Year 8 Languages Excursion

25th October saw the Year 8 Corpus Christi Students take part in a Languages excursion.  Each Language had organized an incursion/excursion that allowed the students to use the language and find out about the culture.

Italian students were able to go to Fremantle and walk to the welcome walls, Fisherman’s wharf and the famous cappuccino strip.  They were told of the influence of Italian migrants to the Fremantle lifestyle and culture.  They were able to see that influence and also find out more of the history. 

Students were also able to order a ‘gelato’ in Italian and also attend a lunch provided by the lovely ladies at the Fremantle Italian Club.  The students enjoyed the feast and the company of these ladies and the committee of the Club.  They were wonderful ambassadors for the College and impressed the local very much with their excellent behaviour and interest in the topic at hand.

French students had an incursion where they were able to make ‘crepes’.  The students enjoyed the chance to see how they are made and to enjoy eating them together.  They were also able to express their creativity by making key rings with the Eiffel tower, the famous icon of France.  Also they were able to use their excellent language skills to create French phrases for tiles that they created for the outside of the Language office. 

Indonesian students learned a lot about Indonesian culture on our recent excursion.  First stop was Hoyts Garden City for the Indonesian film “Surau dan Silek” (literally:  prayer house and martial arts), where they followed the adventures of a group of children from West Sumatra who combine their serious study of “pencak silat”, the Indonesian martial art, with the gentle philosophies of Islam in the faithful and observant traditional Minangkabau community. 

Second stop was Wireless Hill Reserve, where students enjoyed another traditional Indonesian pastime – picnicking with “nasi kotak” (rice in a box).  This was a delicious takeaway meal put together by the fantastic owners of The Melting Pot Café in Ardross – Jupiter Salim and his wife Agnes, who also happen to be the parents of a student in Year 7 at Corpus.  It’s wonderful to have contacts such as these in our community.  After lunch students enjoyed relaxing in the interesting surrounds of Wireless Hill before returning to school.

e-News 16 - 2017


From The Principal

Dear Parents

 We always have mixed feelings when farewelling our graduates of 2017. In whatever endeavours they pursue, we wish them all God’s blessings to be able to pursue their dreams with a sense of hope in their hearts knowing they have worked hard to achieve their goals. For those commencing their WACE examinations this week, we keep them in our prayers....

Senior School News

Year 11’s, 

Murdoch University has a new Year 12 Summer School program that aims to maximise your Year 12 experience. It runs during the next school holidays and you can complete a summer school unit of your choosing and receive 3 points of credit towards a Murdoch degree (that’s the equivalent to one Murdoch subject or unit). You get to experience university life while still at high school and study in state of the art facilities. More info below....

Middle School News

Year 6 Fun Day

Many thanks to our Arts Learning Area for delivering an outstanding Year 6 Fun Day.  The current Year 7 Student Leadership Team carried out an amazing job in ensuring that all new students were organised throughout the day....

Year 12 Prefect Committee

It is with great pleasure that the Corpus Christi community welcomes the Prefect Committee for 2018. At the commencement mass this week, the Head Boy and Head Girl delivered a stirring vision for 2018, which you can see below. We look forward to the year ahead with this amazing group of student leaders.

Head Boy: Liam Rego

Head Girl: Jessica De Freitas Basilio

Merici: Jonathon Lim,  Olivia Ialacci    

MacKillop:  Sarah Ho,  Levi Burns 

De Vialar: Nicholas Carbone, Ian Lau    

Chisholm: Rohan Bay, Molly Fox

Romero: Natasha Uniewicz, Marcus Wong

Pallotti: Nicolina Ierino, Dwight Rowland

Salvado: Sammy Taylor, Rebecca Le Guier

Xavier:  Kayla Weekes, Ben Dunleavy

Sport:  Carla Drennan, Jackson Edgar

Ministry: Alea Go, Charli Lill

Communications:  Bridget Correia, Tyler Watson

Arts:  Corran O’Brien, Isabella Thexeira


Commencement Mass – Introduction of 2018 Prefect Vision

Good morning,

Last week, the 2018 Corpus Prefect Team gathered for the Prefect Camp over two days. After learning much about our own strengths and weakness as well as those of our team, we spent a long evening coming up with four core values that we all hold with high importance and a motto to encompass these. The Christlike values that we chose to be our core focus this year are:





From these values, the Prefect Team decided for our 2018 motto to be,

"Together we serve with pride, united we walk side by side."

These words and the values they encompass, will be what our Prefect Team will aim to act by throughout the year, and in turn encourage our students, teachers, parents and whole school community of Corpus to strive to live by, with Christ as our perfect model.

“Together we serve with pride”

The prefect team will aim to embody the vision of Christ Like Service. To us this means, being generous with our time, and being able to serve the community, through our houses, committees, Year Group and School with great Pride. For all of us as the graduating class of 2018, this motto sets the bar high for serving our college through sport, arts and ministry opportunities, and participating to our best abilities. The statement also means being proud of our school, being proud of our learning, being proud the achievements of ourselves and others. This therefore translates in the way we present ourselves, as an example to younger students, and the way we proudly represent our college in the wider community.

