Enrolment Policy

The Corpus Christi College community is committed to empowering every student to serve and enrich our changing world.

Corpus Christi College accepts students at all Year levels where places are available. The main intake year is Year 7, however, places are often available in other Years from time to time. Consideration will be given on the basis of the date of application and at the discretion of the Principal.

We welcome all applications from those who would like to join our vibrant community.

nb. Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) does prescribe the following priority order in its Policy Statement on student enrolment:

  • Sisters or brothers of current or past students
  • Catholic girls and boys
  • Sons and daughters of families who have a connection to the College
  • Non-Catholic girls and boys from Catholic Primary schools
  • All other students.



Should you wish to place an application for enrolment to Corpus Christi College, please download the Application for Admission Form. Copies of the following documents are to be submitted with the completed form, together with the $100 non-refundable Application Fee. This Fee is payable per family.

Please provide:

  1. Full Birth Certificate.
  2. Baptism Certificate (include documentation of further sacraments if applicable).
  3. If the applicant was born outside Australia, a copy of the Australian Citizenship Certificate or the Visa Grant Notice, including the expiry date and a copy of the passport page which includes a photograph. If the applicant was born in New Zealand, a copy of the passport showing date of entry into Australia is also required.
  4. If the applicant was born in Australia but both parents were not born in Australia, please forward either:
  • Evidence of one parent’s Australian citizenship at the time of the applicant’s birth or
  • A copy of the applicant’s Australian Citizenship certificate or
  • A copy of the applicant’s Australian passport.

Additional supporting documentation is also required depending on the Year level; click here for the additional requirements.


Have any questions?

Contact the College Registrar, Mrs Susanne Pass, on (08) 6332 2567 or fill in the form below.


Should you wish to tour the College campus, you are most welcome to make an appointment. Tours are conducted each Tuesday and Thursday morning.

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