Year 8/9 Eagles Schoolboys Cup - East Fremantle District Champions

After a strong season, our Junior Footy Boys faced off on home turf against Willetton SHS in the East Fremantle District Final on the Wednesday 18 July.

In slippery conditions the boys overcame a slow start, and strong early pressure from the visitors, to find their feet and go on to enjoy an impressive win. The boys used the width of the Corpus oval well and dominated possession for the majority of the game. 

The team coached by Geoff Cantwell and led by captain Luke Yeo now progress to play the winner of the South Fremantle v East Perth District – in two weeks time.

Final score Corpus 8 7  55 def Willeton SHS 2 0  12

Best for Corpus Kobe McMillan, Luke Yeo, James De Boni, Jaren Carr, Jack Garland Dixon, Dylan Siu, Cade Ravlich, Josh Abonnel

Well done lads!

Raison d'être' Dance Open Evening

On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 June, Corpus Dance students treated families and friends to a spectacular evening of fun and dance. Over 70 students from Years 7 to 12 performed on the evening, with both curriculum and extracurricular group involved.

The title of the Dance Open Evening was inspired by the French saying ‘Raison d'être' which means ‘reason for being’. For many of our Dance students, dance is their reason for being and serves an important purpose in their lives. The performance attempted to explore the function that dance plays in our society and was split into three parts: ritual dance, social dance and artistic dance.

We opened the evening with a liturgical dance, a prayer in physical form, and an example of one of the ways in which dance plays a ritual role at the College. Then it was time for the audience to discover their love of dance by joining the students in participating in a number of classic social dances such as the Chicken Dance, the Macarena and the Nutbush. I was overwhelmed by the huge number of audience members who chose to enthusiastically participate. It was amazing to see so many people on stage, coming together through dance and the students certainly loved being able to dance with their family and friends.

After interval the students put on an artistic performance for the audience, showing off the hard work they have put in over the last term during their rehearsals. The dances covered a variety of genres such as contemporary, ballet, hip hop and jazz, and looked at a variety of themes ranging from entertaining fun to asking the audience to consider serious topics and questions. The students conducted themselves with impressive professionalism throughout the evening and I could not be prouder of them.

Many people made this performance possible and must be thanked:

-        The College Leadership team

-        James Dove, Head of Arts

-        Michelle Hunt, Arts Administrator and Front of House manager

-        Caroline Stevenson, dance teacher

-        Backstage supervision: Anjuli Duncan, Amanda Fernihough, Judy Coelho, Kelsi Davis

-        Student helpers: Corran O’Brien, Annbel Biscotto, Ava Versacio, Luka Babich, Theo Pascoe, Melissa Holloway, Kalea Gowland, Megan Schutte, Jess Giannini, Marina Piper, Lauren Hislop, Claire Cantwell.

Caroline Fuhr

Teacher in Charge of Dance

The Pinnacle of Public Speaking

On Wednesday evening, June 27th, the tenth Corpus Christi College Public Speaking Competition took place in the Sadler Centre. Students had mixed emotions of nervousness and excited anticipation. There were 42 competitors in 5 separate heats, which ran concurrently, followed by 7 students participating in the impromptu speech competition. The evening was a great success providing the audience with entertaining and inspiring speeches. I would like to commend all the speakers who took up the challenge to speak publicly. They can be very proud of their achievements. The skills of public speaking acquired over Terms 1 and 2 will stand them in good stead in the years to come.

An evening such as this would not be possible without the support of so many people. Thank you to the parents and families of the students for their ongoing support and for being such an enthusiastic audience. Thanks to all the adjudicators on the evening; past students Sean Yoong, Mallorie Gan, Daniel Thomas, Wai Sin Wan, Tiarna Petterson, Rebekah Craggs, Brielle Petterson and Olivia Fuderer. It is wonderful to see these young adults return to the College and once again assist on the evening, which has become a real tradition for this competition. The task to choose winners and runners up was daunting, with many adjudicators commenting on the high standard of the speeches. In addition, I would like to thank Corran O’Brien and Jessica De Freitas Basilio who were the Masters of Ceremony for the evening. Corran’s jokes and Jessica’s ‘getting to know you’ activities kept the audience amused when there was a lull between speakers. Other student leaders; Kayla Weekes, Natasha Uniewicz and Charli Lill carried out so many roles including chairing, setting up and time keeping. Many thanks to those students.

The most prestigious award for Public Speaking by the College is the Excellence in Public Speaking Trophy. It acknowledges a student’s ability to construct a speech that impacts not only on the intellect but also on the emotion. It also recognises a student who is successful in both the College competitions as well as external competitions such as Rostrum and Plain English Speaking. It is my pleasure to announce that this year, there were two recipients of this award; Year 11 students, Ike Adesanya and Rachael Dellaca. Both students have exceptional public speaking skills and have shown remarkable talent in impromptu speaking. Rachael reached the zone final in the Rotary 4 Way Test Competition in February this year, while Ike represented the College in the semi final of the Plain English Speaking Award in June. They are truly worthy recipients of this award.