"United we walk side by side,"

Growing a sense of friendship and unity for the Prefect Team. It encompasses bringing each persons individuality together, to form a strong team, united and strengthened by the relationships within it. This is what we want to focus on and bring about in the Corpus community, by strengthening the relationships between all students, teachers and parents. This means walking beside and supporting each person at the college. It means investing in the needs of you, the students, and the wider community to its enrich unity and togetherness. We must strive to stand united and continue our final school journey side by side, so that together we can stand strong as a supportive school community and as the leaders of the school, to truly become role models for the rest of the college community.

The aim of setting a vision statement is to work towards it by the end of the year. We invite you, and the entire Corpus community to share in the vision: “together we serve with pride, United we walk side by side”. As we make use of the last but many opportunities this school has to offer us all, let us serve in whatever ways we can, raise our hand up and do our best. Let us also as a year group move forward through the rest of the year, United, inclusive and appreciate the successes and individuality of each other. Together, we can certainly look back on our time here at Corpus, and believe that the vision we set at the beginning of our final year, which you can all see up on the screen, was actually a vision that we all shared. And this will lead us through the year, our final year, as we pass on our values, by our own example, to the rest of the college community.

Liam & Jess.

Year 12 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Year 12 Award Winners, who are as follows:                                                                            

Geography ATAR Units 3/4:    Brendan Alvaro

Workplace Learning:       Zachary Barham

Outdoor Education ATAR Units 3/4:    Marc Bishop

Mathematics Essential General Units 3/4:    Luke Caifano

Certificate III Sport and Recreation:    Kirsten D'Cruz

Psychology ATAR Units 3/4:    Sarika D'Souza

Food Science and Technology General Units 3/4:    Cheyenne Davies

Materials Design and Technology: Textiles General Units 3/4:    Georgia Fay

Materials Design and Technology: Wood General Units 3/4:    Chritopher Fitzsimmons

Education Support Year 12:   Ewan Fowles

French Second Language ATAR Units 3/4:   Courtney Galluccio

Biology ATAR Units 3/4:   Dane Jameson-Jenzen

Economics ATAR Units 3/4:    Elish Lau

Design: Design Graphics General Units 3/4:    Breanna Letizia

English ATAR Units 3/4:   Tayla Morellini

Dance ATAR Units 3/4:   Vivianne  Moreno-Sanchez

Materials Design and Technology: Metal General Units 3/4:  Georgia  Munro

Visual Art General Units 3/4:    Niamh O'Meara

English General Units 3/4:    Angelo     Ravina

Italian Second Language ATAR Units 3/4:    Lila    Rodari

Certificate II Information, Digital Media and Technology: Emma Spadaro

Applied Information Technology ATAR Units 3/4:   Matthew Teo

Accounting and Finance ATAR Units 3/4:     Johanes Yacob

Outdoor Education General Units 3/4:    Tahlya Brown

Physical Education Studies General Units 3/4:    Tahlya  Brown

Indonesian Second Language ATAR Units 3/4:    Mitchell Garland

Music ATAR Units 3/4:    Mitchell Garland

Drama ATAR Units 3/4:    Peter Ho

Modern History ATAR Units 3/4:  Peter Ho

Mathematics Methods ATAR Units 3/4:    Christan Joseph

Mathematics Specialist ATAR Units 3/4:    Christan Joseph

Visual Art ATAR Units 3/4:    Rachel Raphael

Certificate II Business:    Rachel Raphael

Children, Family and Community General Units 3/4;    Nia Jones

Food Science and Technology General Units 3/4:    Nia Jones

Religion and Life General Units 3/4:    Nia Jones

Human Biology ATAR Units 3/4:    Brooke  McCoy

Mathematics Applications ATAR Units 3/4:    Brooke McCoy

Physical Education Studies ATAR Units 3/4:    Brooke McCoy

Chemistry ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes

Literature ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes

Physics ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes

Religion and Life ATAR Units 3/4:    Phoebe Holmes         

Arts Leadership:    Peter Ho

Sports Leadership:    Emma Zanoli

Christian Service:    Olivia Fuderer

Australian Super Excellence in VET:  Zachary Barham

Caltex All Rounder:  Kenith Png

College Dux Award General Course:    Tahlya     Brown

Proxime Accessit:    Christian    Joseph

College Dux:    Phoebe    Holmes         

Corpus Christi Medals:    Nina Brown,  Jack Dellaca, Olivia Fuderer, Mitchell Garland, Peter Ho, Phoebe Holmes, Elish Lau, Kenith Png, Ben Robless, Lila Rodari, Ashley Taylor, Brittany Wassell, Emma Zanoli.

Sequere Dominum: Mitchell  Garland & Ashley Taylor


Australian Olympiad Examination 2017

In August this year, over 6,000 Australian students registered for the 2017 Australian Science Olympiad Exams.

