When should an Application for Admission be lodged?

We encourage you to lodge an Application for Admission well in advance of the entry year.

How Many Students attend Corpus Christi College?

Corpus Christi College has approximately 1300 students.

Does Corpus Christi College accept Non-Catholic Students?

Although Catholic students are prioritised for placement, students of other religious denominations are also fully considered (placements subject to availability). Corpus Christi College provides a Catholic education for all students.

When are the tour days?

The College provides tours every Tuesday and Thursday morning. To book a tour, please telephone 6332 2500 or fill out the electronic booking request form.

Do you offer scholarships?

The College offers Aboriginal Bursaries. Please click here for further details.

How soon after placing an Application will an interview occur?

Interviews are conducted by invitation only and usually occur two years prior to entry in Year 7.


  1. Full Birth Certificate.
  2. Baptism Certificate (include documentation of further sacraments if applicable).
  3. If the applicant was born outside Australia, a copy of the Australian Citizenship Certificate or the Visa Grant Notice including the expiry date and a copy of the passport page which includes a photograph. If the applicant was born in New Zealand, a copy of the passport showing date of entry into Australia is also required.
  4. If the applicant was born in Australia but both parents were not born in Australia, please include :      
  •         Evidence of one parent's Australian citizenship at the time of the applicant's birth or
  •         A copy of the applicant’s Australian Citizenship certificate or
  •         A copy of the applicant’s Australian passport.

 Additional supporting information is required depending on Year level; click here for more information.


Subsequent to interviews, families may be offered a place in writing. Following an offer, a period of four to six weeks is given to accept the position. Several documents are required for completion, as well as a copy of the student’s Australian Childhood Immunisation Record from Medicare. Payment of the $1200 Confirmation Fee completes the enrolment. This is deducted from the School Fees Account when the student commences at the College.

Is the Confirmation Fee refundable?

The Confirmation Fee is non-refundable. However, the full amount is deducted from the school fees account when the student commences at the College.

Which languages are offered at the College?

The College offers French, Indonesian and Italian.

Does Corpus Christi College have a SWIMMING pool?

The College Capital Development Plan includes the building of a swimming pool.  It is envisaged that this will be an enclosed eight (8) lane by 25m pool, although this may vary. The exact timing for this development has not been determined, however, will likely occur in the medium term.


The College operates two private bus routes: ‘Fremantle Service’ (click here for map) and the ‘River Run’ (click here for map). Visit the Bus Services page for more information.

The College is also planning on introducing bus routes to cater for the Piara Waters/Canning Vale area, as well as a route through Southern River/Thornlie. 

can students be accelerated?

At Corpus Christi College we aim to cater for student academic needs by personalising the learning programs. Students can be accelerated in a particular subject area. Currently, many students are accelerated in Mathematics. Acceleration in other subjects depends on individual student needs and is always a possibility.

For further information regarding the enrolment process or to enrol your child please contact our College Registrar, Mrs Susanne Pass on (08) 6332 2567 or via email.