In other news in Public Speaking, the State Final of the Rostrum Voice of Youth will take place on Saturday June 30th. Corpus Christi College will be represented by Ike Adesanya, Rachael Dellaca, and Mosaia McDonald will participate in the Senior Section of the competition and Gianni Petta will participate in the Junior Section. Their dedication to prepare a new speech in a matter of weeks after the semi- finals and keep up with school work and assessments is nothing less than inspirational. On behalf of the College community, I would like to wish them well for the competition.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Year 12 student Emma Shine for her efforts in coaching a group of Year 7 students. Emma gave generously of her time and expertise, which enabled many Year 7 students to become involved in Public Speaking.

I am also very grateful to Mrs Manuela Piscetek, Mr Michael Royall and Ms Melanie Bird for their support and assistance in coaching students this year. The time and energy they devoted to this after school activity cannot be underestimated. Without the help of these wonderful people, the opportunity for so many students to be involved in Public Speaking would not have been possible. My sincere thanks are extended to all.

Public Speaking will be available again next year in Semester One. I look forward to seeing all the students back again for another exciting year.

Mrs Noreen Stevenson


Malaysian Visitor

In January 2018 Miss Kristen Nairn spent 3 weeks in Penang, Malaysia on a teaching Fellowship with Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT).  The aim of the Fellowship was to share our knowledge and introduce them to 21st Century Teaching concepts. The Fellowship was a huge success, and new professional relationships were formed between the Malaysian teachers and Australian Fellows. On the 21st June 2018, Corpus was fortunate enough to have a visit from one of the Malaysian teachers from the Fellowship. She saw lots of interactive activities in the Science, Cooking, Physical Education and Humanities learning areas, and was so impressed by all the facilities and opportunities available to the students. Thank you to Mrs Payne for allowing her to visit the College for a morning.

Music Night

On Tuesday 26 June, a sell out crowd was treated to a display from the music departments finest acts. It was a magnificent event, and an absolute pleasure to witness the amazing talent. Congratulations to all involved.

Corpus Christi Day 2018

On Friday June 22 the College celebrated Corpus Christi Day with a morning mass, followed by a festival of activities and the annual Talent Quest! Thanks to all students and staff who helped make the day a success. Proceeds from the day will go towards supporting Sacred Heart School in Beagle Bay.

Year 10 Compass Retreat

The two Retreat days for the Year 10 students were focussed on the concept of the ‘compass’- which guides travellers to orient themselves and find their way.

The themes of the Retreat were aimed at directing the students to choose behaviours and actions that help them become good Christian leaders in the different areas of their life. The activities were focussed on raising awareness about their responsibilities as citizens of the humanity; part of the global family.

To this end several activities were designed over the two days.

One day comprised of ‘Christian Leadership’ where students practised skills necessary for leading by example and for leading by serving others. The games and discussions were run by a group called 4theteam Leadership and included ways to build resilience, problem solving and team building.

The other day comprised of a variety of sessions in the morning that included an expo style gathering of some core service agencies in the community like World Vision, St Vincent de Paul, Caritas, Edmund Rice Centre and Environmental Groups from the local Shire.

The afternoon sessions rotated between games and discussions that raised awareness of the needs of our world and gave students the opportunity to create tie-dye shirts and prepare muffins that will be donated to local charities like Shopfront, St Vincent de Paul and St Patricks Community Support centre in Fremantle.

Year 9 Guest Speaker


On Monday June 25, the Year 9 Humanities students were lucky enough to have a guest speaker from Mark McGowan’s Labor government. Mr David Alexander is the Principal Policy Adviser for the Office of the Hon Bill Johnston MLA who is the Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Commerce and Industrial Relations; Electoral Affairs; Asian Engagement. Mr Alexander spoke to the students about the process and importance of listening to the voices of all the key stakeholders in any government decision. He challenged the students to break out of their comfort zone and to search for and consider opinions and views that may differ from their own. The students also received advice on the importance in seeking out reliable news information and critically evaluating the information that is often presented on social media platforms and by the big newspapers and television stations. Many interesting and important questions were asked and answered and we thank Mr David Alexander for taking time out of his busy schedule.

A message from the Principal

Sometimes I am asked, what is different about a Catholic school education? I think the various topics covered in this copy of the e-News highlight some of these characteristics.

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ – what does it mean for all of us? Please read on….

The feast of Corpus Christi was celebrated in our Catholic parish communities a few weekends ago. This year, for various reasons, we commemorated this day at the College later in the term.