Australian Science Innovations held National Qualifying Examinations in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at secondary schools around Australia for the Australian Science Olympiads. These examinations are the first stage in selection of the Australian teams that will ultimately compete in the International Science Olympiads in mid‑2018.

A breakdown of students by discipline who registered for the exams are as below:

Chemistry       2,066

Biology           1,765

Physics           1,669

Earth & Environmental Science   580

Congratulations to BRETT NIGLI of Year 10 who achieved a Credit in the Physics Examination, and VINEETH VINCENT of Year 10 who achieved a Credit in the Chemistry Examination. This places these students in the top 60% of students which is a very credible result for such a difficult examination for Year 10 students.

The students found their participation valuable and rewarding and the extra work required studying for this competition is sure to be of benefit in their future studies in Physics and Chemistry.

Mrs Karen Rourke (Physics Teacher) and Mrs Filipa Carvalho (Head of Academic Excellence)

ESC Camp 2017

On Wednesday 25th October, 19 ESC students set off to Ern Halliday recreation camp for three days and two nights. On the way to camp, they stopped at AQWA to see the spectacular living reef aquarium, where the stingrays and sharks were being fed. After the AQWA adventure students had a tour of Hilary’s Boat Harbour. Arriving at the campsite around 2pm students and staff settled in before the first afternoon activity. Students were challenged to a roping activity where their class mates hauled each other to 8m height. Students pull a pin and are swung in the air like a giant pendulum. After a busy day, the excitement continued into the evening with a game of spotlight disco. Thursday was an early start as everyone set off for a beach walk, the walk ended abruptly when it began to rain, this didn’t dampen the camp spirits. Students and staff then spent some time playing board games including giant Jenga, whilst they sat out the rain. The rain stopped just in time for the afternoon activities which included bike riding. Many students had a go at riding a bike for the first time. Students went on a scavenger hunt to find items from the environment to design a canvas. In the afternoon, Judy Coehlo joined the camp to run a liturgy, which included decorating individual candle and writing prayers of reflection on those people in the students’ lives they are grateful for. By Thursday evening our campers were all very tired and after dinner watched Johnny English.  The last day arrived so quickly and it was time to pack up, ready to head home. Before leaving the campsite, students had one final challenge, to crawl the 280m artificial caving system.

The students were outstanding over the three days, enjoying each other’s company, helping each other and challenging themselves to try new and different things. Thank you to all the staff who attended camp.


Farewell to the Graduating Class of 2017

The graduating class of 2017 had their official send off over two days at Corpus last week. Events ranging from a breakfast with their peers and homeroom teachers, to a whole school assembly and awards ceremony, to a formal mass and presentation of certificates at St Mary’s Cathedral and a dinner for the graduates, parents and their teachers at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The students were fare welled with ceremony, tradition and fun.

On Friday 20th October, the graduating class of 2017’s final day began with a breakfast. The breakfast was an opportunity to mingle with peers and homeroom teachers in a casual setting, reminiscing about each year of school and having a laugh at some of the “lighter moments” in and out of the classroom.

The morning then moved to a formal whole school assembly and presentation of awards. The Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefect Committee each gave their final addresses to a packed house in the Corpus Christi College Community Centre. Songs were sung as we watched the retrospective encapsulating the students time at Corpus. The parents then formed a guard of honour as the Graduands exited the Gym for the final time.

On Friday night, the graduating class of 2017, their families and staff gathered at St Mary’s Cathedral for the graduation mass and presentation of certificates. This formal occasion, lead superbly by the College choir, was the ideal setting for the Corpus community to congratulate all the students.

Graduation concluded on Sunday 22nd October at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre with dinner. The dinner was a time for students, parents and staff to let their hair down, talk about past stories and dance the night away.

We thank the graduating class of 2017 for an incredible journey… now it’s their time to go and begin a new one.

Remember “Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved”- Winnie the Pooh

Mr Simon Messer

Head of Year 12

Senior School e-News 16

Year 11’s, 

Murdoch University has a new Year 12 Summer School program that aims to maximise your Year 12 experience. It runs during the next school holidays and you can complete a summer school unit of your choosing and receive 3 points of credit towards a Murdoch degree (that’s the equivalent to one Murdoch subject or unit). You get to experience university life while still at high school and study in state of the art facilities. More info below.

Chickenpox case

Dear Parents/Carers

We have been advised of a case of chickenpox in Year 11. Please refer to for further information on this disease.

If you notice any symptoms or are unsure, then please consult your GP. 

From The Princpal e-News 16

Dear Parents

 We always have mixed feelings when farewelling our graduates of 2017. In whatever endeavours they pursue, we wish them all God’s blessings to be able to pursue their dreams with a sense of hope in their hearts knowing they have worked hard to achieve their goals. For those commencing their WACE examinations this week, we keep them in our prayers.

Without missing a beat, we welcome our 2018 group of Year 12 students, as our Year 11 students said ‘goodbye’ to their Year 11 courses last week and started their Year 12 subjects this week. They have a total of ’25 days of schooling’ in 2017, giving them a head start in their Year 12 courses prior to February next year. This successful initiative continues, reducing the anxiety caused by a shortened final year of schooling due to the examinations which commence in November.

