In addition to the Application for Admission form, the following supporting documentation is required for enrolments:


Year 7 applicants will be contacted at least 24 months prior to entry with specific details regarding the enrolment process.  

Copies of the following documentation will be requested prior to interview:

  • A reference a Parish Priest or Religious Minister
  • Year 3 NAPLAN results
  • Two School Reports. 


Applicants for Year 8 to Year 12 entry are required to submit copies of the following documentation:

  • NAPLAN results
  • Two most recent School Reports
  • Special interests, achievements and/or major awards
  • A detailed letter outlining the reasons for the application.


The College Registrar will arrange an interview once all supporting documentation has been received. It is important parents are aware that non-disclosure of information may lead to the College withdrawing the offer of enrolment at a later date.

The enrolment interview will be conducted by a member of the College Leadership Team and requires:

  • Both parents/guardians with the student (preferably in uniform)
  • Completion of the Student Profile (provided by the Registrar prior to the interview).