We are fortunate to have our College named after the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, a celebration of us all as Christians in community, together as one body of Christ. We always commence our own Feast Day celebrations with a mass for the entire school community. To explain the significance of this day, I quote from Pope Francis’ homily recently. These are beautiful words that are in keeping with the message of this copy of the e-News this week, of thankfulness and celebration in community:

‘Jesus prepares a place for us here below, because the Eucharist is the beating heart of the Church…It gives her birth and rebirth; it gathers her together and gives her strength…

In the consecrated host, together with a place, Jesus prepares for us a meal, food for our nourishment. In life, we constantly need to be fed: nourished not only with food, but also with plans and affection, hopes and desires. We hunger to be loved. But the most pleasing compliments, the finest gifts and the most advanced technologies are not enough; they never completely satisfy us. The Eucharist is simple food, like bread, yet it is the only food that satisfies, for there is no greater love. There we encounter Jesus really; we share his life and we feel his love. There you can realize that his death and resurrection are for you. And when you worship Jesus in the Eucharist, you receive from him the Holy Spirit and you find peace and joy. Dear brothers and sisters, let us choose this food of life! Let us make Mass our priority! Let us rediscover Eucharistic adoration in our communities! Let us implore the grace to hunger for God, with an insatiable desire to receive what he has prepared for us.’

We have included weekly mass at Corpus Christi to provide our community with another opportunity for nourishment. Mass is celebrated as part of our senior school Retreats, and as a staff, we commence and conclude the academic year by celebrating mass together. We also celebrate mass with Grandparents in Year 7, and on the Feast of the Assumption. This shows our College commitment to be the ‘beating heart of the Church’ in our own community.

This year, we have had a group of teachers developing our Vision for Learning, which along with our pedagogical principles, or methods and approaches used to reflect learning in the College, will be released to the community at the end of the year. This working party has been so much stronger because we are ‘being nourished with the plans and affection, hopes and desires’ of all teachers, who have used the data provided by parents and students to redefine and refresh our purpose. Again, the process adopted has shown we are together as one body of Christ.

Raising Funds for Sacred Heart School, Beagle Bay

A group of staff and Year 11 students are attending the Annual Corpus Christi College Immersion, which is being held at Sacred Heart School, in Beagle Bay on the Dampier Peninsula, approximately a 3-hour 4WD journey north of Broome, next term.

Extracurricular experiences are an essential part of the Catholic school culture and community. The College continues to pursue opportunities for students to experience living their faith by implementing a long-term vision of immersion experiences. Pursuing this vision develops local and wider links with struggling and /or isolated communities where purposeful interaction and sharing can occur that enables faith in action.

Whilst on leave for a short period this term, I was fortunate to be able to visit Sacred Heart School in Beagle Bay. I saw first-hand the work Scott Connery is undertaking, working to improve the learning outcomes of his students with the support of his Principal Lyla Forte and Assistant Principal (and former teacher at Corpus Christi) Amy Christophers. As you would recall, Scott was granted a 6-month secondment to work in this Kimberley school. Despite the lack of timber available in a fairly newly constructed D&T workshop, Scott is using readily available wooden pallets to teach students to make items which they could use. One of the projects is making a wooden cross, which I have pictured below.  Although a challenging role, Scott was as energised as I have seen any teacher passionate about making a difference with students.


In returning to Corpus Christi, I see this same passionate approach amongst teachers everywhere, and the generous manner in which staff are supporting each other through personal trials. The second last week of term typifies this, with the Winter Sleep Out, Year Ten Retreat Days, and Corpus Christi Day all in the one week. I know many of our staff and students would be looking fondly towards a restful holiday period.

So, the funds raised on Corpus Christi Day will provide our Aboriginal brothers and sisters at Beagle Bay with enhanced learning opportunities and materials. Just as importantly, I know all involved learn from each other, deepen their understanding of ‘culture’, knowing their experiences invite a ‘two-way learning’ approach for all involved. Students and staff always come back transformed in some way!

So, we ask for God’s grace as we open our eyes to the great joys surrounding us every day, wherever our students are.

Veritas – what is this all about?

At World Youth Day 2016, Pope Francis called young people and the Church to ‘Open new horizons for spreading joy’. Late in 2017, the Bishops of Australia responded to the call by inviting Catholics in Australia to celebrate a Year of Youth from the beginning of Advent in 2017 until the end of Ordinary Time in November, 2018. This was to be part of the time of discernment as we move towards the Plenary Council of 2020, which will be held in Perth, when the Bishops are ‘expecting to chart a course into the future, with young people a crucial part of that journey’ (Archbishop Denis Hart, President, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference).

Veritas is one of the main events for Catholic youth in the Perth Archdiocese. Open to teens and young adults aged 12 to 35, we are proud the festival will take place over three action packed days on the weekend of Friday 6 – Sunday 8 July at Corpus Christi College. As Catholic Youth Ministry’s key event in celebration of 2018 being the Year of Youth, there will be incredible music, speakers, workshops, discussion forums, prayer and much more!

Also, a highlight at this year’s festival will be the Christian Service Learning workshop – a great opportunity for direct dialogue between students and the agencies about what they wish to do as a volunteer.