A big week at Corpus: Week Two Term Four

 Last week, we welcomed Year 6 students who are joining us next year, always a delightful day. The Arts team make this a very special welcome to our students, and we are ever grateful to our Arts Learning Area members for all the work they do to support our induction program. Through the medium of the arts – visual arts, music, dance and drama, our young people are fully engaged in activities which are challenging but non-threatening, designed to enable them to make new friends from other schools, to meld together as Corpus kids.

Whilst this was occurring, the new student leaders, the 2018 Prefect Committee attended a two-day residential camp at the Pallotine Centre in Rossmoyne. I take this opportunity to congratulate the 2018 Prefects on their appointment. Former staff member Mark Clayden supported Jim Elliott, Naomi Larsen and Simon Messer to make this camp a memorable and exciting launching pad for our student leaders. Head Boy Liam Rego and Head Girl Jessica DeFreitas Basilio spoke to the Class of 2018 at the conclusion of their Opening Mass, an inspiring speech which passionately addressed our College mission and values. This speech is included below.

Last Thursday night was the penultimate celebration evening for the sporting life within the College, with James Howard’s exceptional organization of the Celebration of Sport Dinner, and many students and staff honoured for service to sport. It must be acknowledged James was well supported by Samantha Lowe and the Health and Physical Education team, as well as Head of Music David Harries, Lydia Gardiner and the music students who kept us entertained during the evening. Our cafeteria staff, particularly Deb Lawson and Jo Court both created and served a high quality meal which would have been the envy of many chefs in hotel-like establishments.

 World Teachers’ Day

This week, we celebrated the invaluable contribution that teachers make to the faith formation and education of students and our broader society, through World Teachers’ Day.

CEO Acting Executive Director Dr Debra Sayce emailed all teachers this week, expressing her gratitude for the work they do. In her email, she quoted Pope Francis, who summed up the role of a teacher in this wonderful manner:

About 2,000 years ago, the world’s most important teacher worked to make our world a better place.  In the words of Pope Francis, Jesus ”is a teacher of truth and life who shows us the way to truth and happiness”.

Today teachers and support staff are in the privileged position of being able to help form the lives of over 77,000 young people and their families who are part of the community of Catholic schools in Western Australia.  We all appreciate that the role of educators is now far more complex than past times.  It extends well beyond academic learning to embrace all those skills and values which make life a happy and fulfilling place for students.  We acknowledge the work of all educators, especially those who work in difficult geographic locations and those who work with the most needy.

On behalf of the Bishops of Western Australia, who have mandated us to promulgate the work of Catholic education, I offer my sincere thanks for the outstanding work all educators undertake to create the thriving system we are all part of. 

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated in over 100 countries and is a fitting acknowledgement for the efforts of teachers globally and offers an opportunity for students, parents and community members to demonstrate their appreciation for the incredibly important work of teachers.

Our graduating class of 2017 provided a special morning tea this week on behalf of the community, acknowledging the efforts of our staff.

On behalf of Corpus Christi College, I congratulate our teachers for their dedication and commitment to the students in their classes in a wide variety of contexts, keeping them safe, guiding their learning, challenging their students to excel and giving them hope and optimism for the future.

Acknowledging our Year 12 Major Award Winners

Our Year 12 students graduated on Friday 20 October at St Mary’s Cathedral. Deputy Principal Damian Scali announced the major awards winners at the Whole School Assembly to farewell our Year 12s. I take this opportunity to congratulate all Year 12 students who were presented with College awards.

The Sequere Dominum Award is Corpus Christi’s penultimate award and presented to a Year 12 student of the College each year. It acknowledges the graduate who epitomizes the College stated values including nurturing a living faith, promoting justice and service to others, striving for excellence in everything they do and respecting the dignity of each person they encounter.

All staff are invited to nominate students for this award, from which the recipients of the Corpus Christi Medals are chosen. I found it very difficult to nominate a single winner, so I congratulate Ashley Taylor and Mitchell Garland who are the 2017 winners of the Sequere Dominum Award, outstanding role models for the community in the manner they served the community across a range of activities in the College.

Damian Scali has acknowledged all Year 12 Awards recipients in his article in this copy of the Newsletter. Congratulations to all the recipients of these Awards which were presented to them after the Graduation Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral.

An invitation to parents

The AGM of the Board and Parent Council will be held next year. In preparation for the 2018 academic year, Board Chair Mr Greg LeGuier will be inviting interested parents to nominate for the College Board very soon. Interested parents and community members who wish to contribute in this important way are asked to consider nomination.

The College Board of Management is entrusted to assist in the financial management of the College, its strategic purpose and in the planning of future capital works. Parents who have one or a combination of the following are strongly encouraged to apply: 

·       Active in their parishes

·       Building and construction

·       Business and Finance

·       ICT and Technical

·       Legal

·       Marketing and PR

·       Professional

·       Risk Management

·       Senior management experience

·       Tertiary or Secondary Education

I invite all parents to consider their nominations as a Board member for 2018. Please consider applying to join the Board, with further details to be sent to parents very soon.


