in Engineering Scholarship (Closing Date: 16 Nov 2018) Application Form Not Required

Curtin Principal’s Recommendation Award- nominated by the College ($1000)

John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship- nominated by the College ($2000 per year)

  • Keep in mind that a student is only eligible to accept one scholarship at Curtin University- usually the scholarship of the highest value being preferable for students. Thereby, if a student receives an automatic scholarship based on achieving an ATAR of 96 or above, than this may be more preferable than going through an application process for a scholarship of a lower value.

Further information can be found at Curtin University Office of Scholarships

Email | scholarships@curtin.edu.au

Web | http://scholarships.curtin.edu.au/

Middle School News

Father’s Day Breakfast

On Friday 31 August, the College will be hosting a Fathers' Day Breakfast for all students and their Dads outside the Mater Christi Centre Cafeteria, from 7.15am to 8.00am.

Please click on the link below for bookings and to pre-order your breakfast.


Year 8

 Please note the up and coming events for Year 8:

Drama Production, Thursday 30th August

Social, Friday 31st August, 6pm – 8.30pm in the College Auditorium.

 Vaccinations, Tuesday 11th September

Pastoral Session, Tuesday 11th September (Period 3)


Year 9 Personal Project Exhibition - Tuesday 4 September

The Personal Project comes to its culmination this term and students need to complete their project, report and exhibition set up. At the end of Term Two the students were involved in four well used periods of preparation for their report writing and exhibition preparation. More details of the project can be found on the Year 9 Portal in Seqta.

Personal Project Set Up - Monday 3 September

Personal Project Exhibition - Tuesday 4 September

Personal Project Clean-Up - Thursday 6 September


Year 7 STEM 2018


Commences Monday 27 August.

Challenge for students


Learning Goals for Students



 Dear Parents and Guardians

Friday the 14th of September is an opportunity for the Year 7 students to affirm their grandparents and pray for them as they together partake in the celebration of the Eucharist.

We would like to take this opportunity to cordially invite all Grandparents to join our Year 7 students in celebrating this wonderful family bond with our annual gathering  of grandparents. Students who do not have a grandparent may invite another adult (relation or family friend) as their representative. During the Mass prayers will include the remembrance of Grandparents who are unable to attend.

Mass will commence on Friday 14th September 2017 at 9.00am, at St Thomas More Catholic Church, Bateman and we would ask that you arrive by 8.45am.

Following the celebration of the Eucharist, we invite visitors and students to the Mater Christi Cafeteria for morning tea.  The College will provide morning tea for students and Grandparents. From here Grandparents and invited guests are encouraged to tour the College and the “Where the Wild Things Are” – Exhibition of Visual Art and Technology and Enterprise display in the Performing Arts Centre with their grandchild. Normal scheduled classes will recommence at the beginning of Period 3.

Where a Year 7 student will be absent for the Mass, an invitation is extended to their Grandparents to join in the celebration of the Eucharist and the morning tea. We look forward to sharing this special occasion with all.

Please use the following link to RSVP before Friday 8th September.
















From The Principal

Dear parents

August has been quite an Arts Festival sort of month.  Our dance groups performed admirably last Tuesday night, and again, I was proud of their accomplishments. Dance teachers Caroline Fuhr and Caroline Stevenson coordinated three groups, the largest group, the Corpus Dance Company commenced the night’s proceedings, with the Corpus Dance Collective and the Corpus Boyz Dance Crew also performing at the Convention Centre this week. 4 Corpus Choirs perform next Tuesday night at Trinity College, so we wish Selena Barrett and the Music team all the best! We have already been notified we have been awarded a Shield, an Outstanding Award for the Corpus Christi String Ensemble for Secondary Ensembles. As August draws to a close, we have had a large number of Music students perform at various sites all over the Metropolitan area as part of the annual Catholic Performing Arts Festival.

As Year 12 student Tyler Sandon was the Fra Angelico winner last year, Corpus Christi hosted the CEWA Art exhibition earlier this month. We are grateful to Visual Arts teachers Gaby Fabris and Julie Pannell on preparing our students, and along with Head of Arts James Dove, organised a large number of students to assist in providing refreshments to a large crowd at the Forrest Centre. Long-time Flute tutor at Corpus Jo Robertson also entertained guests with our flute ensemble during the evening. I was proud of the enormous contribution made by Arts students at the CEWA Angelico Art Exhibition held in the Forrest Centre, in the city.