Details are available at for the largest Catholic Youth Festival in Western Australia.

Term Three Pupil Free Day

We commence Term Three with a pupil free day - Monday 16 July, which is a faith-formation professional development day for all staff at the College.

In the past we have utilised a number of religious order-run faith formation programs for staff, including those associated with the Jesuit and Domenican orders. Next term, we have been able to connect with a component of the Marist Faith Formation Staff Spirituality Program called ‘An Audacious Hope!’ This is closely aligned to one of the goals in our current Strategic Plan.

The goals of the ‘Audacious Hope!’ program next term are as follows:

As communities of faith, living in an increasingly individualised society, we are called to reflect on our young people’s understanding of themselves, their world and their future. If we are to remain true to our Christian mandate we need to continue to form our youth to be people of faith and hope. This program addresses the possibilities audacious hope offers in enabling us to respond to the challenges life presents.

This program aims to:

·       investigate how Australians view Christian faith in our contemporary culture;

·       explore how hope plays an integral part in our own lives and in the future lives of young people;

·       identify that, as Christians, our hope is grounded in the Resurrection of Jesus and is one which reflects Mary’s audacity and courage.

The location will be Tompkins on Swan in Alfred Cove, which means the College Office will be closed for the day.

 Apple Distinguished School

We received news this week, that Corpus has been selected as an Apple Distinguished School for 2018-2020, now a three-year designation. We have been congratulated on being recognised for continuous innovation in learning, teaching, and the school environment. This is a point of difference at Corpus, the technology serves teachers and students, and decisions made are only implemented if we are planning to make a positive difference to student learning, whether engagement or achievement.

This is a whole school award, and the large number of teachers who have achieved Apple Teacher Certification is indicative of our commitment towards achieving the best learning outcomes for our students. No mean feat, I acknowledge the work of Director of Learning Technologies Daniel Budd and his team for the work they have done to assist staff and students, every single working day. In speaking with an Executive representing Apple, he stated that at a world gathering of Apple Executives, the Corpus Christi story was cited as an exemplar in secondary schooling for the Australasian region.

Staffing Matters

After three and a half years, Director of Music David Harries is leaving us to join All Saints College. He has had an enormous impact on the development of the Music department at Corpus, particularly in the development of our choirs, the formation of a Band program and the inclusion of a Music tour to the Rotorua Festival in New Zealand, wonderful opportunities for our students. Students under his leadership have embraced challenges and performed at a high standard, which has included five students being awarded places at the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), the College Celtic band winning the shield for Contemporary bands at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival and the achievement of many top awards for College ensembles at this festival and the Fremantle Eisteddfod. Ably supported by Music Assistants Abigail Radford and Lydia Gardiner in the past and present, Arts Administrator Michelle Hunt, and working with Music teacher Selena Barrett (nee Meegan), David has positioned the College well for the next stage of our development in our Arts program.

We will also be farewelling Mathematics teacher Dusan Vojvodic, who has decided to pursue further studies at university and will be leaving the College after being with us for two and a half years. We are also grateful to Jenny Cullen, who has been covering Marie Drygan’s Home Economics classes whilst on she has been on leave this term.

One of our most loved teachers, Elaine Liew, has been diagnosed with a serious illness earlier in the term. As she commenced chemotherapy last week, I invite the community to please keep her in your prayers as Elaine continues treatment into Term 3. Lorraine Carpenter returns from leave next term, and along with Andrew Ward, Elaine’s English classes have been, and will be, well looked after.

We wish teachers who are on Long Service leave next term, all the best too: Filipa Carvalho, Joy Kinners and Katrina Thomas.

 New staff to the College will be introduced in the first copy of the e-News next term.

The Final Word

High achieving students will be acknowledged and presented to the community at the Whole School Assembly on the Tuesday of the last week of term. Please note all parents are invited to attend this assembly. A complete list of those who received Academic Awards and Colours Awards will be acknowledged on the website. I congratulate these students for their dedication and commitment to their studies, which has contributed to their high achievement.

Students will commence Term Three on Tuesday 17 July, after staff participate in the Professional Learning ‘Catholic Identity’ Day already mentioned, on Monday 16 July.

For all parents, students and staff, please have a wonderful winter holiday break and return refreshed and ready for the challenges and opportunities that will form part of Term Three.

Best wishes and God bless

Mrs Caroline Payne






Corpus Girls Compete in ACC Hockey Carnival

The Annual ACC Girls Hockey Carnival was a enjoyable day held on June 14 at Mcgillivary Oval UWA Hockey facilities. The open girls team drew 2 games and came second in 2 games. The students basked in the fine weather and team spirit, well led by Amelia Swan.

A special thank you to Andrew Flint (Class of 2017) for his coaching this season.