Best wishes and God Bless


Mrs Caroline Payne


The Arts Shine Bright at Corpus: A star in the making

Congratulations to Niña Brown (Graduand of 2017) for being accepted into the prestigious Bachelor of Arts (Dance) at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts for commencement in 2018.

Niña undertook a gruelling audition process, which consisted of practical dance classes in the genres of contemporary dance and ballet, as well as the performance of an original solo and an interview with a panel of judges. Between 300-400 dancers from all over the country, and even internationally, apply and audition each year for this course. Niña is one of 20 successful applicants which were accepted into the course for 2018, out of the staggering number of those who auditioned. 

She will now embark on a 3-year intensive performance based course with 35-40 contact hours a week of specialised dance classes including: contemporary dance, ballet, performance, allied techniques, choreography, dance theory and dance history. On top of these contact hours she will also attend performances, have rehearsals, and participate in workshops on a weekly basis.

Niña’s achievement in being accepted into the Bachelor of Arts (Dance) is even more outstanding due to the fact that she only started formal dance classes two and half years ago at Corpus Christi College, in the Semester 2 Year 10 curriculum dance course. Her passion for dance, combined with her determination, intelligence and background in competing nationally in Trampoline, has seen her improve her dance technique exponentially over the past couple of years. She has left Corpus Christi a unique dancer, and a burgeoning artist. We can’t wait to see what 3 years of full time dance training at WAAPA will see her achieve next, and wish her every success for her future.

Caroline Fuhr & Lauchlan Bain

Dance Educators and very proud ‘Dance Family Parents’

Burgundy White & Blue Sport Celebrations

On Thursday 26 October, Corpus Sport hosted the 5th annual ‘Burgundy, White & Blue Celebration of Sport Evening’ at the David Heath Community Centre. Approximately 180 guests attended the sit-down dinner and awards ceremony, including past College sporting captains and sports leadership award winners. Guest speakers for the night were Georgie Parker (Hockeyroo, Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Olympian and Collingwood draftee for the upcoming 2018 AFLW season) and Garrick Ibbottson (177 AFL game veteran and life member of the Fremantle Football Club), who both shared their inspirational stories and imparted their advice to the current generation of Corpus sporting stars. During the course of the evening, the College honoured: the Fairest and Best Players from all Southern Associated Schools - Junior (SASJ) and Champion Schools teams; the Best All Round award winners, as judged by coaches and staff; Sporting Colours recipients; Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) All Stars; State and National Representatives; and Service to Sport recipients. Other prestigious awards announced included the Coach of the Year, ISP Athlete of the Year and the Sports Leadership Award for 2017.

Corpus Sport would like to thank both the Corpus Cafeteria staff for their exceptional catering and the student Celtic Band for entertaining guests with live music, as well as all staff and students who were involved in organising the event. The Celebration is an important time to reflect on our successes in the sporting arena and look towards another year of hard work, fair play and sportsmanship.

It was a wonderful night of celebrating all that is great about Corpus Sport.

List of Award Winners

Southern & Associated Schools Junior Competition.

            TEAM                                                FAIREST & BEST
SASJ TouchMiddle School Boys                     Byron Devene
SASJ BasketballYear 7 Boys                           Jack Holtom
SASJ BasketballYear 8/9 Boys                    Jacob Delaporte
SASJ NetballYear 7 Girls                              Shanae Ziccardi
SASJ SoccerMiddle School Boys                  Jayden Matson
SASJ CricketYear 7 Boys                       Yibing (Jack) Johnston                     
SASJ TouchMiddle School Girls                      Jenna Tupuhi
SASJ BasketballYear 7 Girls                              Ella Moylan
SASJ BasketballYear 8/9 Girls                       Aisha Forrest
SASJ NetballYear 8/9 Girls                           Ashley Dragon
SASJ SoccerMiddle School Girls              Claudia Bempascuitto
SASJ CricketYear 8/9 Boys                              Tyson Burns

School Sport WA Champion Schools Competition

Netball Senior Girls                                        Keeley Liddelow
SoccerSenior School Girls                       Jessica De Freitas Basilio
Soccer Junior Boys                                          Calum Milne
SoccerSenior School Boys                               Ryan McGee
SoccerIntermediate Boys                                 Kai Katnich
Basketball Senior Boys                                  Zachary Barham
Basketball Senior School Girls                   Gabriella Radojkovich
Dockers Cup SeniorGirls Football                 Lyndsey Fowles
AFL Yr 8/9 Eagles Schoolboys Cup                Joshua Browne
AFL Senior Boys 1st XVIII Football                   Tom Wright
Cricket Senior Boys 1st XI                                Jackson Edgar

Best All Round at Sport Awards

Year 7 Boy           Jack Clutterbuck
Year 7 Girl            Isabella Cross
Year 8 Boy           Cade Ravlich
Year 8 Girl            Carly Pizzuto
Year 9 Boy           Tom Stephenson
Year 9 Girl            Sophie Jones
Year 10 Boy          Harry Cormack
Year 10 Girl           Niamh Pivac
Year 11 Boy           Levi Burns
Year 11 Girl            Jessica De Freitas Basilio
Year 12 Boy           Liam Hislop
Year 12 Girl           Ashley Taylor

Coach of the Year 2017     

Mr Mark Green

ISP (Inclusive Sport Program) Athlete of the Year 2017

Sebastian Dobowski

Sports Leadership Award 2017

Emma Zanoli

Middle School e-News 16

Year 6 Fun Day

Many thanks to our Arts Learning Area for delivering an outstanding Year 6 Fun Day.  The current Year 7 Student Leadership Team carried out an amazing job in ensuring that all new students were organised throughout the day.