We acknowledge the following students who were award recipients at the 2018 Secondary Angelico Exhibition:

Ellessea Martincic

Tyler Sandon

Chelsea Fuderer

Amy Roirdan

Achieving four major awards shows how strong the visual arts program is at Corpus. As parents would be aware, visual arts students work tirelessly behind the scenes to create all sorts of mediums of art work. Many of these works will be exhibited at our own Exhibition held in the James Nestor Centre from Thursday 13 September.

The Academic Excellence evening last Thursday night was a tremendous success. Acting Head of Academic Excellence Jamie Clark has successfully undertaken the leadership and management of our talented and gifted program so that the students have continued to grow and amaze us with their talents. To see the possibilities of virtual reality as the next new technology was inspiring, in fact, all the projects challenged participants to ‘think big’. Congratulations to all involved!

Book Week’ held last Friday is usually the last main event organised by our current senior student leaders, the Prefect Committee. The Year 12 students led the College community and entered into the festivities sporting many different costumes and creations to reflect favourite book themes, with a ‘Where’s Wally’ theme.


Our Year 8/9 Corpus AFL Football team coached by Maths teacher Geoff Cantwell had a win in the B Division Eagles cup, beating Prendiville College in the Grand Final held recently. With the ACC A Division Athletics competition being held at Perth Stadium on Wednesday 12 September, I take this opportunity to wish our athletes all the best.

E-Smart Week

National e-Smart Week commences on Mon 2 September, its purpose to promote students to be smart, safe and responsible when using digital technology. We are an authorised ‘e-Smart school’, one of the first schools to be registered in WA. There are some good sites for students and parents these days, and some of the following sites may be of interest:

·       http://www.thinkuknow.org.au/resources/factsheets-for-parents

·       Reach Out: www.reachout.com.au

·       Bullying. No Way!: www.bullyingnoway.com.au

·       Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800

·       Youth Beyond Blue: www.youthbeyondblue.com

·       The website, application or phone carrier that you were using at the time

Best wishes and God bless

Caroline Payne


Corpus Dance at Catholic Performing Arts

On Wednesday the 22nd of August, Corpus’ three extra-curricular dance groups performed as part of the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. 85 students from Year 7-12 took part in this performance at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, performing in front of an audience of 2,500 people.

The Corpus Dance Company was given the honoured place of opening the Dance section of the Festival with their original dance work Le Cirque de la Nuit. Choreographed by Caroline Fuhr, Caroline Stevenson and Year 12 Choreography Captain Breanna Furfaro, the circus themed dance was a spectacle of colour and energy, incorporating the dance genres of both jazz and contemporary. The dance was very well received by the audience and the judges commented that it had ‘a spectacular opening’ with ‘well-rehearsed and polished’ dancers.

The Corpus Collective performed the original contemporary dance work Interactions choreographed by dance peripatetic teacher Mo Berrached. This exploration of life and human relationships was a captivating and mesmerising piece, with the judges commenting that it was ‘overall a well-structured dance piece’ that ‘represented the ideas very well’.

The Boyz Dance Crew performed the hip hop dance work Dance Battle, choreographed by dance peripatetic teacher Jason Bird. For many of the boys this was their first time performing dance in front of such a large audience, but they approached this challenge with maturity. They were excellent ambassadors for the College, with the judges commenting that ‘all the men had great energy’ and that they made ‘a fantastic team’.

The students attended many hours of rehearsals both before school and on weekends throughout Term 2 and 3 in order to be prepared for the performance. Their dedication and passion for dance throughout the rehearsal process has been a continual inspiration to the staff involved, and we could not be prouder of the students.

Special mentions and thanks need to be made for a number of the people involved:

-       Caroline Stevenson for helping to choreograph and organise the Dance Company piece

-       Michelle Hunt for supporting the entire team

-       Year 12 Choreography Captain Breanna Furfaro who played an integral role in choreographing the Dance Company piece

-       Year 12 Dance Captain Beth Tavani for assisting throughout the rehearsal process by helping organise the other students, running warm ups and co-teaching the Junior Dance Company group

-       Year 12 James Dalgleish for assuming the unofficial role of the leader of the Boyz Dance Crew and ensuring the boys were ready for performance

Caroline Fuhr
Teacher in Charge of Dance


Senior Girls Soccer

Congratulations to the Senior Girls Soccer team for yet again progressing into the knock out rounds of the Schools Championships. The team was undefeated in their pool in Term 2 and defeated Carey Baptist College in the first round of the knock out stages in Week 2 of this term.

Unfortunately, we came up against far stronger competition in the second round in SEDA, but the girls played an awesome game and did the College proud. It was 0-0 at half time and we had SEDA very worried, but alas we could not maintain this pressure and eventually lost 4-0.

Thank you to all the girls for their commitment and efforts again this year. The College is very proud of the team for having made it this far.