Mr Simon Maye

Corpus Students Excel at Atwell Youth Awards

Once again, Corpus students have been chosen to exhibit their artwork at the annual Atwell Youth Awards, held at the Atwell Gallery in Alfred Cove. This year, we achieved a number of Highly Commended awards across the various categories, as well an overall prize winner in Year 12. Of the seven entries submitted by the College, five received awards – this is a fantastic achievement for both the Visual Arts students and the Visual Arts staff (teachers Julie Pannell and Gaby Fabris, supported by art technician Trevor Bly).

The entries were innovative and creative, showcasing the highest standard of work across all visual arts disciplines and year levels. Exhibiting and showcasing student artwork outside the immediate College community provides an opportunity for students to strengthen their creative spirit. Exhibitions such as the Atwell Youth Awards allow the community-at-large to engage with student work and celebrate local talent. The Visual Arts team believes these opportunities continue to build resilience and confidence amongst the students.

Congratulations to the following students for their awards:

Highly Commended:

Year 7 Art Project:  Finlay Snooks, Alessia Andritsos, Natasha Bozanich, Christian DeAbreu, Monet Grader and Fletcher Tennent for their acrylic piece, "Where the Wild Things Are"

Ellessea Martincic (Year 12), for her graphite piece, "Strength Hidden within the Shadows" 

Amy Riordan (Year 11), for her painting "Beauty in Time"

Hayden Tarzia (Year 11), for his intricate wood/paint piece, "Portrayal of Society"


Samantha Thomas (Year 12), for her piece "The Unseen Faces that See Too Much"


Corpus String Recital

The Corpus Christi String Recital took place on the evening of Tuesday 12th June, and was a showcase of our very promising violin and cello students. The students displayed a variety of wonderful solo performances, demonstrating their individual abilities. 

The evening concluded with the Corpus String Ensemble performing the items from the Fremantle Eisteddfod, and they showed great improvement and enthusiasm.

Thank you to the tutors Miss Gardiner and Miss Kotze for all their hard work with the students this semester, and to David Harries for accompanying the students. Thank you as well to Michelle Hunt and Abigail Radford for all their hard work in setting up behind the scenes.

We look forward to another successful semester in the String department, with plenty of performance opportunities!

Middle School News

Term 2 and 3 Dates

As always, please refer to the College Calendar for the most up to date details of College events.

Please note:

Corpus Christi Day Friday 22 June

Semester One Awards Assembly Tuesday 26 June

Term 2 concludes on Friday 29 June

Term 3 commences (for students) Tuesday 17 July

Year 9 Connections Retreat Commitment- donated items for schoolbags


Earlier this term, the Year 9 students had the opportunity to participate in a Retreat experience that focussed on Connections where they explored relationships that connect them to people in the human family.

As part of this experience the students were made aware of the lack of educational resources in many communities around the world. In response to the needs they witnessed, each student was asked to make a commitment to bring in some stationary item or any materials that would usually be part of a school bag.

These items will be donated to the charity ‘Schoolbags for Jesus’ and also be gifted to communities in Beagle Bay and Cambodia when the College sends representatives on their respective immersions.

All students are kindly requested to bring in their donated items by the end of Week 7 this term. These can be brought in to Homeroom or Religion class or dropped into the Ministry Office at any time.

The donations and the completion of the reflection sheets form part of the Service Learning component at the College for the Year 9 cohort.

For further details or any queries please contact either Katrina Thomas or Judy Coelho.


At the request of the Western Australian Bishops, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 9 students in Catholic schools across Western Australia will take part in The Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment (BRLA) from the week commencing Monday 30th July in Term Three. For Year 9 students at Corpus Christi, the BRLA will be held on the morning of Wednesday 1st August. The assessment will be accessible to students only online.

Students enrolled in Year 3, Year 5 and Year 9 who are following a regular classroom program are expected to participate. Students with disability are also entitled to participate in the assessment. Exemptions may apply.

The Nature and Role of the BRLA

The Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment is a large-scale, standardised assessment program that consists of a series of Religious Education (RE) tests developed and marked by the Office of Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA). The purpose of the BRLA is to measure student learning of the content in the RE curriculum. Formal school and student reports are produced by the Office and will become available to schools in Term Four.

The BRLA provides a ‘point in time’ snapshot of student performance in RE. Students’ knowledge and understanding of the content of the RE curriculum is assessed using a combination of multiple choice, short and extended response items. Students’ faith is not assessed. The use of the BRLA complements the school based assessment programs in RE.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any inquiries regarding the administration of The Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment in 2018.

Academic Excellence Extension Program (AEEP)

Filipa Carvalho

Head of Academic Excellence

Each year, members of the Academic Excellence Program (AEP) are given the opportunity to take part in the Academic Excellence Extension Program (AEEP). Students can work either individually or collaboratively on a project of their choice. At the end of the 10 weeks, students will present their work to guest judges, parents and friends during the Celebrating Excellence evening

The purpose of the program is to:

· Empower students to strive for excellence and achieve at their true potential.