The Year 6’s showed real promise, displaying an excellent attitude from the outset.  There was a real sense of unity as students from numerous primary schools came together as part of the Corpus Christi College family.  Our new intake had a fantastic time, already making new friends and trying out new experiences.  We very much look forward to their orientation day in November.

Year 7 News

Pastoral Period

The focus of the most recent Pastoral session was “Achieving Excellence”,focusing on study skills. Students worked through:

  1. Study Skills Checklist
  2. How to study
  3. I am ready to study
  4. How you feel about school
  5. What is my learning style
  6. Learning style Quiz
  7. My Learning Style.
  8. Make a schedule
  9. My schedule   


Head Lice Notice

Dear Parents/Carers

We have been advised of a case of head lice in Year 7. A factsheet can be found at


Year 8 News

 Pastoral Period

Students received presentations about Career’s from Mrs Kath Davey and Mrs Rachel Burke. This was followed by students working in their Homerooms. They accessed a website to complete the My Future Pathways career generator. Website:

Year 9 News

Year Nine Student Leadership

“Whoever would be first among you must be servant of all” (Mk 10:42-44; Mt 20:25-28). Week Three saw the opportunity of Student Leadership open up to all Year 9’s once again. Year 9 students are being asked to consider taking the leap to serve their peers next year as a Student Leader. All Year 9 Students were nominated for the position of House Representative this year and their peers voted for the people they believed best suited to represent them on Friday October 27. From here the House Coordinators will interview the successful students and select the House Representatives for 2018.

Students who wish to nominate for a Committee Student Leadership role are able to find a nomination form on the Year 9 Portal or collect one from the Head of Year office and nominate themselves for a position. Nominations close on Wednesday November 1. Students for these positions will be interviewed by the Committee Coordinators based on applications meeting required criteria for Committee Student Leadership Positions in 2018.

Cyber bullying

We all have the right to freedom of expression and to hold opinions without interference, however, sometimes our children can misinterpret this to mean that they can do and say whatever they wish if they feel it is true. The Year 9 Pastoral Programme has focussed heavily on Cyberbullying this year and the effects, legality and consequences of such behaviour. It is upsetting to be aware that there continues to be cyberbullying occurring within the Year 9 cohort. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about their online behaviour and the appropriateness of some of the choices they may be making so that together we work towards each and every individual being compassionate, thoughtful and Christlike.

Pastoral Period

The Week 3 Pastoral Programme period was presented by Mrs Rachel Burke and Mrs Wendy Quint who presented a session on Careers to assist the students to start thinking about their future education and career choices. The Careers information will continue to be worked on in Year 10.

 Space Camp 2018 Parent Evening

 Next Tuesday (31st October) we have the next Parent Information Evening hosted by Lucy from Edu School Tours. This event is being held at John XX111 College in the GBLT Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre and will be starting at 6.30pm.

Looking forward to seeing the 2018 Space Camp USA tour participants and families on Tuesday night.

Gospel Focus – Love your neighbour as yourself

There is an implicit, or understood, commandment within the command to love your neighbour as yourself. That is, we must first love ourselves. Whilst to say someone ‘loves themself’ is used as a criticism of a person who is a bit too vain, that is not what is intended here. If we are to love others as we love ourselves we must first be content and happy with who we are. It is only when we are comfortable with who we are that we are able to reach out to those around us with compassion.


 Year 8 STEM Experiences

Engineers from WOODSIDE visit Year 8 students to share STEM experiences

STEM is Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics and careers in STEM are fundamental to continued advancement and prosperity in our community and our country.

Year 8 students were treated to inspiring presentations and practical activities by groups of Engineering staff from Woodside last week when they visited Corpus to demonstrate STEM in real-life situations and share information about their own roles and career journeys.

They presented the students with:

·  strong and compelling messages that STEM subjects can lead to a wide range of creative and fascinating careers for all young people

·  activities of interest that created enthusiasm for STEM subjects in a fun, practical and engaging way

·  real-life role modelling from people passionate about their jobs and keen to be ambassadors for STEM careers

During the presentation, students were able to experience the use of a Virtual Reality Headset with 360 degree virtual reality footage that let them feel as though they were actually on the North Rankin Complex – Australia’s largest offshore gas processing facility.

