Upon accepting this invitation students are able to participate in the full range of opportunities within the Academic Excellence Program, including possible activities organised outside of normal school hours.  It should be noted that although the Academic Excellence Program is available to selected students, there are many extension opportunities made available to all students.  

The Academic Excellence Program has three components. These are:

  1. Identification - students are identified through subjective and objective measures.
  2. Fostering - provisions are available for students to take part in various incursions, excursions and competitions throughout the year.
  3. Monitoring - student well-being and academic progress will be monitored throughout the year.


The Corpus Christi College Academic Excellence Program (AEP) aims to:

  • Ensure that academically able students are provided with positive, supportive learning environments as a result of being involved in unique opportunities
  • Cater for academically able students who are often self-directed learners
  • Train academically able students to be more self-aware of the attitudes, responses and approaches to learning
  • Ensure academically able students continue to be motivated at school
  • Ensure selected students work towards excellence in the attributes identified in the Corpus Christi College Learner Profile
  • Support students, as necessary, in their overall academic program.

As part of the program, students will:

  • Meet with the Head of Academic Excellence formally and informally on a number of occasions
  • Review their results throughout the year
  • Set themselves specific, measurable goals
  • Be invited to various incursions and excursions during the year
  • Be offered a student mentor to provide them with support
  • Be offered to take part in the Academic Excellence Extension Program (AEEP)
  • Receive an AEP membership badge.

The Academic Excellence Program supports teachers in extending these students in their subject classes and provides support to identified under-achieving students to ensure they are assisted to achieve to their abilities.

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EXCelsis Club

Based on academic results, Senior School students in Years 11 and 12 are invited to join the Excelsis Club.  This Club is designed to promote and reward academic excellence through supportive measures, providing students with activities and events that will empower them to strive for excellence and achieve their academic goals.