· Maximise the potential of all students, converting gifts into talents.

· Provide students with a positive environment as a result of being involved in unique opportunities whereby they can pursue their interests.

· Offer students the opportunity to work with like-minded students.

· Train gifted and talented students to ensure correct attitudes and approaches to learning.

· Maintain academically able students, motivated.

· Cater for academically able students who are often self-directed learners.

· Ensure selected students excel at the attributes identified in the Corpus Christi College Learner Profile.

· Provide students with the opportunity to apply 21st Century skills including working collaboratively and communicating with others, nurturing student creativity and problem solving skills.

Students can select from a wide range of projects. Click below to access the website with information relating to the program and past projects and the available projects.

Additional Details:

When: Every Tuesday

Start date: 5 June 2018

Time: 7.30am- 8.30am

Venue: TCC

Exhibition evening: Thursday 23 August 2018 (Celebrating Excellence Evening). Student projects will be exhibited and showcased to parents and friends later in the year.

Personal Projects


Some amazing projects are taking place and being produced. Students are encouraged to keep working on achieving their goals and to remember that they should be aiming to have their project complete by the end of the Term 2 holidays. Students are encouraged to have regular contact with their staff superior.

On the final day of Term Two, students will be given direction and time to work on their reports and exhibition. In Term 3 students will work on fine tuning their project, writing their report and designing their display.


Home study is seen as an integral part of the academic program of the College. It is recommended that all students should be engaged in consistent home learning. Regular, planned study timeslots organised around family, leisure and sport commitments are a guideline for success.

The guidelines below are average times recommended for 5 days/times per week (including weekends).

· Year 7 30-60 minutes per day

· Year 8 45-75 minutes per day

· Year 9 60-90 minutes per day

What is expected of Teachers?

· Homework should be issued with the intention to assist students consolidate their learning

· Outcome of homework should be communicated to students

· Provide suggested time to spend on set activities, e.g. (15 minutes)

· Differentiate homework to appropriately challenge each level of learner.

· Homework should be entered on SEQTA

What is expected of the student at home?

· Ensure that all possible homework is completed

· Work for short, concentrated bursts. Twenty to forty minutes of fully-focused effort interspersed with short breaks is recommended

Parents can help by?

· Regularly checking SEQTA for communications from teachers

· Providing a suitable environment for home study

· Insisting on a high standard of neatness for all work in all subject areas

· Providing firm support to follow a set study plan (thus helping the student to avoid overloading on any one night)

· Providing resources (e.g. providing internet access, obtaining books, encouraging the use of the library)

· Monitoring the effective use of the Internet

· Being actively involved in the learning with students

· If a student is unable to complete an ‘overnight’ learning task due to family reasons, please either email the teacher concerned or write a note in the Student Diary.


Parents are reminded that in the first instance, if you have concerns about your son’s or daughter’s progress, it is always appropriate to make direct contact with the relevant class teacher.  If there is no resolution to your concerns, the College’s protocols require the Head of Year or Learning Area Coordinator to be contacted.

As our teachers have full time teaching loads, please note that any return of parental contact may not be possible until the following day.  You are also encouraged to use Direct Message in SEQTA to bring matters to the attention of staff.



“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein

Year Nine students across Mathematics, Technology and Enterprise and Science have been collaborating on the current STEM program. It has been running smoothly and the students are working on some great stop motion animations.  Many of the students asked if an extension could be made as they have realised how much work and effort has to go into a stop motion animation. 

The project manager of each student group will be asked to email their Mathematics, Technology and Science teachers with access to their portfolio by this deadline.  The STEM Team will nominate the top animations and then choose some winners in terms of their final product. 


Senior School News


Careers & Course Update

Curtin University- Student Box

Student Box is a place where students can chat with other year 10,11 and 12 WA students, while also accessing study tips, exam tips, past WACE exams and advice from university advisors. You must be a current year 10, 11 or 12 student and use your SCASA number to register Registration may take 24 hours to activate.

 UWA Year 12 Individual Advisory Sessions

10th July- 12th July

10:00am- 7:00pm (by appointment)

They’ll be discussing UWA courses, admission requirements and more. Register here: Year 12 Individual Advisory Sessions

Curtin College

Based at Curtin University with similar benefits of a university student, Curtin College offer Diploma courses that automatically gain direct entry into the second year of many Curtin University bachelor degrees. The diploma comprises Stage 1 and Stage 2. Year 12 students with a low ATAR can apply directly to Stage 2, while students who have completed Year 11 can apply directly to start Stage 1. Offered are:

  • Diploma of Commerce
  • Diploma of Arts & Creative Industries
  • Diploma of Information Technology
  • Diploma of Engineering
  • Diploma of Health Sciences
  • Diploma of Built Environment

More information here:

Notre Dame University- A Day in the Life of a Uni Student

Friday 6th July 9:30am (during school holidays)

