Middle School Vision

Our vision and philosophy for the future has captured the particular needs of our early adolescents. Combined with out iPad program, we have maximised our students' learning by allowing them the capacity to collaborate, share experiences, work across disciplines and take control of their learning.

The College is committed to educational principles in Years 7 to 9 which are based on good educational research in how students learn in the Middle Years (e.g. Positive Education, Bloom's Taxonomy, brain-based learning, criteria referenced assessment, collaborative inquiry and student centred learning).


Learning support programs cater for those students requiring specific teaching and learning adjustments.

Academically more able students are exposed to opportunities which aim to cater for the unique attributes of students requiring greater depth and breadth of the Year level curriculum offerings. The Academic Excellence Program for gifted and talented students has been implemented.

Corpus Christi College has also implemented an initiative to cater for the most able Mathematics students. Many girls and boys come into secondary school with a mathematical understanding beyond the scope of the program being offered in the general Year 7 cohort. It is our belief that these students, with the proper guidance, would benefit from undertaking an accelerated program which focuses on the Year 8 Australian Curriculum.  This acceleration will continue into the Senior Years.


In addition, individualised programs are also provided to students who require literacy or numeracy support.  In the Middle School, we focus on enabling our students to be:

  • Independent and interdependent learners

  • Confident learners

  • Resilient

  • Committed in their approach to achieving their potential

  • Interculturally aware

  • Involved in a broad range of learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.


Year 9 Handbook

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