We are very grateful to WOODSIDE for involving us in their ‘Promoting STEM in Schools’



Mrs. R. Armenti, Ms. D. Coma, Ms. S. Farrington and Mr. M. Stephens

Senior School e-News 15



The aim of the RACI Australian National Chemistry Quiz is to prompt an interest and appreciation of the role of chemistry and chemists in our society, and engendered a better understanding of the nature and relevance of chemistry amongst students.

We have now received the results of the Australian National Chemistry Quiz that was conducted in August 2017 for some Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students. This year there were entries from Levels 7-12, representing 930 schools throughout Australia and many schools from 17 other countries including Germany and Vietnam.

Again students from Corpus Christi College have achieved very creditable results. The school average in both Year 10 and Year 11 was well above state average. The Year 12 average was also above the state and Australian average.

Students from this school were awarded 8 High Distinction Certificates (within the top 10% of the state), 17 Distinction Certificates (within the top 10% - 25% of the state), 5 Credit Certificates (within the top 25% - 40% of the state) and 23 Participation Certificates.

In Year 12, congratulations for achieving a High Distinction to JACK MAGUIRE.

In Year 12, congratulations for achieving a Distinction to PHOEBE HOLMES, BROOKE MCCOY, ALEA KAYE GO.

In Year 12, congratulations for achieving a Credit to LEMAR HADDAD, ASHLEY TAYLOR and STEPHEN THORNETT.

In Year 11, congratulations for achieving a High Distinction to JASON HOLLOWAY and OWEN THAMRIN.


In Year 11, congratulations for achieving a Credit to JOSHUA NG.

In Year 10, congratulations for achieving a High Distinction to BRETT NIGLI, BRODIE PARSONS, COLBY PETTERSON, MATTHEW ROSSI and OSCAR WEHR.

In Year 10, congratulations for achieving a Distinction to HOLLY VAN DER LINDEN, MIA CHAN, HARRY REGAN and JAYE KEMBER.

In Year 10, congratulations for achieving a Credit to JOSHUA WONG,.

Finally, well done to all those who committed themselves to the extra work required studying for this competition.

NATIONAL TITRATION CHAMPIONSHIPS – held at Murdoch University in late August

Congratulations to Olivia Mocerino, Phoebe Holmes and Hayley Zeller who represented Corpus Christi College at the RACI National Titration competition at Murdoch University in August.

Each member of the team was required to complete their own analysis of an unknown (over a two hour process) with the final results judged on their combined results. Overall our team achieved very well with each team member being awarded with a silver medal for their efforts.

Home Economics Projects

Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards:

On the 26th of August, the College was ably represented by three students at the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards. This year’s event was held in the auditorium at Joondalup Lakeside Baptist College, in Joondalup.

Olivia Notaro from Year 9 entered the evening dress that she had completed for her Year 9 Personal Project in the Evening Wear category. Olivia’s gown had a halter top and slim fitting skirt and was constructed from heavy quality black stretch velvet. To add drama, Olivia had embellished the dress with sparkling silver gems that stood out beautifully against the dark colour of the gown.

 Ella Waddy entered an edgy outfit in the Day Wear section, this was three pieces and consisted of dark tailored jeans topstitched in cobalt, a slim fitting crop top with an abstract black and cobalt design and was topped off with a black, stretch leather fully lined jacket that was accentuate with a chunky, asymmetrical silver zip.

Georgia Waddy represented the College in the Wearable Art section of the competition with a dress made from individual origami pieces. Her garment was very eye catching with a bright pink top and a purple skirt. She coordinated this with a crown style headpiece in pink and purple and a matching ribbon waistband. The pieces had to be folded and glued individually, a process that took Georgia almost a year to do. When finished the garment contained 2500 folded origami pieces and weighed four and a half kilograms. Georgia was selected to participate in the State Finals at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on the sixteenth of September.

On Behalf of the College, we wish to thank the girls for their commitment and participation in the Apex Teenage Fashion Awards in 2017.


Year 11 Children Family and Community

The Year 11 Children Family and Community class chose to donate to the Women & Infants Research Foundation and King Edward memorial Hospital. They produced beautiful tote bags which they then filled with homemade bath bombs, hand creams, newborn nappies, toiletries and baby items. They also donated fleece baby rugs and some small quilts to the Foundation. The goods were very much appreciated by the Foundation and the girls received a beautiful letter of thanks for their efforts.

Year 12 Children Family & Community

As part of their course, the Year 12 Children Family and Community class chose to support and donate goods to the students from Mulan this year.  Each girl in the class produced a large pencil case for a student at Mulan and then filled the pencil case with goods that they had purchased. The contents were friendship bracelets, school supplies and toiletries and the girls also produced a beanie to go with each bag. Their efforts we very much appreciated by the Mulan community and girls received some very positive feedback for their efforts.