Notre Dame Drill Hall (ND25) corner of Croke & Mouat Street

Year 10, 11 and 12’s can experience what university life is really like at Notre Dame. Get a taste of their programs, take part in lectures and activities, enjoy a campus tour, and meet current students and academics. Year 12’s are invited to attend a workshop at 2:30pm to be stepped through application process. Register for a personalised university timetable for the day here:

Murdoch University- Murdoch Horizons Year 12 Summer School

January 4th- 25th 2019

The Murdoch Horizons Summer School prepares students who are transitioning from year 11 to year 12, for their year 12 studies. Over three weeks you’ll participate in lectures, workshops and labs to experience university life and study. Find out more-

Australian National University- Perth Information Evening

June 28th

Novotel Perth Langley

This presentation will include information about programs offered at ANU, move to the East Coast and Canberra. Please come along with any questions you may have. Find out more-

Year 12 ATAR Enrichment Program at UWA

July School Holidays 2018

More information here:

Year 11 & 12 ATAR Revision Program

July School Holidays 2018

Rossmoyne SHS, Perth Modern, Perth College, Churchlands SHS

More information here:

College of Electrical Training Open Day- Jandakot Campus

Saturday 23rd June 11:00am- 2:00pm

The College invites students and their families to visit their campus to find out how they can study an electrical pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship at CET. Register here- http://www.CET.ASN.AU/OPENDAY

 Apprenticeships Western Australia from Apprenticeship Central

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Curtin University: Girls Focus on Mining Camp 2018- Registrations Open Now

Come on an adventure and discover the world of mining in the historical town on Kalgoorlie!
There are all sorts of exciting jobs for girls in the mining industry. The Girls' Focus on Mining Camp is an opportunity to visit different mine sites and participate in a range of university and career workshops.

  • Travel to Kalgoorlie with a bunch of like-minded girls and get a real life insight into what working in the mining industry is like.
  • Visit the Curtin WA School of Mines (WASM) which is ranked #2 in the world for Mineral and Mining Engineering and find out what university life on campus is like.
  • Stay at the Kalgoorlie camp school, explore the historic town, meet WASM students and women working in the industry.

When: 24th September - 28th September (School holidays)
Where: Curtin University, WA School of Mines (View Map)
Who: Girls in year 10 in WA schools
Cost: Completely Free of Charge - This camp is sponsored by mining companies and WASM. All travel, meals and accommodation is provided. Please register Here. Applications close Friday, 20 July, 2018.

Rio Tinto Apprenticeships – 2019 Intake Applications Open July
Applications open soon for Rio Tinto's incredible apprenticeship program. If you're interested, then do your research and start putting your documents together to apply. The 4 year program offers qualifications in the following areas – electrician, heavy duty diesel mechanic, mechanical fitter, and light vehicle maintenance.
Applications will be advertised here –
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Curtin University: The ConocoPhillips Science Experience with Engineering

The 2018 ConocoPhillips Science Experience is four days of engaging hands-on science and engineering lab sessions, expert speaker presentations, information on studying at university and careers in Science and Engineering, engrossing challenges, and more. Explore the fields of Agriculture, Medical Science, Chemistry, Spatial Science, Molecular Genetics, Robotics, Physics, Maths and Chemical Engineering. You may watch our event promotion video via this link.

Date:          6th, 7th,10th and 11th December 2018
Location:   Curtin University, Bentley Campus
Cost:          4-day program $260 (includes GST) Please Note: these fees do not cover any transport, meals or accommodation costs
*** Best apply before 31st October 2018
Please follow the below link to find out more about the event and apply!

UWA Young Leaders Council

The University of Western Australia is looking for current Year 12 Head Prefects, Head Boys and Head Girls to join the UWA Young Leaders Council. A new offshoot of the UWA Student Guild, the Council will be made up of young leaders from high schools throughout Western Australia, and will give them the chance to share ideas between schools, network with other pacesetters and develop leadership skills for the future. Head students who would like join the council just need to complete our registration form by Friday 22 June.

UWA Year 12 Individual Advisory Sessions

10th July- 12th July

10:00am- 7:00pm (by appointment)

They’ll be discussing UWA courses, admission requirements and more. Register here: Year 12 Individual Advisory Sessions

Notre Dame Early Offer Applications Close 31st July

Drop into the Careers Office to pick up application forms and make appointment for Mrs Burke to complete page 4 of your application.

Year 12 ATAR Enrichment Program at UWA

July School Holidays 2018

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Year 11 & 12 ATAR Revision Program

July School Holidays 2018

Rossmoyne SHS, Perth Modern, Perth College, Churchlands SHS

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Australian Defence Force – 2019 Gap Year- Positions still available
Air Defence Operator
Airbase Protection and Security
Artillery Operator
Warehouse Storeperson
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There are 3 ways to study at ADFA- UNSW Canberra
1) ADFA Trainee Officers study Arts, Business, Computing and Cyber Security, Engineering, Science, or Technology degrees (while receiving military training and subsidised accommodation and living costs)
2) Defence Civilian Undergraduate Sponsorship students study Computing and Cyber Security or specialist Engineering degrees in Aeronautical, Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical (with full tuition fee scholarships and stipends) 
3) Non-Defence Undergraduate students study specialist Engineering degrees in Aeronautical, Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical or Engineering / Science double degrees
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Curtin University: Fun Maths Excursions

Engage your students with fun and interesting Mathematics during Curtin STEM Outreach Excursion Program.
The typical Activities including in an Excursion Day are as follows:

  • Introduction to what university is 
  • "About me" presentation from a current university student 
  • Recess and lunch breaks 
  • A tour of campus 
  • On campus fun and hands on activities depending on the ages, skills level and number of students

Three activities are on offer - Math Break Out BoxesGameshow Maths and Life Expectancy Calculator. Our staff will guide your students through these hands-on activities whilst raising awareness and students' interests of Mathematics. If you have students that have a strong interest in maths, then this excursion program is for them!
When:             Ongoing throughout the year at a negotiated time
Where:            Curtin University Bentley campus
Duration:        ~ 4 hours for the full excursion (including 1 hour math activities)
Cost:               Free
Who:               Students who are currently attending Year 9 - Year 12

Public Speaking News

Year 11 students Ike Adesanya and Erin Martin participated in the Plain English Speaking Competition on Saturday 9th June at the Australian Britain Society rooms in Shenton Park. Both students were required to deliver an 8 minute prepared speech and later, a 3 minute impromptu speech on an unseen topic with no access to technology and only 5 minutes preparation time. The conditions of this impromptu section make this one of the toughest competitions in Public Speaking. Although the students were well prepared, neither Ike nor Erin progressed to the final. However, they enjoyed the experience of the competition and mixing with the other six competitors who were representing various schools around the Perth area. They are both keen to enter again next year.

On behalf of the College, I would like to congratulate Ike and Erin on their dedication and hard work in the lead up to this competition as well as the way in which they conducted themselves on the day. They represented Corpus Christi College with poise and confidence and are a credit to their school.

Mrs Noreen Stevenson

Public Speaking Coordinator

Corpus girls make touch rugby semi-final

Despite the freezing temperatures and relentless rain, the girls put on a sunny performance. They blitzed their three games to make it straight to the semi-final, but unfortunately Aranmore proved to be too strong to allow them to go any further. Even though they were very cold at times, the girls should be commended on staying positive and showing solid teamwork throughout the day.

Corpus Defeats Seton in South Freo Final of Schoolboys Cup

On Wednesday 6 June the Corpus 1st XVIII boys football team took on Seton Catholic College at home. These top two placed teams battled in cold, windy and slippery conditions for the right to take on the winner of the Peel District in the WAFC Senior Schoolboys Cup.

Despite the tricky conditions, the Corpus run, skill and share was dominant in the first half.

The undermanned Seton team showed no signs of fatigue and capitalised on the assisting breeze and inaccurate kicking from Corpus forwards during the second half.

To their credit Corpus banded together, intensified the pressure and managed several impressive forward entries during the final stages of the game.

Final scores: Corpus Christi College 8.12 (60) def Seton Catholic College 7.4 (46)

Best on ground for Corpus: Tristan Crouch, Thomas Bendsten, Liam Donaldson, Eric Delpup, James Ingram, Zach Fuller, Levi Burns, Tyson O’Brien.

We wish Mr Jackson and the boys all the best as they progress through to the next round of finals.

Mr James Howard
Sports Coordinator

Year 9 Gifted & Talented Art Group

A small group of Year 9 students took to the 5 week "still life" drawing program using ambitious lines and mark making. Exposed to traditional mediums of charcoal and oil crayon the students explored these formal mediums with modern aerosol spray paint. 

The focus of each workshop was to enjoy drawing, practicing foreshortening techniques, contrasting weight lines and compositional designs on large brown paper.

With the lesson broken down to quick 15min drawing sessions the aim was to capture enough information without being too laboured in the process. The highlight of the lesson was drawing from their favourite personal items; shoes, purse and hat. 

Corpus welcomes Indonesian students

On Tuesday 5 June we welcomed a group of students and teachers from Kolese Santo Yusup, Malang, East Java to our school for 2 weeks.  They were greeted with excitement enthusiastic hugs by the students who had met them while on the Indonesia Tour in April.  Corpus Christi is sharing the group with Bunbury Catholic College, and all Kosayu students are being hosted by students from our two schools.  It’s a wonderful experience for both hosting families and visitors and we hope the rain holds off enough during their visit for them to appreciate our beautiful city and state!  During their stay they will be trying out horseriding, visiting Mandurah to catch up with the rest of the group, and enjoying the delights of the Swan Valley, as well as having an interesting program at school.