In Third term the Year 12 Children, Family and Community class were required to complete a task on advocacy in action. This required them to identify a need in the community and to plan and implement a fundraising strategy to help support the need. After an inspiring talk by Ms Rachel Burke, our careers advisor, the girls decided to raise money for victims of domestic violence. They planned their strategy for fundraising, which included running several food stalls, made reusable fabric bags and then used the money to shop for personal care items to go in the bags, which were then donated to the shelter.

e-News 15 - 2017

Year 12.jpg

From The Principal

Dear Parents

 Welcome to Term 4

I trust students and families have had a wonderful holiday break. I acknowledge our Year 12 students who sat their mock WACE exams during the second week of the holidays, and their teachers, who have been marking these examination papers. Along with Year 11 students sitting their final examinations, which continued last week, I know many teachers will be marking and concluding marks books in the next fortnight, a very busy time of the year....

Senior School News


The aim of the RACI Australian National Chemistry Quiz is to prompt an interest and appreciation of the role of chemistry and chemists in our society, and engendered a better understanding of the nature and relevance of chemistry amongst students.

We have now received the results of the Australian National Chemistry Quiz that was conducted in August 2017 for some Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students...

Middle School News


We are very much looking forward to welcoming the Year 6’s as part of their transition into Corpus Christi College in 2018 on Tuesday the 24th October.

Thank you to the Arts Learning Area for planning the delivery of an action-packed day...

Middle School e-News 15


We are very much looking forward to welcoming the Year 6’s as part of their transition into Corpus Christi College in 2018 on Tuesday the 24th October.

Thank you to the Arts Learning Area for planning the delivery of an action-packed day. 


Congratulations to the recipients of the Endeavour Awards that were presented by Mr Italiano in our Year Group Assembly.  It was excellent to see such a large portion of our cohort receiving these accolades.  Thank you to the large turnout of parents who attended to show their support, it is encouraging to see such substantial numbers of proud parents.

At this stage in the term I would like to encourage parents to work with our Students to revisit their Smart Goals in SEQTA, this is one strategy to help ensure continued progression in our students studies.  As we enter the last portion of the school year, it is hugely important that we have a continued push towards the achievement of the targets that students have set. 


In the coming weeks, Year 8 and Year 9 students will engage in Pastoral Sessions (Weeks 3 and 6) focussing on Careers. 

Your BC.png

* The aim of sessions is for students to explore websites and find out more about what occupations interest them.

* Students will work through their own ‘My Brilliant Career Plan’


Creativity is the ability to generate and communicate original ideas and appreciate the nature of beauty. It fosters imagination and innovation.

We inspire creativity when we encourage young people to express themselves through writing, poetry, acting, photography, art, digital media, unstructured play, etc. When we notice and praise them for thinking outside the box and taking risks, their imaginations blossom.

Can we learn to be smarter and more creative?


In coming weeks the Years 7 to 9 have will have the opportunity to step up and take the courageous leap of nominating for Student Leadership for 2018.

The positions of House Representative, Ministry Representative, Sports Representative, Arts Representative and Communications Representative are all open to those who wish to step up and be part of a community of Student Leaders intent on continuing the great things happening at Corpus as well as to work to improve our community. Details of how positions are allocated will soon be available on the Year 7, 8 and 9 Portals.

The preferential voting system will be used to allow the Year 7’s and 8’s to demonstrate their civic duty, which complements the Humanities Civics programme currently being undertaken.

The students nominating for Committee positions in the areas of Ministry, Sports, Arts or Communications will have the opportunity to attend an interview and explain why they believe they are the best person for the representative position. 

All students who consider these leadership opportunities are to be commended for their willingness to support the College and offer service to their peers.


A Slam Dunk for Carla


Corpus Christi College Year 11 student Carla Drennan has captained the Associated & Catholic Colleges All Stars girls team for the second year running, winning Most Valuable Player in the annual game versus the public schools’ School Sport WA team.

Held on Sunday 15 October at Bendat Basketball Centre, Floreat, the All Stars match is an opportunity for the best players in different secondary school systems to meet each other and compete at the highest level in a friendly environment. After a closely fought first half, the ACC girls team pulled away to take their first victory over SSWA since the competition’s inception four years ago, winning 70-45 at the final buzzer. Carla top scored with 18 points, earning praise from competitors, teammates and sport coordinators alike. Perth Wildcats point guard Jarrod Kenny was on hand to present Carla with her MVP award and winners medal after the game.

A dedicated athlete, Carla has spent many years training and was delighted to be named captain of the team in 2016 as a Year 10. This year, Carla describes the experience of competing as “Very exciting. We knew we had a very athletic team leading into the game so it was up to our combined effort to implement what we had been working on to bring about the win.”

Corpus Christi College Sports Coordinator James Howard, who has been involved in ACC sports for over a decade, comments that “Carla has grown into a fine leader. She is already a highly successful athlete but it is her combination of integrity and talent that will see her continue to rise and thrive at the elite level.” With state-of-the-art sporting facilities, including new basketball courts opened for use in 2016, the College is committed to supporting its sporting talent and looks forward to upcoming interschool competitions.

As for what’s next for Carla? She says “I have a big year ahead of me at school for year 12 so that’s my priority, but I’m currently trialling for the U20s star team and I’m hoping the following year to head over to the US and play basketball at college!”